Re: nsd Will Not Start At Boot

2020-07-07 Thread Ken.Hendrickson
--- Ian Darwin wrote: > Try doing it by the book, i.e., rcctl start nsd > If it fails silently, try rcctl -d start nsd Thanks for that. I haven't upgraded my OpenBSD boxes in some years, so I didn't know about it. I have nsd working now, serving up my local DNS names. Unbound is still not

Re: nsd Will Not Start At Boot

2020-07-07 Thread Peter J. Philipp
Hi, I realise binding to is akin to binding to INADDR_ANY, but could you try binding to each interface address that you want seperately?  Such as: interface: interface: interface: ::1 interface: 2003:XXX::XXX and then try again.  Cross-check that they are

Re: nsd Will Not Start At Boot

2020-07-07 Thread Nick Holland
On 2020-07-07 15:28, wrote: ... > Unbound is still not working. > > I have a hunch, but cannot find it in the man pages, > that somehow they have to talk to each other. Is this true? depends on what you want them to do. A DNS resolver and an authoritative DNS

Issue with relayd and redirections

2020-07-07 Thread Gabri Tofano
Hi All, I am trying to move to relayd (OpenBSD 6.7) from HAproxy by keeping my config to serve multiple domains in SSL passthrough but I'm having some difficulties. If I correctly understand, according to the man page it looks like that redirections are used for passthrough traffic and relays


2020-07-07 Thread Charlie Burnett
Hi, I'm still getting the issue from earlier where X freezes entirely and I can't get it to work, though I've got no clue what's triggering it now, there seem to be no *regular* outputs to /var/log/messages with the crash. However, I was trying to trigger the bug earlier so I could hopefully

Re: what should i do with these package warnings

2020-07-07 Thread Stuart Henderson
On 2020-07-07, Shadrock Uhuru wrote: > --zq6wrflkowr2tvwp > Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8; format=flowed > Content-Disposition: inline > Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit > > hi everyone > > Q1 > should i remove these Obsolete package ? these are nornal when a port has been removed. yes

Re: snapshot boot fails with error "entry point at 0x1001000"

2020-07-07 Thread Sven Wolf
Hi guys, with the patch the kernel loads and doesn't stop at "entry point at 0x1001000". But the kernel stops with a "Stopped at gfx_v9_0_wait_reg_mem+0x307: int $3" So for my machine the patch is the right direction but not the solution :( I've tried the boot with the current snapshot