Re: man netstart(8) OpenBSD-6.8

2020-11-03 Thread Rachel Roch
> an updated diff for this just got committed. > jmc > Thank you all.  For myself and on behalf of future devoted man page readers, very much appreciated that such a key man page has been brought up to date. rr

sshfs user on OpenBSD

2020-11-03 Thread Sven F.
Are you experiencing massive memory usage and or leaks in sshfs ? I think I Do

support new

2020-11-03 Thread Emre Kal
0 C Turkey P Istanbul T Istanbul Z 34330 O Consultant I Emre Kal A Levent Besiktas M U B X N OpenBSD consulting and support. Experienced in OpenBSD httpd and Packet Filter (PF).

6.8: page fault

2020-11-03 Thread Harald Dunkel
Hi folks, after applying the recent 4 syspatches for 6.8 one (of 5) openBSD host ran into the kernel debugger. I missed the error message, but on a reboot there was a page fault. On another reboot there was no problem any more. log is attached. I would be glad to help, but I need some advice