Re: Longsoon/Godson MIPS boxes, where to buy?

2012-01-01 Thread Anonymous
The deal with Lemote is you want free box with no restricted anything its the way to go. For 250 us dollar its not a bad network but for 500 for the 10.9 I can get a used I5 for that price easy. Its just not the same to compair an intel aton or I3 to Lemote product. I think it is and I

Re: Longsoon/Godson MIPS boxes, where to buy?

2012-01-03 Thread Anonymous
Henning Brauer wrote: I feel the price is too high then don't buy a lemote, case closed. The question was about where to get a good price on one. Scroll up asshole. the person you insulted. I insulted nobody except people who attacked me for daring to express the

Re: Longsoon/Godson MIPS boxes, where to buy?

2012-01-03 Thread Anonymous
If you don't have signal to add to the thread at least don't add to the noise. Could you please follow your own advise and simply STFU? -- Rafal Bisingier As long as you shitheads keep your gang bang going the STFU is going to have to come from you.

Re: locate weirdness

2012-01-21 Thread Anonymous
Lars Hansson whined I notice you spend much more time scolding people than actually saying anything worthwhile. You should work on yourself and find out why that is. Perhaps you could benefit from some anger management training? I notice that Henning is contributing

Re: locate weirdness

2012-01-22 Thread Anonymous
And yet you, L.V. Lammert, I am not Lammert. I don't approve of the way Lammert handled the issue but that is separate from the fairly regular piss parades and walls of text taking place here when a simple answer would work. The consensus of the vocal parties is that contribution = abuseLicense

Re: Backup Redundancy Etcetera

2012-02-06 Thread Anonymous
Hey. Yo. Currently my backup regime is woeful. I have years worth of work on a Windows machine ^^^ and some stuff scattered across OpenBSD machines. I'm thinking of building a machine (the file server) to provide some backup and central storage.

Re: smartphones and managing openbsd servers

2012-02-19 Thread Anonymous
What newer smartphones do you recommend for using also as a tool for managing OpenBSD servers (maybe windogs too) ? What experiences had you had with smartphones and OpenBSD managing? BlackBerry has built in VPN and you can also buy a few different SSH and SFTP apps.

Re: Suggestion

2012-03-11 Thread Anonymous
Violating copyright laws because software should be free or I found it on the Internet!!! is dangerous if you actually have a job or your mommy and daddy aren't willing to pay your legal costs if you get caught. Like stealing money from winos, you might not get caught but it teaches

Re: Suggestion

2012-03-11 Thread Anonymous
You wrote: On Sunday 11 March 2012 07:57:35 Nomen Nescio wrote: You wrote: On Friday 09 March 2012 13:10:13 Nomen Nescio wrote: Who in their right mind would EVER want to run this crap? You answered your own question. My guess? People who are too cheap to buy

Re: PCB manufacturer

2011-09-21 Thread Anonymous
Finally! Some on-topic spam!

Re: Comparing large amounts of files

2009-12-11 Thread anonymous
On Fri, Dec 11, 2009 at 06:24:24PM -0500, STeve Andre' wrote: I am wondering if there is a port or otherwise available code which is good at comparing large numbers of files in an arbitrary number of directories? I always try avoid wheel re-creation when possible. I'm trying to help some-

Re: Dilemma: between OpenBSD and NetBSD

2012-08-10 Thread Anonymous
You wrote: A client of mine asked me if I can develop a BSD project for them. I don't have much experience with BSDs, and I have been collecting some background information. I was given the choice between OpenBSD and NetBSD. Now, since portability is not all that important, I was oriented

Bitcoin client for OpenBSD?

2012-10-15 Thread Anonymous
Is there a bitcoin client for OpenBSD or is anyone porting one? Seems like OpenBSD would be a good OS to host a client considering there are viruses and exploits of that well known *cough* OS *cough* that too many people use.

Re: Bitcoin client for OpenBSD?

2012-10-16 Thread Anonymous
You wrote: 2012/10/16 Fritz Wuehler ...snip... Bottom line appears to be a lone miner with a normal desktop computer is not going to be able to do anything but heat up his room. I agree bitcoin is a cool concept and design and the

Re: [website] Incorrect release date on the front page

2019-04-27 Thread Anonymous
Otto Moerbeek: > On Sat, Apr 27, 2019 at 03:13:00PM +0000, Anonymous wrote: > >> Here too: > > Does it matter? It is very common for publications to be dated in the > future. > > -Otto No, it's not common, neither for soft

Re: [website] Incorrect release date on the front page

2019-04-27 Thread Anonymous
Theo de Raadt: > wrote: > >> Anonymous writes: >>> Otto Moerbeek: >>>> On Sat, Apr 27, 2019 at 03:13:00PM +, Anonymous wrote: >>>> >>>>> Here too: >>>> >>>&g

[website] Incorrect release date on the front page

2019-04-27 Thread Anonymous
Here too:

Re: Dennis Ritchie

2011-10-17 Thread Anonymous Remailer (austria)
You wrote a brown nosed post. I think No evidence of that from your post that there are few things in this world that are held in as high esteem as the C language. Har dee har har. C is shite. Useful maybe but still shite. It is a privilege to be able to write it really Did you pay your

Re: Narcicism?

2011-12-02 Thread Anonymous Remailer (austria)
And in common tradition hoardes of OpenBSD devs shall come to the rescue and spend hours of unpaid time so you won't have to spend US$300 on a new computer. :rolleyes: Fuck you man! Who needs a new computer? Blades rule! ;-)

Re: Narcicism?

2011-12-02 Thread Anonymous Remailer (austria)
I came to openbsd only recently trying to find a modern OS which will run on my old sun blade 100. Net and FreeBSD probably also support it. Depending on what you want to do with your system I would recommend OpenBSD or FreeBSD. FreeBSD will have more current apps (your complaint below) and is

Re: Where to buy Lemote FuLoong MIPS boxes?

2011-12-15 Thread Anonymous Remailer (austria)
I say again: The prices at the official European shop in the Netherlands are sky high.

Re: Where do I buy Lemote Loongson/Godson MIPS hardware? (was Re: Longs buy?)

2011-12-28 Thread Anonymous Remailer (austria)

Re: Longsoon/Godson MIPS boxes, where to buy?

2011-12-30 Thread Anonymous Remailer (austria)
i saw them on face book and amazon also 250 500 us dollars Like Kurt Russell said, That's TOO FUCKING HIGH!!! When they start selling them for a fair price let's say 50 bucks for the black box and maybe 150 for a loaded laptop then it's time to buy. Until then, tekmote isn't getting my

Re: locate weirdness

2012-01-15 Thread Anonymous Remailer (austria)
Perhaps he did. Wouldn't it be useful to help the guy trying to help you (you know, the wheat) by giving a really simple and straightforward answer, even if it is repeating yourself ? Probably would've been less typing than what you just did (e.g. Sorry, I think it runs as user ).

Re: sparc64 5.0

2012-01-25 Thread Anonymous Remailer (austria)
Now that I have it setup with the correct package path, etc, I am finding out 5.0 is much better than 4.9 was; Can you say exactly what is better? I found 4.9 very nice and had no issues running it on a server.

Re: looking for hardware recommendations, x86 or otherwise.

2012-02-02 Thread Anonymous Remailer (austria)
What's so funny is that they put GNU/Linux on it, when gNU is supposed to be about FREE dom. LOL. Fucking LOL. That's perfect. GNU has nothing to do with free, it has to do with butt fucking people until they become ASSimilated. Sounds like a match. For poor people in third world countries I

Re: Backup Redundancy Etcetera

2012-02-07 Thread Anonymous Remailer (austria)
Anonymous cripto () ecn ! org wrote: Solaris ZFS I've heard of it (ZFS) but here's the thing, I struggle enough keeping up with Wndows and OpenBSD I don't want to put another system into the mix. Understood. Unfortunately or fortunately however you look at it OpenBSD doesn't have ZFS

Re: smartphones and managing openbsd servers

2012-02-22 Thread Anonymous Remailer (austria)
I just downloaded PaderSync SSH Trial and I think I will buy the full version. I got it before it was a paid app whilst still in testing. It seems very good and handles large keys well enough. The only objection I've got is the menus and dialogs can be a bit wordy but it does seem to work fine.

Re: Router project on OpenBSD questions

2012-02-29 Thread Anonymous Remailer (austria)
Brauer spewed: * Patrick Lamaiziere [2012-02-29 13:12]: I don't think. it is very tempting to comment on that :) As far I can see here with a rate of 50K packets through the system, it already spents 50% in interrupt. oh, really! that applies to each and every

Re: Trusting the Installation

2012-03-04 Thread Anonymous Remailer (austria)
the reason is you can download source code, look at it, make sure for yourself there's no backdoors, build your own ISO from source code You can but nobody does. If the entire OpenBSD team can't finish a complete audit of OpenBSD in one release cycle how long do you suppose it would take one

Re: My OpenBSD 5.0 installation experience (long rant)

2012-03-07 Thread Anonymous Remailer (austria)
So I downloaded all the package files, wrote them to a USB stick, created a bootable image with GRUB, booted into the OpenBSD installer and off we go. Now, this computer already had Windows 7 and Linux, plus about 16 GB of unpartitioned space where OpenBSD is going. It's actually the same

Re: My OpenBSD 5.0 installation experience (long rant)

2012-03-08 Thread Anonymous Remailer (austria)
That's interesting, as for me bsd.rd only creates sd0, so I have to find the right sdN in dmesg and then cd /dev; sh MAKEDEV sdN if I want to install OS there... as somebody else said the easiest thing is to use whatever fdisk you prefer and make an OpenBSD partition before starting the OBSD

Re: What should I do with a remote AIX machine if I accidentally chmod /usr/bin/ksh?

2011-08-30 Thread Anonymous Remailer (austria)
Call IBM support. You will have 10 technicians onsite in a week. And 10 invoices in tomorrow's mail.

Delete key not working normally in Emacs console mode

2012-05-15 Thread Anonymous Remailer (austria)
I am running OpenBSD 5.1 SPARC (32 bit) under QEMU. It seems to work perfectly except for a couple of minor annoyances one of which may be QEMU related/fixable. In Emacs 23.4.1 -no-x from packages I am having a problem getting both backspace and delete to work correctly at the same time,

Re: German Government claims to be able to break PGP and SSH

2012-05-24 Thread Anonymous Remailer (austria)
You wrote: Hi there! What do you guys think about the reliability of the news (unfortunatelly in German only) on ( entschluesseln-1205-92031.html) that the German government claims to be able to break

Re: OpenBSD forked

2012-06-24 Thread Anonymous Remailer (austria)
Marc Espie wrote: W. Richard Stevens was THE best unix books author *ever*, bar none. He's on a par with such CS giants as Don Knuth, writing-wise. Advanced Unix programming is *the* best book to understand how to write Unix code, PERIOD. Are you saying the 1992 edition is still

Re: Bitcoin client for OpenBSD?

2012-10-15 Thread Anonymous Remailer (austria)
You wrote: Anonymous writes: Is there a bitcoin client for OpenBSD or is anyone porting one? pstumpf@ posted one to ports@ a few months back: Haven't heard of any updates since then. Thanks I'll have a look.

Re: Skype.

2012-10-16 Thread Anonymous Remailer (austria)
You wrote: On 16 October 2012 19:48, David Coppa wrote: On Tue, Oct 16, 2012 at 7:40 AM, Jay Patel wrote: Hi ... i copied the under /usr/local/purple/ but it wont show up under adding account or in plugin options to link this