Re: Major Surprise with xdm on 3.7

2005-08-11 Thread Bryan Irvine
What I want to do is make it possible for multiple users simultaneously to login and run kde on C0-C3. Is that possible? I think you might want to take a look at Xnest. While it won't allow you to to switch with function keys, it would allow you to have more than one user logged in to a

Re: phpsysinfo on OpenBSD 3.7 is very (un)informative

2005-08-16 Thread Bryan Irvine
Despite the fact it is a truly symbolic gesture that OpenBSD is damn secure, is there a way I can make it show more information, or the correct uptime at least? I've never used this, but could it have anything to do with a chrooted apache? --Bryan

Re: backup filesystem

2005-08-19 Thread Bryan Irvine
See this is why I asked here, I know that FFS is close friends with UFS, but I wasnt sure. So you reckon I can use native solaris FS and mount in OBSD? close friends compatible. [snip][chop][whack] You could 'fake' compatability by using NFS no? --Bryan

Re: network traffic monitoring

2005-08-22 Thread Bryan Irvine
Seconded. :-) On 8/22/05, Mitja Muenih [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Monday, August 22, 2005 6:34 PM To: petra merjasec Cc: Subject: Re: network traffic

Re: Complete disk disaster

2005-08-23 Thread Bryan Irvine
Good way to work a hard disk: Unpack ports or source tar.gz files, 'specially with softdeps off. And once you are done unpacking run /usr/libexec/locate.updatedb a few times :-) This would cause the system to 'touch' every file on your drive and you will almost surely see errors if there is a

Re: /usr/share/pf/ suggestion

2005-08-24 Thread Bryan Irvine
I personally like to 'pass keep state' with a 'scrub all' rule. This at least gives me some interesting statistics to poke at when I'm bored. Plus, I can firewall who gets to ssh into my machine. Another good use is {max-src-states ##} for webservers and the like. I have a webserver that

Re: /usr/share/pf/ suggestion

2005-08-24 Thread Bryan Irvine
What crashed? Apache or OpenBSD? Apache of course! ;)

Re: Problems with pf+nat+some websites

2005-08-24 Thread Bryan Irvine
nice try, but i Don't use pppoe. We have a DSL-Router from our providewr and as I mentioned before, we had no Problems with the cisco-router doing the firewall job (Nat). so, yes you DO use PPPoE. Not necessarily, it could be in bridged mode. --Bryan

Re: OpenBSD 3.8 negative free space (?WTF?)

2005-08-24 Thread Bryan Irvine
WTF is going on here? -30.6M sounds kinda weird. Yup it's true. OpenBSD has put everything in the FAQ. :-) --Bryan

uh oh promise card problems

2005-08-27 Thread Bryan Irvine
I just got 3 systems delivered today that have SATA drives connected to a Promise tx220 (pdc20571) card. Of course it turns out these are incompatible with OpenBSD. It looks like maybe these work with FreeBSD as this url seems to suggest:

phonecall with Promise

2005-08-29 Thread Bryan Irvine
Me I'm trying to find out what card I can use under Unix Sales what flavor me flavor? *shudders-knowing-she-is-thinking-linux* OpenBSD Sales I don't know I can try transferring you to Support. me ok Support hi this is Bob. me I'm trying to find a compatible card for use in OpenBSD, I have

Re: phonecall with Promise

2005-08-29 Thread Bryan Irvine
- The last time I had to deal with promise it was horrible, we had a SX-something and a sx-5000 (I think) and I was told that in a raid-5 array, that drives just go offline and there is no way to recover/rebuild the array from the BIOS. They said that I should boot into DOS to restore the

Re: routing question - why one way?

2005-08-31 Thread Bryan Irvine
That was kind of hard to follow. Can you post traceroutes? --Bryan On 8/31/05, Bill [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: OBSD 3.7 - new install I am building a router. And I am having a routing problem. I am not doing any packet filtering, NAT or anything... its all strictly private address space

Re: Shell account cgi script

2005-09-07 Thread Bryan Irvine
[snip cut whack] I want to put a cgi-script on my OpenBSD server for shell account creation. Basically that allows users to sign up accounts via the web. [chainsaw noises cut cut] You can't add a user via cgi with a normal OBSD installation, since Apache is running chroot'd. Not directly no,

Re: OpenBSD website Design.

2005-09-11 Thread Bryan Irvine
Mexico's greatest exports to the US are poverty and disease. Ob boy, you embarrass yourself with such a comment, and me as an American. I think you should apologize. --Bryan

Re: Live cd

2005-09-15 Thread Bryan Irvine
Can anyone point out a reference on how to add packages before burning the CD? Install them. Basically you configure the system the way you want, compile a new kernel with ramdisk options, make ISO with that kernel as the boot image, and burn. Easy peasy. I might even have an image I made

Re: Slow Sparc Ultra 5

2005-09-16 Thread Bryan Irvine
Maybe because you are using the RAMDISK kernel? Try switching to GENERIC, and see if that works better. --Bryan On 9/15/05, BadMagic [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, I installed OpenBSD 3.7 (Sparc64) on my Ultra 5 and it's performance is not what I'd expected. I'd recently had Solaris on


2005-09-16 Thread Bryan Irvine
How do I isntall every package in a directory? I've built one server (ldap/postfix/etc... yadda yadda) and I now want to create 2 exact duplicate configurations with the existing packages (that were orginially compiled from ports). I copied all the pacakges over to the new systesm and tried

Re: packages

2005-09-16 Thread Bryan Irvine
Actually I see the problem now, I had several conflicting packages, ie postfix, and postfix-ldap, openldap and openldap-sasl-bdb. Sorry. --Bryan On 9/16/05, Marc Espie [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Fri, Sep 16, 2005 at 03:03:35PM -0700, Bryan Irvine wrote: How do I isntall every package

Re: firewire tape drive

2005-09-16 Thread Bryan Irvine
I *did* google but the only thing I found was from the archive in 2002, which ,of course, said the same thing. :-) I thought because it showed up in the dmesg that it might work now. --Bryan On 9/16/05, Greg Thomas [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On 9/16/05, Bryan Irvine [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote

Re: Jacek Artymiak --off topic

2005-09-20 Thread Bryan Irvine
On 9/20/05, Siju George [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi list, Any Idea if Jacek Artymiak is well??? I heard that he was sufferring from some serious health problems:-( I don't recall seeing anything in his blog. Last post on sept 9. FWIW, there's also a podcast.

Re: is there a way to block sshd trolling?

2005-09-23 Thread Bryan Irvine
Have snort or portsentry add those ips to a table in pf.conf. --Bryan On 9/23/05, John Marten [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: You know what i mean? Every day I get some script kiddie, or adult trying to guess usernames or passwords. I've installed the newest version of SSH, so i'm covered there. But

Re: is there a way to block sshd trolling?

2005-09-23 Thread Bryan Irvine
Some intelligent scripts look at tcp responses to port scans, ssh responds with SSH-2.0, which isn't too hard to identify. I don't know if changing the greeting would break the protocol, but I suspect it might break certain clients. I wonder if it's possible to fingerprint these programs. I

Re: named log files

2005-09-24 Thread Bryan Irvine
named[1028]: unable to rename log file 'named_query.log' to 'named_query.log.0': permission denied The logfiles are in /var/named... do I need to chgrp on this directory? Yes, typical Unix stuff. Check r/w and uid/gid permissions. --Bryan

Re: Which SATA controller to purchase

2005-09-26 Thread Bryan Irvine
For example, i was looking at the Promise SATA 150TX4 and i have not yet been able to find what chip that controller uses. Any suggestions on what controller card i should get? Good luck with Promise. I went through this a while back, and the guys at Promise are clueless. I called them up

Re: One time passwords?

2005-09-27 Thread Bryan Irvine
I don;t have telnet open on my home network, but i was considering opening it up on the OpenbD firewall, and using some sort of one time password scheme. Webmin has a built-in java ssh client. I'd probably just use that. It also has VNC that might let you get to your windows machines. --Bryan

Re: Ports question

2005-09-30 Thread Bryan Irvine
On 9/29/05, Chad M Stewart [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: While not at all supported and could break things I have done in the past ## CLAMAV on OpenBSD cd /usr [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/cvs cvs get \ -rHEAD -Pports/security/clamav then go make a package and assuming that works, install it. YMMV

Re: squid-2.5.STABLE11.tgz

2005-09-30 Thread Bryan Irvine
I noticed that squid-2.5.STABLE11-transparent.tgz is available for 3.6, but not 3.7. When can we expect a new package? env FLAVOR=transparent make install

Re: PHP + SSH2

2005-10-13 Thread Bryan Irvine
I am with some problems when trying to compile libssh2 in OpenBSD 3.7, Somebody already qualified PHP + LIBSSH2 in the OpenBSD and could give an aid to me? it follows below the errros! I recently went through this same thing. libssh wouldn't compile, ssh2 wouldn't install from pear, it was

Re: spamd extension

2005-10-26 Thread Bryan Irvine
On 10/26/05, James Harless [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Chad, I appreciate the insight. I do realize it's a difficult problem but, I think that there's a solution (albeit possibly from someone smarter than I). Nope there's just not. I do have variables that are known (the sender email address

Re: a truly openbsd day

2005-10-31 Thread Bryan Irvine
OpenBSD is great for those who understand how to use it, but not for newbies. Actually, in the Unix class that I teach at a University, OpenBSD was very good for newbies. If you plan to learn Unix instead of trying to emulate the Windows way of doing things, OpenBSD is great. The

Re: newsyslog problem on 3.8

2005-11-01 Thread Bryan Irvine
newsyslog: can't mv /var/cron/log to /var/cron/log.0: No such file or directory newsyslog: can't mv /var/log/maillog to /var/log/maillog.0: No such file or directory = gzip: input: /var/cron/log.0: No such file or directory = newsyslog: can't chmod /var/cron/log.3.gz: No such file or

Re: Roundcube problem on OpenBSD 4.1 installation

2007-07-30 Thread Bryan Irvine
On 7/30/07, Vijay Sankar [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: snip Not Found The requested URL /rc/ was not found on this server. snip The /var/www/logs/error_log shows [Mon Jul 30 13:53:44 2007] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/htdocs/rc// Never used roundcube is it a php

panic mclpl

2007-08-24 Thread Bryan Irvine
I've got an older 3.7 machine that keeps panicing. I know 3.7 is old an out of support, this server will be upgraded in about 2 weeks, but needs to run until then. The errors seem to alternate between :pool_prime_page: vmmpepl: unaligned page and:pool_get(mclpl): free list modified:

Re: OpenBSd or HP-UX?

2007-08-29 Thread Bryan Irvine
snip In general the only truly fair test data you'll find is in the various presentations made by Theo and other developers over the years which compares OpenBSD to itself, with and without specific security features enabled. It can give you a rough idea of the performance cost of the various

Re: apr proxy problem

2007-09-05 Thread Bryan Irvine
On 9/5/07, Stanislav Ovcharenko [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I need to have ARP proxy running on my router/firewall loaded with OpenBSD 4.0. I'm seeing some behavior that is contradictory to what arp man page says. arp -an | grep em1 says ( at 00:cc:00:cc:00:cc on em1

multiple boots in dmesg?

2007-09-07 Thread Bryan Irvine
Just out of curiosity why does sparc64 hold more than 1 boot in the dmesg buffer? This dmesg shows 3.8 - 4.0 --Bryan syncing disks... ether console is /[EMAIL PROTECTED],4000/[EMAIL PROTECTED]/[EMAIL PROTECTED],40:a Copyright (c) 1982, 1986, 1989, 1991, 1993 The Regents of the

Re: list of all files in the filesystem

2007-09-07 Thread Bryan Irvine
It is kind of a stupid question ;), but this should do it: locate '' --Bryan On 9/7/07, Tom Bombadil [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I guess this is a stupid question... But is there any way to get a list of all files in the filesystem without using 'find'? For a big drive with millions of small

can carp state changes log to syslog?

2007-09-11 Thread Bryan Irvine
I've found a couple of threads in the archive about the possibility of adding this feature, but can't seem to find out whether or not this is possible. --Bryan

Re: OpenBSD firewalls as virtual machine ?

2007-09-21 Thread Bryan Irvine
On 9/20/07, Josh [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello there. We have a bunch of obsd firewalls, 8 at the moment, all working nice and so forth. But we need to add about another 4 in there for new connections and networks, which means more machines to find room for. So basically I have been

Re: Speed Problems

2007-09-26 Thread Bryan Irvine
What have you looked at? are you running pf? what kind of ruleset? Tried simplifying it? --Bryan On 9/25/07, rezidue [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I've been having problems with throughput on a box I'm using as an edge gateway. I can't seem to get it to push out more than 150Mb/sec at about 20k

Re: Google employment opportunity

2007-10-14 Thread Bryan Irvine
On 10/14/07, Karthik Kumar [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: @Theo: they asked you in front of everybody, you should give it a reply so all of us can hear. I must admit, I'm extremely curious too. OTOH the guy obviously made a mistake, why embarrass him further? Just let them shift it to a private

Re: cp(1) bug ?

2007-10-17 Thread Bryan Irvine
On 10/17/07, Rimi Bougard [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello everyboddy, I have a (probably) stupid question... Please forgive me if she really is. I discovered today a strange thing: $ mkdir foo $ cp -R foo foo I was waiting something like cannot copy a directory into himself or

Re: Burn Testing

2005-05-28 Thread Bryan Irvine
cd /usr/ports make all install :-) On 5/24/05, Gaby vanhegan [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On 24 May 2005, at 16:00, Gaby vanhegan wrote: Is there a similar burn-testing app that I can run on OpenBSD to test the stability of the machines over a 12 day period? I should have mentioned that

Re: FW: Attachment restriction

2005-06-01 Thread Bryan Irvine
A postfix issue is offtopic and you probably want to post this on a postfix mailing list. But I'd check the config files for attachment limitations. ( IIRC). --Bryan On 6/1/05, John Marten [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: After rebooting our 3.6 OBSD server my users started complaining about


2005-06-17 Thread Bryan Irvine
Anybody successfully using phpbb with php, and mysql installed from packages, and using the default chroot mode of apache? I don't want to break the chroot but that's the only way phpbb can see the db. I'm running 3.7. --Bryan

Re: HA firewall

2005-06-27 Thread Bryan Irvine
I used to get similar errors with dhcpd, and noticed the clock was about 18 hours off. Setting the time and turning on ntpd seemed to fix that issue. --Bryan On 6/27/05, Paolo Perrucci [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Till now the firewalls seems to be stable. No panic for now. It seems the first

carp and spamd greylisting

2005-07-18 Thread Bryan Irvine
I have a mail server located in a DMZ and I just changed my gateway to run with carp. I was wondering if there's a way to sync the spamd db so that in the event of failover new messages won't take twice as long to arrive. I don't expect any email to get fully lost in the event of a failure but

Re: WebTools

2005-12-09 Thread Bryan Irvine
On 12/9/05, Ricardo Lucas [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello everybody, that's my doubt, what program can I use to monitoring the traffic of my LAN, and display, in a web based, informations such like the most visited site and the PC tha most access the internet outside my intranet ofcourse, and

Re: ethereal

2005-12-12 Thread Bryan Irvine
Has someone compiled the ethereal? If so, you do can help me. When I try to compile that source I get a message that I don't have the GTK+2 and GLIB2 installed on my system, but I DO have they. So if anyone passed through this problem, please, HELP ME!!! =] No, not for a long time. I would

Re: Recommendations for another POP3/IMAP/SMTP mail reader client?

2005-12-14 Thread Bryan Irvine
On 12/14/05, Jack Woehr [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Recommendations for another POP3/IMAP/SMTP mail reader client (if one exists) other than Mozilla? Years ago I hopped directly from Elm on a host server to graphic mail clients on my desktop box without ever dealing with, e.g., mutt setting up

Re: Odd routing problem ?

2005-12-16 Thread Bryan Irvine
traceroute is your friend. I'm sure you've tried it, just didn't post the results? On 12/16/05, Fernando Braga [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I'm facing an unusual problem with routing. I can access an internal server (with real IP) thru an OpenBSD gateway (gwA). Everything works when

Re: Greylisting google's gmail servers

2005-12-21 Thread Bryan Irvine
I don't make any exceptions. I tell users sending me email to repeatedly submit the message or contact the relevant support staff to fix their servers. Obviously this is never going to cause Yahoo and Google to change their email strategy... But I relish the challenge. I'm a purist at

Re: Unable to build Gateway route

2005-12-22 Thread Bryan Irvine
On 12/22/05, martin [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: --- Jason Crawford [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: IP - Netmask - GW - Either a typo in your netmask, or a typo in your gateway, since your gateway IP does not belong to the current netmask you

spamd and spews1

2005-12-30 Thread Bryan Irvine
Recently the spews1 file that gets downloaded from started having a zero size. Is the spews list no longer being updated? --Bryan

Re: spamd and spews1

2005-12-30 Thread Bryan Irvine
Recently the spews1 file that gets downloaded from started having a zero size. Is the spews list no longer being updated? The main spews site gives a connection refused. I thought it was a local problem until I got the same result from the mirror, been using

stupid sata raid question

2006-01-03 Thread Bryan Irvine
Is there a good/cheap SATA RAID card that doesn't use that retarded soft RAID? In other words, will this card present itself to OBSD at install as a single disk? --Bryan

Re: How did they get here?

2006-01-04 Thread Bryan Irvine
To begin, I'm running OpenBSD 3.6 GENERIC.MP#173 i386. I have some suspect files in /tmp, and I'm fairly sure that they shouldn't be there. Only thing I can't twig is what method the attackers used to get the files into that directory. The files are: Is this

Re: Monitoring RAIDFrame

2006-01-06 Thread Bryan Irvine
On 1/6/06, Mike Keller [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: You could write a script that will notify you if the status changes. snip I did something similar to this with perl on solaris. I just had a perl script that would run metastat and count the number of OK's it saw and report an error if there was

Re: Unable to reach server in dmz. Whats wrong?

2006-01-10 Thread Bryan Irvine
Our ISP has given us a range of IP adresses (the ones below are obfuscated ;)): Segment: /28 net address: gateway adress: firewall: fria fasta ip: broadcast address: netmask:

Re: RAID card recommendations

2006-01-11 Thread Bryan Irvine
On 1/11/06, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have the oppurtunity to order some RAID controllers for my older OpenBSD boxes. Our newer machines use the Dell PERC controllers. Could you please recommend some RAID cards for OpenBSD? I know which ones are supported, just looking

Re: RAID card recommendations

2006-01-11 Thread Bryan Irvine
On 1/11/06, C. Bensend [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Wrong. When you set the machine up (or using bioctl) you label a drive as a hot spare. When a failure happens, it automatically takes that drive over and does a rebuild. Shut down? You don't get it. We wrote all this code because we

Re: Tapedrives with USB?

2006-02-02 Thread Bryan Irvine
On 2/2/06, Michael Schmidt [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello together, is it impossible to run USB driven tapedrives under OpenBSD? I tried it. Worked a couple times (sorta). The system would periodically lock up with errors about a disconnected SCSI device. I had my company spring for a SCSI

Re: SpamD, Postfix and mobile users

2006-02-04 Thread Bryan Irvine
On 2/3/06, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all, I'm running Postfix 2.3.20050716-sasl2 (chrooted) and cyrus-sasl-2.1.20p4 on OpenBSD 3.8 stable. Everything is running peachy. My roaming users are able to connect and send e-mail. Now I wish to enable the fantastic SpamD feature

Re: Preventing breaks on Sparc's

2006-02-05 Thread Bryan Irvine
If I unplug both drives, set bootmode to reset_nvram in LOM and boot the machine I can use break to get to an ok prompt. However if I plug the drives back in, the instant the OpenBSD boot loader comes up, I again can't get back to an ok prompt. This is while OpenBSD is loaded (or loading), or

Re: users filling partitions crashing system

2006-02-06 Thread Bryan Irvine
When the system comes back up everything appears to be fine, /tmp having been emptied by rc. There seems to be nothing logged to tell me what might have happened so I'm just left scratching my head. After a crash boot into single user and see what's in /tmp.

Re: openbsd's future plans?

2006-02-07 Thread Bryan Irvine
i think we should rewrite the kernel in java since it has good support for threads. Get real Ted. You know that python is the way to go. What's the point of re-writing in either language? emacs already has a kernel.

Re: The Apache Question

2006-02-07 Thread Bryan Irvine
On 2/7/06, Joe S [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: RedShift wrote: Hi everyone I've noticed OpenBSD still uses Apache httpd 1.3. While it is good that on the OpenBSD side of things, it is maintained and there's an additional focus on security for httpd. However, sooner or later, httpd 1.3

Re: Postfix flavour for PostgreSQL ?

2007-03-24 Thread Bryan Irvine
On 3/23/07, Peter [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I see there is a postfix flavour for mysql but not for postgresql. Is this combination used much? I already have a PGSQL server and I want to plug postfix into it for virtual mailbox domains. You get 2 minutes in the penalty box. ;) There is a

squid occasionally exits

2007-03-26 Thread Bryan Irvine
I've been getting this error periodically when squid terminates: Mar 26 14:49:21 fire squid[22218]: Squid Parent: child process 2358 started Mar 26 14:49:21 fire squid[22218]: Squid Parent: child process 2358 exited due to signal 6 Mar 26 14:49:24 fire squid[22218]: Squid

Re: Not getting much bandwidth through the firewall

2007-03-29 Thread Bryan Irvine
The send and receive socket buffer space has nothing to do with forwarding performance. This will only affect connections from and to the box itself. but don't routed packets go to and from the box itself? My download speeds on my mythtv/ubuntu system jumped from 1.5Mb/s to 12Mb/s after

lsi logic sparc64 config?

2007-03-30 Thread Bryan Irvine
This might be a little off-topic, but I can't find the answer anywhere. Since the LSI logic sata 150-4 cards need to be configured via the cards bios (at bootup on i386) I can't figure out if there is a way to configure a RAID when using a sparc64 platform. Is this possible? --Bryan

Re: vi keys in mg

2007-04-03 Thread Bryan Irvine
On 4/1/07, Grumpy [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Why don't you guys just use vi like real men? Real men use ed, you misguided fool. ed? is that like pico? ;)

Re: scp problem with remote filename escaping

2007-04-11 Thread Bryan Irvine
snip I agree, spaces in filenames should be avoided. But spaces in filenames are legal, so programs need to support that; this seems like a case scp was never tested against because no one uses files with those names. I scp'd a file called 'a b' to an openbsd server here, then scp'd it back a

Re: Prevent circumventing dansguardian with pf

2007-05-07 Thread Bryan Irvine
On 4/25/07, Allen Theobald [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Greetings! Included below is my pf.conf set up to use dansguardian (proxyport 3128, filterport 8080) and tinyproxy (listen port 3128) as a transparent proxy. What changes do I need to make to keep someone on int_if/int_net from circumventing

creating menu's

2007-05-08 Thread Bryan Irvine
It's been years (just shy of a decade IIRC) since the last time I needed to create a menu-shell type of thing. But now I need to. I'm wondering what people are using these days. Is there something neat in ports I should be trying out? I need a fairly simple menu, and have thought about just

compiling dnscap

2007-05-10 Thread Bryan Irvine
Paul Vixie is working on a tcpdump-like dns packet capture tool. I can't seem to get it to compile on OBSD. I get the following errors. GTX-440:/tmp/dnscap#make (compile dnscap.c w/ -g -O) /bin/sh: not found dnscap.c:42:26: net/ethernet.h:

Re: Absolute OpenBSD out-of-print?

2007-05-10 Thread Bryan Irvine
Tried the OpenBSD bookstore? --Bryan On 5/10/07, Matthew Szudzik [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: According to the publisher, Michael Lucas's book Absolute OpenBSD is currently out-of-stock. Does anybody know if

Re: OpenBSD serial terminal binary programs

2007-05-10 Thread Bryan Irvine
On 5/10/07, BradenM - Sonoma Computer [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello; I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a terminal program similar to hyper terminal for windows in structure but not appearance. Someone else already suggested cu/tip which are good. My weapon of choice is

Re: OpenLDAP question

2007-05-21 Thread Bryan Irvine
On 5/20/07, Dave Harrison [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Henning Brauer wrote: * Uv Pzaf [EMAIL PROTECTED] [2007-05-20 23:12]: I wonder why OpenBSD packages (i.e. openldap-server-2.3.24.tgz) still uses ldbm as database backend especially since the OpenLDAP folks are stating that this is no good

4.1 upgrade and squid

2007-05-21 Thread Bryan Irvine
I've upgraded my firewall to 4.1 and all of the packages. Now squid fails to start with the new version. I get the following errors: 2007/05/21 16:22:32| aclParseAclLine: WARNING: empty ACL: acl BlockSites url_regex /etc/squid/blocksites.txt 2007/05/21 16:22:32| parseConfigFile: line 2191

Re: The British

2007-06-01 Thread Bryan Irvine
In the UK we are not all of this intellect. I'm certain this guy is joking. At least I hope so. ;) I ran a whois on his email, and he appears to be located in Essex. Though the name seems Spanish, so perhaps he's still upset over Cadiz? ;) -Bryan

Re: find -exec {} help

2007-06-04 Thread Bryan Irvine
On 6/4/07, David B. [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hi, I'm using 3.8, and I hate to bother, but I have spent two days on the net trying to find the answer to this problem. I am using 'find' to batch file a sed search and replace. Sed, of course, outputs to stdout, the problem I am having is finding

troubleshooting a core dump

2007-06-12 Thread Bryan Irvine
I have a mail server that has been running fine for a couple years running 3.7 and has recently started crashing every couple days. I know that it's well beyond the support window, but if someone can help me out using gdb/ddb to figure out the problem I'd appreciate it. I've got the

Re: building a kernel for net4801 from dmassage

2008-01-16 Thread Bryan Irvine
2) Under what circumstances (generally) would one encounter a situation where it would strongly desirable to have a custom kernel? An appletalk router. -Bryan

Re: running mail server at home

2008-02-07 Thread Bryan Irvine
On Feb 7, 2008 2:51 AM, Chris [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have a P3 box with 120GB HDD that's doing web, ssh and samba at the moment. I am planning setup sendmail, spamd, mimedefang, clamd and spam-assassin on this box along with web, ssh and samba. I was wondering if anyone has any

Re: 4.3-beta

2008-02-26 Thread Bryan Irvine
On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 10:20 PM, scott [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Just loaded up 4.3-beta. :-) 1. Installed to compact flash (CF) media (wd0). Media supports PIO mode 4 only (no dma) but ... whoa ... 4.3 is noticeably faster on this CF media! During the past 4.2 install the install

Re: Would OpenBSD and Squid be considered a Proxy Firewall?

2008-03-24 Thread Bryan Irvine
having also not read the book, my guess would be that a transparent proxy + firewall would increase security because people don't have the the option to run SSH tunnels via the HTTP port. A good example would be years ago I ran a sock4 proxy on port 80 on my home firewall to allow me to download

Re: 4.3 /-current and xenocara

2008-04-03 Thread Bryan Irvine
Look in the archives for subject line: xenocara CVS out of memory -Bryan On Thu, Apr 3, 2008 at 1:30 PM, Ed V. [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Since there seems to be a bug with cvs checkouts (dies with: cvs [server aborted]: out of memory; can not allocate 2937909 bytes on x86 32-bit platforms,

Re: Optimising OpenBSD

2008-04-09 Thread Bryan Irvine
Optimised out of the box sounds good to me - not having to do anything is the way I like to work ;-) You do realise that this means that the installation time of the base system is now going to be down to about 15 minutes (from over a day) - what am I going to do with all that spare time?

Re: Old CDs

2008-04-14 Thread Bryan Irvine
On Fri, Apr 11, 2008 at 3:27 PM, Tom Geman [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, I have been purchasing OpenBSD since version 2.7 was released. I usually buy two each time and leave one unopened. I also started to purchase versions prior to 2.7 to complete my collection. Unfortunately I will

Re: Help on package upgrade on 4.3 needed

2008-04-15 Thread Bryan Irvine
On Tue, Apr 15, 2008 at 8:39 AM, Stefan Wollny [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello folks! I need a little help with an issue when upgrading to 4.3-packages (from 4.2). I use OpenBSD on an ThinkPad T60 as my daily tool. I followed the instructions on when

Re: Question about hard limits

2008-04-21 Thread Bryan Irvine
On Sun, Apr 20, 2008 at 11:15 PM, Thomas Frell [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I run an icecast server which may grow into 10 000 listeners or more. Are their any gotchas that I might need to patch change with sysctl? I've changed kern.maxfiles and wondering if I could run out of TCP sockets, or

Re: Simple question about appletalk

2006-02-23 Thread Bryan Irvine
Sorry for the top-post but there jsut wasn't anywhere appropriate for a snip type of thing. If the laptop only needs www access no appletalk is needed. Appletalk is purely a file serving mechanism, like samba or nfs. If you need appletalk it's pretty easy to set up on OpenBSD. --Bryan On

Re: Backup MX server

2006-03-01 Thread Bryan Irvine
Backup MX is a relic and a legacy. It breaks almost all spam filters. Modern mail infrastructure doesn't need it, except in rare cases. why so? I use one here at work with great success. I use Postfix so I'm no use to the OP. I don't have any problems with double bounces, and my spam tools

Re: basic routing in 192.168/16

2006-03-03 Thread Bryan Irvine
uh, what did you just say? I don't understand. What are you trying to do? why would you need a second name server on your local LAN? The netgear can only port forward for one. Are you trying to route between the 2 nics on the OBSD machine? Gmail b0rked your ASCII diagram. --Bryan On

Re: what is next? 3.10 or 4.0???

2006-03-03 Thread Bryan Irvine
snip b) you need three bits for the number 4, so the 4.x release will bust the current two bit major version number limit. snip this is the best response so far. LOL! --Bryan

carp and random disconnects

2006-03-06 Thread Bryan Irvine
We seem to be having a problem with random disconnects after instituting carp on our gateway. The problem is only happening with our telnet[1] users connected to our legacy systems. The problem only happens with remote users that come in via T1 and don't go through the gateway. The machines

Re: Why packets are not blocked

2006-03-08 Thread Bryan Irvine
On 3/7/06, Jim [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: When my kid gets grounded I block the gameroom computer from getting to the internet. The script that runs is #!/bin/sh - cp /home/jmays/pf.conf.noGameroom /etc/pf.conf pfctl -F rules -f /etc/pf.conf pfctl -F nat -f /etc/pf.conf The script should

Re: carp and random disconnects

2006-03-10 Thread Bryan Irvine
On 3/6/06, Bryan Irvine [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: We seem to be having a problem with random disconnects after instituting carp on our gateway. The problem is only happening with our telnet[1] users connected to our legacy systems. The problem only happens with remote users that come in via

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