Re: [/ is full] How to delete junk in /dev ?

2020-04-07 Thread Dirk Coetzee
Sometimes I have made the mistake of dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sd2c - instead of dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/rsd2c - or worse dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdc. These kind of errors have filled /dev (or ultimately /) Play over from my Linux days. -Original Message- From: On

Re: Unbound Notice: "sendto failed: No buffer space available"

2020-04-20 Thread Dirk Coetzee
FWIW: We experienced "sendto failed: No buffer space available" as well. QOS is not configured, but the firewall is connected to a satellite link that drops between 5-10% packets average. The explanation fits in with our situation. -Original Message- From: On

pf.conf assistance

2020-03-27 Thread Dirk Coetzee
Hi All, Without *block return label "block stateless traffic"* and *pass # establish keep-state*, my NAT / redirect rules from external into LAN do not work. Neither do rules that permit RDP to Windows Workstations on Tun0 interface. FWIW: Wireguard uses this tun0 interface. TCPDump shows the

Re: OpenBSD Readonly File System

2020-06-09 Thread Dirk Coetzee
I have been in a similar situation of power being unreliable and no UPS, so I sympathize. This is how I have achieved RO filesystem (default partitions) 1. Add to /etc/fstab swap /dev mfs rw,-P=/dev,-s=32m 0 0 2. Create RO Script #!/bin/sh UP=$(( $(date +%s) - $(sysctl

Re: OpenBSD Readonly File System

2020-06-11 Thread Dirk Coetzee
I guess it boils down to a matter of preference and business requirements. "slow writes" vs "no writes". -Original Message- From: Strahil Nikolov Sent: Friday, 12 June 2020 12:08 AM To: Dirk Coetzee ; Joe Barnett ; Vertigo Altair Cc: Misc Subject: Re: OpenBSD Rea

Re: NAT on same interface as vlan on OpenBSD 6.8

2021-05-10 Thread Dirk Coetzee
Hi Kenneth, It was staring me in the face and I did not see it. I shot myself in the foot and didn’t realize it. Thanks heaps for your support. From: Kenneth Gober Sent: Monday, 10 May 2021 11:49 PM To: Dirk Coetzee Cc: Subject: Re: NAT on same interface as vlan on OpenBSD

NAT on same interface as vlan on OpenBSD 6.8

2021-05-10 Thread Dirk Coetzee
Hi All, I am hoping to create a pf.conf configuration that has VLAN’s and NAT via the same (physical) interface. The hardware is only capable of having a single Ethernet interface. vlan100 is an isolated network to setup servers and is connected to a switch that is setup for vlan100 and

Re: pf, relayd, TCP keep alive and NAT, oh my!

2021-06-01 Thread Dirk Coetzee
Hi Cameron, As a first guess, I would consider changing / implementing "set optimization". This made massive difference on our customers satellite internet connection. man pf.conf set optimization environment Optimize state timeouts for one of the following network

Re: vmm/vmd disk issue

2021-03-09 Thread Dirk Coetzee
It maybe possible that disk IO is saturated. (i.e. more writes than the physical disk could handle). -Original Message- From: On Behalf Of Jan Johansson Sent: Wednesday, 10 March 2021 6:21 AM To: Cc: Mike Larkin ; Ian Darwin Subject: Re: vmm/vmd