Re: 3.8 beta requests

2005-08-24 Thread Janne Johansson
Theo de Raadt wrote: Of course not. HOW CAN IT? Get real! The hardware is STILL only providing permissions at the page level! If you have aggressive amounts of ram and/or patience you could have something along the malloc.conf P-option for ALL sizes. Of course it would suck for any app

Re: package installation script hints

2005-08-26 Thread Janne Johansson
Paul de Weerd wrote: On Fri, Aug 26, 2005 at 12:06:29AM +0200, Marc Espie wrote: | 2 - How is pkg_add -u working for people? | | It works fine for me. I don't know about other people yet, you tell me... I haven't used it very much yet, but so far everything works great for me. But this is

Re: i386 binaries on amd64

2005-08-31 Thread Janne Johansson
Tony Lambiris wrote: In reading some mailing lists, I noticed some people pass in the -m32 flag when compiling to compile 32bit instead of 64bit... I added the flag to the Makefile and everything compiles except when I try to link all the objects into an executable, I get these errors:

Re: openAFS or arla support?

2005-10-13 Thread Janne Johansson
ober wrote: Do you guys prefer --with-transarc paths? So let me know as I am writing it as we speak. The goal is to allow you to install a single server AFS cell with a single script. I use it the old version on Linux fine. However would like feedback for transarc/non transarc paths. I'd

Re: Ports changes web page is badly out of date

2007-09-10 Thread Janne Johansson
Landry Breuil wrote: which is referenced by yeah, perhaps someone feels like start keeping portsplus up to date from now on? please contact me if so. homepage would be a good start point to

Re: hardening BSD (was systrace/stsh policies)

2007-10-15 Thread Janne Johansson
Eduardo Tongson wrote: Robert Watson's paper discusses concurrency vulnerabilities. Impact include policy bypass and audit trail invalidation. A bypass means it is useless. That pretty much hammered in the last nail on the coffin for security tools based on system call interposition. I

Re: error building userland - inconsistent operand constraints in an `asm'

2005-05-25 Thread Janne Johansson
constraints in an `asm' *** Error code 1 -- Janne Johansson Sektionen fvr IT Media, Stockholms Universitet Frescati Hagvdg 10 106 91 STOCKHOLM

Re: quick malloc guard patch

2005-05-25 Thread Janne Johansson
). Is the plan to make this the default behavior, or just to add it as another option selectable by /etc/malloc.conf? This would make all 4/8-byte mallocs take up one page(4k) each if I understand this correctly. That's fine for debugging, but probably too expensive for normal usage. -- Janne Johansson

Re: Serial console from sparc to i386?

2005-06-01 Thread Janne Johansson
Mike Sazhin wrote: Hello, I want to try sparc with OpenBSD and see if it is useful for what I do. I do not have a monitor or keyboard that can go with it so I hope to be able to install using a serial console. I have done this on i386 to i386. Now I want to know if (with the proper cable,

Re: Can't make 3.7-stable release (tries to exceed capacity of /dev/svnd0a?)

2005-07-11 Thread Janne Johansson
info, and a dmesg too, even though it actually wasn't needed. Newbies, see how this guy did *not* get flamed for including both relevant, and irrelevant info and got his problem solved really quick. If one could only get coming generations to see this problem report too... -- Janne Johansson

Re: VPN behind a router, now with OpenVPN

2005-08-04 Thread Janne Johansson
to check my connections is encrypted? Last days with IPSEC, doing an tcpdump -i enc0 gives me 'private/confidential)... but now, how can I do? tcpdump the external interfaces, looking at packets on the udp port you selected for OpenVPN. (5000 for openvpn 1.x, and 1194 for ovpn2.x) -- Janne Johansson

Re: theo

2005-12-01 Thread Janne Johansson
Sophie Laurie wrote: The only thing that spoils OpenBSD is theo de raadt But it caters so well the needs for all the worst nastiest anal-carotid-constriction-software-patent-loving-spam-your-grandma- for-a-dollar-bottom-feeding-killing-babies-in-palestine-and-iraq type organizations to be able

Re: OpenBSD and Kerberos Client

2007-06-05 Thread Janne Johansson
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello all, I'm having a problem setting up kerberos on an OpenBSD system. Please advise as you can. ...8... I then tried kadmin on krbc2, which doesn't work. It doesn't even bother with trying to get to the admin server. It just gives me a prompt 'kadmin'. Perhaps

Re: OpenBSD and Kerberos Client

2007-06-05 Thread Janne Johansson
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: -Original Message- From: Janne Johansson [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2007 11:09 AM To: David Rogal Cc: Subject: Re: OpenBSD and Kerberos Client [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello all, I'm having a problem setting up kerberos

Re: OpenBSD and Kerberos Client

2007-06-05 Thread Janne Johansson
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Might I suggest you try this from the OBSD box: /usr/sbin/ktutil -k /etc/kerberosV/krb5.keytab get \ -p myname/[EMAIL PROTECTED] host/[EMAIL PROTECTED] Same problem, it just hangs. Please note that kinit / klist work just fine. Kadmin and ktutil both hang. Looks like

Re: linker scripts

2007-06-20 Thread Janne Johansson
Constantine Kousoulos wrote: Having a linux background (and a limited NetBSD experience), i expected to find linker scripts in the kernel source code. However, this is simply not true for most architectures. What is the logic behind the lack of linker scripts? Do you have an actual problem

Re: IBM T60 - APM issues

2007-06-27 Thread Janne Johansson
atstake atstake wrote: On 6/27/07, viq [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: $ grep apmhalt /etc/sysctl.conf #machdep.apmhalt=1 # 1=powerdown hack, try if halt -p doesn't work Thanks but that didn't help. At the monent I'm thinking of re-compiling the kernel as someone mentioned (off the

Re: VPN works but not when using CARP interface

2008-01-23 Thread Janne Johansson
James Rippas wrote: Help/suggestions greatly appreciated. I don't know where to look next. I'm not sure, but this part doesn't look good. 213733.723906 Default attribute_unacceptable: ENCRYPTION_ALGORITHM: got AES_CBC, expected 3DES_CBC 213733.723978 Default message_negotiate_sa: no

Re: What is our ultimate goal??

2008-02-20 Thread Janne Johansson
Henning Brauer wrote: * Mayuresh Kathe [EMAIL PROTECTED] [2008-02-20 14:07]: (not that now I can do anything about it, all's lost for me) Could you please read yeah, i did, lots of marketing blubber, lots of bla bla, lots of vague indications, nothing

Re: There's something about OpenBSD...

2008-02-22 Thread Janne Johansson
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: For instance 'ggrep -r ...' instead of 'grep -r ...' to search recursively with gnu grep (a worthless feature imho). Displaying the name of the file and the matched line nicely like grep -r does is not elegant with find + grep without using a script or a long and

Re: BSD Documentation License?

2008-03-27 Thread Janne Johansson
Ted Walther wrote: [snip] (The 2/3-term BSD license meant to do basically the same, but it used more words to do the same. The old 4-term BSD license included some terms to make University of California benefit from advertising, if there was going to be any.) I have been generating midi,

Re: Forcing ports install

2008-04-02 Thread Janne Johansson
On Wed, 2008-04-02 at 22:33 +1000, N J wrote: Basically my question is how do I get the port to install without having to remove then old package and dependencies first? I'm trying to build pidgin out of the ports tree. Tried: set env FORCE_PKG_REGISTER Tried: make install FORCE_PKG_REGISTER

Re: Kerberos ~/.k5user file

2008-04-08 Thread Janne Johansson
On Mon, 2008-04-07 at 20:48 -0700, Clint Pachl wrote: Is the ~/.k5user file supported in OpenBSD's Heimdal implementation? I'm ... BTW, what is /root/.klogin? Is it for kerberos 4? It doesn't have a man Yes, it is (was) for krb4. [demime 1.01d removed an attachment of type

Re: wpa now in current?!

2008-04-17 Thread Janne Johansson
Stephan A. Rickauer wrote: Great stuff. I just hope all those who whined for years about not having WPA in OpenBSD are now man enough to give back by donating some money. No excuses. WPA-PSK only and for a limited number of drivers. That what I said!

Re: Really large drives (was Re: Is there a badblocks-equivalent for OpenBSD?)

2008-04-21 Thread Janne Johansson
On Sun, 2008-04-20 at 22:53 -0500, Matthew Weigel wrote: David Gwynne wrote: solaris suffers from this problem. you cant use big disks with 32bit solaris kernels. For UFS, at least, but doesn't ZFS on i386 (not amd64) scale? The filesystem yes, but the block addressing no. I had to split

Re: How to HIDE OpenBSD as user-agent?

2008-04-29 Thread Janne Johansson
On Tue, 2008-04-29 at 06:18 -0600, macintoshzoom wrote: How to HIDE OpenBSD as user-agent? For security reasons it is sometimes interesting to hide GLOBALLLY th O.S. you are running on AGAINST GIVING ANY CLUE TO HACKERS ABOUT HOW TO ATTACK YOU. Which of course is bullshit, since the last

Re: OpenBSD's AFS informations

2006-02-27 Thread Janne Johansson
Bruno Carnazzi wrote: So, I'd like to know if OpenBSD's AFS could do the following (I assume that our actual file servers are replaced by OpenBSD AFS cells) : * Gently synchronize/distribute 2 physical file servers in 1 logical file server (real time is not needed) Yes. * Does it scale

Re: Assembly Language Programs

2006-04-12 Thread Janne Johansson
Alessandro Coppelli wrote: Hi to all. I am interested to developing a little assembly language programs. I rode the article written by Thomas Sommers ( ) I followed author's instructions but at the end of compilation as -o name.o name.s ld -o name name.o

Re: pf and pmtu discovery

2006-04-20 Thread Janne Johansson
Lars Weste wrote: Hi, with scrub in all set at the firewall, will openbsd handle icmp packets of type unreach code needfrag automatically, because of the statefulness? scrub no-df fixes this, no?

Last call for swedes wanting to attend the fundraiser event.

2006-06-02 Thread Janne Johansson for info (in swedish), attach /index_en.html for an (almost 100% updated) english version. It's tomorrow (3rd of June) at the Stockholm University, so this really is the last call, but in case I missed some of you swedes when spamming all local lists and forums,

Re: kernel settings for pf default block

2006-07-05 Thread Janne Johansson
c.s.r.c.murthy wrote: Hello Matthew, block all in pf.conf is ok, but it will go away when the rules are flushed for known/unknown reasons. I feel it is desirable to have a kernel parameter that does default blocking when all rules are flushed. But the default blocking will go away when the

Re: Question related to automaticly encrypted /tmp /vat/tmp (like swap..?)

2006-07-07 Thread Janne Johansson
Daniel A. Ramaley wrote: I have not seen documented how mfs allocates memory, so i just did a quick test. On a machine with 205 MB of RAM free i mounted a 128 MB mfs. Free RAM dropped to 199 MB; only 6 MB used! So OpenBSD must only allocate RAM for sectors that have actually been written to.

Re: OT: (don't open if you don't like) Kerberized FTP client/Server

2006-07-17 Thread Janne Johansson
Eric Pancer wrote: On Mon, 2006-07-17 at 20:34:36 -0600, Bob Beck wrote... Authenticating using kerberos and ftp is possible, but why use clear text passwords. Set up ssh to use kerberos and use sftp/scp. There are many windows things out there to provide a bozo front end to sftp/scp.

Re: OT: (don't open if you don't like) Kerberized FTP client/Server

2006-07-18 Thread Janne Johansson
Jan Johansson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Gustavo Rios [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: What kind of ftp client have you been using on windows for such task? Is it possible to have such environment working with standard openbsd ftp server ? KTelnet does Kerberized FTP but I would suggest using SSH/SCP

Re: Process dies when it reaches a size of 1GB.

2006-07-18 Thread Janne Johansson
Joe Gibbens wrote: I'm running squid-transparent on 3.9, and the process dies every time it reaches 1GB. FATAL: xcalloc: Unable to allocate 1 blocks of 4108 bytes! The system has 2GB ram # ulimit -aH time(cpu-seconds)unlimited file(blocks) unlimited coredump(blocks) unlimited

Re: squid process dies when it reaches a size of 1GB.

2006-07-19 Thread Janne Johansson
Joe Gibbens wrote: Thanks for the reply Janne. So my only way to run a process over 1GB in size is a custom kernel? Is Yes, as of now, on i386. there an easier way to run a large cache with a process size over 1GB? You can do other things aswell, like bumping cachepct to ~12 with

Re: OpenBSD 4.0 - Where is it?

2006-10-26 Thread Janne Johansson
ICMan wrote: I admit that I am not the most up to date on the release process, but why is 4.0 not out on the FTP server yet if people are receiving it in their homes on CD? And how do I get on that list of people who get the pre-release? Folks who pre-order gets an advantage. The rest of us

Re: small, random essay on performance tuning, was: remove....

2008-06-09 Thread Janne Johansson
On Sat, 2008-06-07 at 13:23 +0300, Lars Noodin wrote: It seems from the messages, and my limited experience, that many come to OpenBSD from other systems where messing with the kernel is both required and expected[1], that includes Linux and FreeBSD. [1] Case in point see AFS client

Re: vsftpd [more secure]

2008-06-10 Thread Janne Johansson
Saulo Bozzi wrote: *Name* *Version* vsftpd 1.1.3 vsftpd 1.2.2 vsftpd 1.2.2 vsftpd 2.0.1 vsftpd 2.0.4 what version should i use? what is more secure...the last

Re: vsftpd [more secure]

2008-06-11 Thread Janne Johansson
Saulo Bozzi wrote: my question is to the system administrator. that know about vsftpd. thnkz. regardsbye. ..and my reply was to a person that thinks the Ford car owner maillist is the optimal place to ask for driving directions from London to Paris. If the vsftpd

Re: No space left on device

2008-06-17 Thread Janne Johansson
On Mon, 2008-06-16 at 19:44 +0200, Martin Toft wrote: Hi misc@ I get the following error message when updating the xenocara module from I'll talk to them. [demime 1.01d removed an attachment of type application/pgp-signature which had a name of signature.asc]

Re: CARP not leaving backup state

2008-07-24 Thread Janne Johansson
William Stuart wrote: Hello everyone, I am sorry for not mentioning it was a vmWare instance. The packet replay seemed to be the culprit. This occured when we moved the image to a vmWare host running vmWare ESX 3.5 from 3.0. Our working theory is that under 3.5 pernicious mode works

Re: compiling tools

2007-01-05 Thread Janne Johansson
Joachim Schipper wrote: I think that the best way for me to use ccache is to be able to revector the CC and C++ compilers ... but I'm not certain, could I just put something like make CC=ccache build as my main compilation command (after, of course, I do the dependencies) and get the compioler

Re: HTTP URL filtering?

2007-02-22 Thread Janne Johansson
Daniel Ouellet wrote: Toni Mueller wrote: I don't want to generally deny, or slow down, IE users of the site (I can't), but only want to deny them range requests. I didn't find a knob in Apache to do this. If anyone else does, I'm still interested. May be I am thick here, I still don't

Re: Missing security announcements

2008-11-13 Thread Janne Johansson
All this chatter now isn't going to change anything when the next errata comes out. You want security announcement? Do something to make it happen! Ted, everybody knows that's not going to happen. I remember having asked the same question YEARS AGO and nothing has changed since then.

Re: Using a separate boot partition

2008-11-14 Thread Janne Johansson
Stuart Henderson wrote: I'm backing ben here : OpenBSD / should be small enough to fit it entirely into a boot partition. /etc/{master.,}passwd and /etc/{s,}pwd.db can grow pretty large on some systems... # wc -l /etc/passwd 118993 # ls -lh /etc/*db -rw-r--r-- 1 root wheel75.2M Nov

Re: Research for a Software Security paper

2008-11-20 Thread Janne Johansson
Jose de Paula Eufrasio Junior wrote: Hello, before anything else, I did read all material about the OpenBSD security policies on the website. ... I read the documentation on the site already and would like to get some more info about the process. ... 2) The OpenBSD and OpenSSH code is

Re: Research for a Software Security paper

2008-11-20 Thread Janne Johansson
Jose de Paula Eufrasio Junior wrote: On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 7:44 AM, Janne Johansson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: You said twice above that you read all materials and couldn't figure out if the code is always available or have periodic releases? Booo. As I also said: I used the same questions

Re: /usr/obj slice size

2008-12-15 Thread Janne Johansson
Josh Grosse wrote: On Mon, 15 Dec 2008 14:24:18 +, Dave Wilson wrote ...I'm trying to create a 2G MFS for /usr/obj, but if I go much above 200 with mount_mfs I get an error... For /usr/obj on i386, my userland build script creates two MFS mounts, builds sparse files on them, assigns

Re: OpenBSD 4.4 amd64 can't detect 4GB memory

2008-12-22 Thread Janne Johansson
Owain Ainsworth wrote: Enabling bigmem=1: Also, from sys/arch/amd64/amd64/machdep.c: /* Tweakable by config(8) */ How? That diff was never commited. Config needs to know about it before it can change it. I did a similar config(8) patch for when PAE was in the same situation, so if

Re: www@

2009-01-07 Thread Janne Johansson
Jordi Espasa Clofent wrote: Hi all, I've sent a mail to www@ about some questions to build a mirror but no response at moment. ?Who's behind this mail account? It is a mailing list.

Re: script

2009-01-12 Thread Janne Johansson
Nick Guenther wrote: Does anybody provide a commercial shell scripting??? for i in Don't wait Buy Things Now Save Now $0.99 Get your instant trial account now Double Your Sales Calls, Free Script Demo; do echo $i done Like that? Hey man, that wasn't just 'commercial grade', that was

Re: Port ZFS to OpenBSD

2009-01-15 Thread Janne Johansson
Khalid Schofield wrote: Dev's. What are the chances of getting a port of ZFS to OpenBSD? If you just sit and wait for it, I'd say: zero to very-little.

Re: Port ZFS to OpenBSD

2009-01-15 Thread Janne Johansson
Dieter wrote: What are the chances of getting a port of ZFS to OpenBSD? I can't quite bring myself to run solaris since it lacks so much of what I love about OpenBSD and Linux is back to square one because of the reasons I moved to OpenBSD. Have you ruled out FreeBSD? Why are so many

Re: Polite enquiry as to if anyone is working on 64 bit time_t, and if so, what's the plan?

2011-10-19 Thread Janne Johansson
2011/10/19 Bruce Drake I found mention of a possible move to 64 bit time_t back in 2005 and 3.9 was mentioned, but I see it hasn't happened. Is there a plan, like for instance making all platforms, even 32 bit 64 bit time_t, like I think NetBSD have tried/trying to do? Can

Re: Polite enquiry as to if anyone is working on 64 bit time_t, and if so, what's the plan?

2011-10-20 Thread Janne Johansson
2011/10/19 Michael T. Davis I found mention of a possible move to 64 bit time_t back in 2005 and 3.9 was mentioned, but I see it hasn't happened. Is there a plan, like for instance making all platforms, even 32 bit 64 bit time_t, like I think NetBSD have

Re: I want copy pf.conf from FreeBSD 8.2 to OpenBSD 5 and use it

2011-11-07 Thread Janne Johansson
2011/11/8 Mostaf Faridi Sorry for my bad English I , only understand is this pf.conf work in openbsd 5 or no .? Which part I must edit and change it The part where you hope someone else will do the work so you don't have to know what your own firewall is doing, and

Re: What is wrong with this pf config

2011-12-11 Thread Janne Johansson
2011/12/11 John Tate So I have a suggestion worth considering, if the line block in all does not appear pfctl -nf should perhaps spit out a warning. Much like you've done with your pretty compilers over there. There are still lots of reasons to run PF even if you don't

Re: OpenVPN issues on 5.0

2011-12-16 Thread Janne Johansson
2011/12/16 Erling Westenvik Links to foolproof HOWTO's will be much appreciated! Nature has thwarted all attempts to make such HOWTOs by make ever better fools, which probably is why you: ...but I have spent two days Googling, reading tons of HOWTO's and

Re: OpenVPN issues on 5.0

2011-12-22 Thread Janne Johansson
2011/12/22 Erling Westenvik Sorry for bumping this here @ misc when my question propably belong to some OpenVPN forum, but it seems like no-one out there can say much on OpenVPN issues that appears to be OpenBSD spesific. What puzzles me is that I cannot make the

Re: yt_execution_fails_due_to_lua_error-[4.9-stable]

2012-01-24 Thread Janne Johansson
2012/1/20 soko.tica Hello, I was trying to download a youtube video from a box running 4.9 stable, but got the following error: = Getting ... /usr/local/bin/lua: /usr/local/share/lua/5.1/base.lua:433: stack traceback:

Re: Routerboard RB600 and hifn(4)

2012-01-24 Thread Janne Johansson
I think accelerator cards need to provide both checksumming (md5 or sha1) and crypto in HW before its actually any use. Otherwise you will spend most of your time copying data around. 2012/1/22 Stefan Johansson Hello! Does anyone on the list have experience with a

Re: Build libc separately

2012-01-24 Thread Janne Johansson
I think this would be a good case of If you don't know how to do it, it is the wrong solution to your problem. Or, you will get a really decent amount of training in how to recover broken installations. 2012/1/24 Serguey Kuritsin Hello! I need to compile libc with

Re: Long delay updating xenocara source tree?

2012-01-31 Thread Janne Johansson
2012/1/31 Dave Anderson I do have a slowish ADSL link (384Kbps/1536Kbps) which would limit me to very roughly 1MB/min outbound, so I took advice to use '-z 9' to compress data and that reduced the total time for a xenocara source tree update from about 11 hours to about

Re: Is fdisk partition a must for a non-system disk on i386

2012-02-06 Thread Janne Johansson
2012/2/7 Alan Cheng Hello list, I'm playing around with fdisk on a vmware virtual machine with 5.0 i386. Despite what's in FAQ14.4, I found I can still create disklabel partitions without a fdisk partition (no fdisk -i $disk) on a blank disk. I'm confused. So my question

Re: Is fdisk partition a must for a non-system disk on i386

2012-02-07 Thread Janne Johansson
... thanks. Alan On Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 3:41 PM, Janne Johansson wrote: 2012/2/7 Alan Cheng Hello list, I'm playing around with fdisk on a vmware virtual machine with 5.0 i386. Despite what's in FAQ14.4, I found I can still create disklabel partitions

Re: pgt firmware ...

2012-02-26 Thread Janne Johansson
2012/2/26 Wesley M. Try this : add wget package using pkg_add -vi wget wget Or skip getting wget alltogether and just use the /usr/bin/ftp which can talk http good enough for this. Or, skip getting the

Re: pgt firmware ...

2012-02-27 Thread Janne Johansson
2012/2/27 David Walker Thank you Peter. I still get the same error message (error line wrapped): pkg_add ./pgt-firmware-1.2p2.tgz Bad pkg_db: No such file or directory at [...] Somethings wrong with my environment but what ... Yes, the thing that makes it

Re: Trusting the Installation

2012-02-28 Thread Janne Johansson
2012/2/29 Tomas Bodzar On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 3:44 AM, Nathan Stiles I was also expecting the checksum to be served over HTTPS. Some exact reason for that? Especially regarding a lot of issues and flaws discovered during last months/years in

Re: may 7 carp addresses be too much on 5.0/amd64 ?

2012-03-03 Thread Janne Johansson
2012/3/2 PP;Q Q P(P8P?P8QP8P= hello! we are running CARP-ed load balancers (carp over different vlans). it was running just great with 6 carp addresses. when we added 7th, randomly we get MASTERs on both server for certain carp interface. After reboot we can get

Re: may 7 carp addresses be too much on 5.0/amd64 ?

2012-03-03 Thread Janne Johansson
2012/3/3 Janne Johansson when we added 7th, randomly we get MASTERs on both server for certain carp interface. After reboot we can get different carp interface on dual MASTER state, and so on. carp negotiations are ok, tcpdump shows them all. both peers see each other

Re: My OpenBSD 5.0 installation experience (long rant)

2012-03-12 Thread Janne Johansson
2012/3/12 Fredrik Staxeng So you state that the fact that if one chooses to use the whole disk, the whole disk is used needs further documentation? Once upon a time, mkfs used to make a 10-second pause before starting. That's the way you do it. That is an answer to the

Re: may 7 carp addresses be too much on 5.0/amd64 ?

2012-03-13 Thread Janne Johansson
2012/3/4 PP;Q Q P(P8P?P8QP8P= thank to Camiel Dobbelaar, carp log at 6 shown ip_output problem, which lead me to: pass quick proto carp no state Which doesn't match the PF FAQ which says: Since CARP is its own protocol it should have an explicit pass rule in filter

Re: openldap and openbsd

2011-06-29 Thread Janne Johansson
2011/6/28 Friedrich Locke Dear list members, i have just installed openldap from ports (OpenBSD 4.9/amd64) and i am testing it. My doubt is: It seems to me that openldap should be run as user x and group y accordingly the ports collection. The problem is that i

Re: [OT] io event triggered file system synchronisation

2011-08-02 Thread Janne Johansson
2011/7/29 Remco frantisek holop wrote: hi there, sorry for the offtopic but there are probably many knowledgeable admins on this list as well. i am looking for a solution that keeps monitoring file system io for all stuff under a certain path and whenever

Re: Slackathon T-Shirts

2011-09-20 Thread Janne Johansson
2011/9/20 OpenBSD Europe Hello folks, We have some left over Slackathon 2011 white t-shirts here of various sizes. We asked for a donation for 200 SEK per shirt on the day. If you would like one please contact us via this email address off list. Of course, they are

Re: Why so cool OS doesn't have vuln database?

2009-05-18 Thread Janne Johansson
Yuriy Grishin wrote: Indeed you're right. I've got the same experience with php5-gd library. The audit program told that this library is vulnerable but there was no patch available. So this message was about useless. On the other hand in most cases this sort of applications could save admin's

Re: Even and Odd numbered OpenBSD versions

2009-05-19 Thread Janne Johansson
Artur Grabowski wrote: Mark Romer writes: Hello, just a simple question. We have here at work a old hand at openbsd and he says he only uses openbsd versions that are even numbered. [...] but what does everything else think? He's odd. Sounds like a candidate for the

Re: softraid - speed

2009-05-20 Thread Janne Johansson
Uwe Dippel wrote: I tried again, setting up RAID1 on 2 U320 drives, 15k, as described in softraid(4). Now I find the speed to be too slow. Writing to a single file is kind of okay: [everything/pwd is /mnt, which is a softraid drive, /dev/sd3f] [..] But a dump restore of /usr is a tad sick:

Re: softraid

2009-05-23 Thread Janne Johansson
Uwe Dippel wrote: Uwe Dippel udippel at writes: To me this seems a result of the sequence at boot: at first we identify the physical drives, that is sd0, sd1, sd2 and sd3 in this case, and only later do we get softraid up, sensibly roaming the RAID one up. Sensibly? Because fstab

Re: Get Top 10 Search Engine Ranking at Low Cost

2009-05-28 Thread Janne Johansson
Anton Parol wrote: How does one take advantage of such a good offer, when theres no URL? sadface Hi, *TOP 10 SEARCH ENGINE RANKINGS* You have to prove your google skills by finding them. They should be in the top 10 of search engine rankings, presumably.

Re: OpenBSD as a storage SAN

2009-06-03 Thread Janne Johansson
Lars Nooden wrote: OpenAFS is part of the base distro. No. The base includes arla, an AFS client.

Re: assigning more than 493 MB memory for qemu virtual machines

2009-06-24 Thread Janne Johansson
Siju George wrote: Hi, Trying to assign 512 MB memory to a qemu vrtual machine resulted in the error. $ sudo qemu -m 512 -hda wd0.img -hdb wd1.img -cdrom LATEST-Devel.iso Could not map physical memory -m 493 works -m 494 -m 495 gives segmentation fault Is it a bug in qemu that

Re: mount_xfs in -current gone?

2009-08-11 Thread Janne Johansson
Tim Gruene wrote: I tried using mount_xfs from base45.tgz, but the XFS is not defined in the gerneric kernel. Does anyone know whether mount_xfs is going to come back? Do I have to compile the kernel myself just to mount an xfs-formatted usb-stick? The xfs (that was renamed to nnpfs) is not

Re: Sort doesn't sort

2009-08-20 Thread Janne Johansson
Woodchuck wrote: You do not say which version of OpenBSD you are running. I tried your example on current (amd64 and i386) and 4.5 (amd64) and did get the proper results. 4.2 I've been too cowardly to upgrade. I'd have thought that sort might have been frozen in amber a few decades ago,

Re: dma problem in VIA Nehemiah

2009-09-03 Thread Janne Johansson
sonjaya wrote: # dmesg OpenBSD 4.5-stable (LESCHACO) #0: Mon Aug 10 15:49:13 WIT 2009 r...@localhost:/usr/src/sys/arch/i386/compile/LESCHACO cpu0: VIA Nehemiah (CentaurHauls 686-class) 1 GHz cpu0: FPU,V86,DE,PSE,TSC,MSR,SEP,MTRR,PGE,CMOV,PAT,MMX,FXSR,SSE real mem = 502824960 (479MB)

Re: Typo in plus.html

2009-09-09 Thread Janne Johansson
Luca Corti wrote: i instead of li. Thanks.

Re: Supporting OpenBSD

2009-09-09 Thread Janne Johansson
Brad Tilley wrote: On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 6:33 AM, Chris Bennett wrote: I just signed up for a $5 USD a month subscription using PayPal. I was unaware of that. That's a nice feature. I don't have a PayPal account (don't trust them) I move money from my

Re: how to trace a hardcore-bug in OpenBSD-4.5

2009-09-16 Thread Janne Johansson wrote: The OS got totaly corrupted. gdb, su, sudo do segfault for example. 8 But later my ssh died again and after that the server finaly broke down. Beyond the point of what fsck can handle. During auto-fsck the box reboots. A good bug I'd say... ran

Re: Defending OpenBSD Performance

2009-09-17 Thread Janne Johansson
Christiano Farina Haesbaert wrote: Ignore my double posting, my mistake. Dont worry, it adds value to the intarwebs.

Re: managing authorized_keys

2009-09-21 Thread Janne Johansson
Joachim Schipper wrote: There's 400+ unix boxes. I know we can stick keys into authorized_keys, but managing it for a bunch of automated processes seems a bit unwieldy. Have you considered Kerberos? You'll still have to add accounts (or use LDAP, indeed), but at least you don't have to

Re: Outbound RST not seen by tcpdump?

2009-09-21 Thread Janne Johansson
Ian Chard wrote: I'm troubleshooting a very strange problem, where my ssh connection to a few different OpenBSD machines drops suddenly, with the client machine receiving a TCP RST from the server. I've taken tcpdump captures on both sides (in different sessions, so the tcpdump process

Re: Slow HDD speed on Dell E6400

2009-09-29 Thread Janne Johansson
TomC!E! BodEC!r wrote: There must be some funny tricks on those other OS's.But it doesn't matter (I will investigate myself). Now I know more about those random generators and tests for real are ok. Untar of src.tar.gz shows about 9MB/s in iostat(8) and dd ports.tar.gz to some file shows

Re: Carp basics

2009-09-29 Thread Janne Johansson
Siju George wrote: Is it possible for me to make both fw1 and fw2 listen on ip address and load balance connections through both ISPs? And also make a fail over set up so that when either ISP1 or ISP2 is not functioning all hosts in the network going through the other.

Re: automating 'fsck -y' after a power failure

2009-10-07 Thread Janne Johansson
Joachim Schipper wrote: make a dump of the partition before going to execute potentially data destroying actions? yes, this is sound advice of course. but what are you going to do with the dump if say, fsck is not able to revive the fs? dump it back, run fsck again and answer no at a couple

Re: poor tcp performance

2009-10-11 Thread Janne Johansson
Jose Fragoso wrote: I am running openbsd 4.2 on a box and I would like help trying to identify networking bottlenecks. While trying to download a file from another obsd box at the network using wget, I get very low rate. 100%[] 61,758,702 2.30M/s

Re: New functionnality for authpf

2009-10-14 Thread Janne Johansson
BARDOU Pierre wrote: My script loads the rules once, and modifies the table within the rule. When the user disconnects, its IP is removed from the table, and its connections are killed with pfctl -k. boxA ssh remote-computer boxA ssh remote-computer (again) remote-computer exit see both ssh's

Re: Moving files around

2009-11-09 Thread Janne Johansson
Brynet wrote: STeve Andre wrote: For simple large files, is there a faster way to move them rather than using mv? I have a lot of large files (10G) that need to be rearranged on which disk they reside on. If the files are on the same partition, mv(1) or ln(1) will be almost

Re: Truncation Data Loss

2009-11-11 Thread Janne Johansson
Nick Guenther wrote: So, as nicely summarized at , ext4 is kind of broken. It won't honor fsync and, as a /feature/, will wait up to two minutes to write out data, leading to lots of files emptied to the great

Re: X issue with Nov 24 amd46 snap

2009-11-25 Thread Janne Johansson
Dan Harnett wrote: On Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 02:58:18PM -0600, Neal Hogan wrote: Earlier today I upgraded my machine to the latest snapshot (nov 24) and there seems to be a problem with X. It starts okay, but then shortly after that it fails to respond to anything but the mouse. Also, the

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