Re: FYI: min. memory requirements for a -CURRENT install on i386

2005-08-06 Thread Nick Holland
Matthias Kilian wrote: Just FYI: recently there were some discussion wether an installation on i386 hardware with 16 MB or less would be possible (and usable) or not. Beeing curious, I just made a release(8) (without X11), and gave it a try with qemu. Result: you can do a complete

Re: Install Woes (3.7/sparc) - Spontaneous crashes

2005-08-07 Thread Nick Holland
Jim Fron wrote: I'm attempting to install OBSD 3.7 sparc on a Sparcstation 20. I've been through installs numerous times on 20's, 2's, and an IPC using previous OBSD versions. Currently, I only have one install method -- floppy. I could conceivably set up a netboot install or

Re: ccd troubles

2005-08-08 Thread Nick Holland
James Boothe wrote: I'm having a bit of trouble with ccd. I have a box with 2 80G IDE drives and 1 200G IDE drive. I'm going by the FAQ step for step here but after the ccd is configured and I get ready to run disklabel -E ccd0 it only sees the first frive. I've redone it 6 or 7 times, and

Re: hardware issues on sparc64

2005-08-08 Thread Nick Holland
Bob Ababurko wrote: hello- I am trying to load 3.5 sparc64 on an Ultra2. After booting from the CD I get an error message that says( i think) it cannot find the cd-drive No...that's not what it says. or file on the CD. yes, that IS what it says. That makes little sense since I see

Re: Apple iBook

2005-08-13 Thread Nick Holland
Nuzaihan Kamalluddin wrote: Hi, I've tried googling but with little success, I am trying to use virtual terminals (console), but I could get ctrl+alt+f1 to work. From what I see in the dmesg, it detects those keys such as F1 as a device for brightness and sound volume.

Re: 8/13 snapshot and DHCP

2005-08-14 Thread Nick Holland
Emmett Pate wrote: I'd like to install the latest snapshot on a laptop that's currently running 3.7-release. The boot CD fails to get a dynamic IP address. My question is where is the most appropriate archive/list to research whether this is a known problem? I just want to make sure I'm

Re: NAT doesn't appear to work for some websites

2005-08-15 Thread Nick Holland
Jonathan Weiss wrote: Hello, just an idea, are you connected to the internet via pppoe (DSL). There is a well-known problem with mtu/mss (1500/1460 vs. 1492/1452) You can use scrub in your pf.conf to solve it. something like scrub out on ppp0 all max-mss 1452 Or do a set mtu

Re: Automatic setup of partitions

2005-08-16 Thread Nick Holland
Gaby vanhegan wrote: Hi, I am still working on a nice automated installation CD system. It is partially a custom boot CD and partially a site36.tgz file that installs all the relevant packages, then does a scripted restoration from out backup server. It's intended for bare-metal

Re: How to patch a physically weak system recommended use of sudo?

2005-08-18 Thread Nick Holland
Tim wrote: Hello 1. I have a old computer that is slow and has little memory. But I want to keep it updated with patches. I can't compile these patches on the system but I could do it on another faster system. But how can I later apply the compiled patches to the weak system? In addition

Re: kernel page fault on initial login (OpenBSD 3.7 Release)

2005-08-19 Thread Nick Holland
Dave Wickberg wrote: Hi, I've just recently installed OpenBSD 3.7 (Release) on a Celeron 466 w/ 256MB of RAM. I created a boot floppy and from there the install went flawlessly. However, after booting the systems for first time I am getting a kernel page fault error as soon as I try to

Re: Complete disk disaster

2005-08-23 Thread Nick Holland
Ramiro Aceves wrote: Alexandre Ratchov wrote: ... What could cause this disaster? Please, feel free to ask me for any information that you need before I wipe the entire disk and install a fresh OpenBSD again. hello, The last year a had similar problems because of a bad IDE cable. In

Re: Problems with pf+nat+some websites

2005-08-24 Thread Nick Holland
Guido Tschakert wrote: Jonathan Schleifer wrote: I don't see where you set the MTU/MSS? Are you sure you have set them somewhere else? eBay is known to have problems with bad/wrong MTU/MSS. Try adding scrub out on $ext_if max-mss 1414 to your pf.conf and adding -mtu 1454 to the route. Also

Re: raid kernel

2005-08-24 Thread Nick Holland
Edd Barrett wrote: Hi there, Is there any reason why we can not include a raid enabled kernel in the distribution? (not as default, but in the same way is). I believe this would save me (and others?) time when upgrading OpenBSD machines. The kernel would need static device node

Re: raid kernel

2005-08-25 Thread Nick Holland
Edd Barrett wrote: rather then trying more stupid band-aids and wuergarounds it would be fantastic if someone could sit down and get us a software raid implementation that doesn't suck and thus can be included in the regular kernels. I havent noticed anything terribly wrong with raidframe.

Re: problems using usb keyboard on sunblade 100

2005-08-28 Thread Nick Holland
Robert Storey wrote: Glad that somebody else broached this topic, I was about to ask the same question. No. Your problem is completely unrelated to a Sunblade 100. You've hijacked someone else's thread. Your report is useless. It is DEAD WRONG. USB keyboards work just fine on i386 machine,

Re: kernel page fault on initial login (OpenBSD 3.7 Release)

2005-08-28 Thread Nick Holland
*sigh* found this sitting on the not done pile from over a week ago... 8-/ Dave Wickberg wrote: On 8/19/05, Nick Holland [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Dave Wickberg wrote: Hi, I've just recently installed OpenBSD 3.7 (Release) on a Celeron 466 w/ 256MB of RAM. I created a boot floppy

Re: Lifecycle question

2005-09-05 Thread Nick Holland
Stephan A. Rickauer wrote: Currently, our Institute investigates alternative operating systems compared to Linux. Apart from technical issues we are also concerned about lifecycle management as well. We simply don't want to reinstall/upgrade an entire OS all half year, which is the main

Re: CVSync-Problems...

2005-09-05 Thread Nick Holland
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Mon, Sep 05, 2005 at 07:03:59PM +0200, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is there any problem with CVSYNC currently? 3.8 has been tagged, which puts heavy load on all mirrors (including cvsync mirrors). Yes I thought about that too but I wonder why it takes about 1-2

Re: Jose Nazario's dmesg explained for OpenBSD

2005-09-05 Thread Nick Holland
Siju George wrote: Hi, In there an online openbsd version of by Jose?? I understad that it is there in his book but am unable to place it on the web :-( Please let me know if it exists on the web!!! Haven't seen such a beast. LONG ago

Re: Lifecycle question

2005-09-06 Thread Nick Holland
Stephan A. Rickauer wrote: Nick Holland schrieb: ... Yes, OpenBSD had new releases every six months, and only supports a previous release with patches for one past release, so your frequency is going to be higher. So, at the outside, you are looking at an upgrade Ok, that is the key issue

Re: mem issue

2005-09-10 Thread Nick Holland
M. Schatzl wrote: Philip S. Schulz wrote: Could be your BIOS' fault. Try sth like machine mem [EMAIL PROTECTED] Thanks a lot. That was it. for more info. Nick.

Re: OpenBSD 3.8 - - Question

2005-09-10 Thread Nick Holland
Sebastian .Rother wrote: Theo de Raadt schrieb: Hello everybody, I found an entry on the Website wich confused me: New functionality: . . . wd disks have the security feature frozen before being attached to prevent malicious users

Re: PowerEdge 1850 w/ dual Xeon : now tested with 3.8 GENERIC.MP

2005-09-20 Thread Nick Holland
Mariano Benedettini wrote: I wrote last week, about some problems I've experienced with 3.7 GENERIC.MP on a PowerEdge 1850 dual Xeon [1]. Some people suggested to try a 3.8 snapshot, and that's what I did. The system runs fine, but is there any way to make it work with 3.7 GENERIC.MP ? Of

Re: can't recognize my cdrom, here is my dmesg

2005-09-22 Thread Nick Holland
Csaba Nemes wrote: Hi all it boots from an unofficial cdrom, but it doesn't find my cdrom here is my dmesg: Booting is a BIOS activity. Using the CDROM drive after booting is an OS activity. Obviously, the OS isn't handling your CDROM drive properly, even though the BIOS is doing ok with

Re: Userland Compilation Dies

2005-09-22 Thread Nick Holland
Stuart Henderson wrote: --On 22 September 2005 16:52 -0400, Chris wrote: ... Replace i386 in the first line with your machine name. That's 'machine' as in 'what uname -m tells you' (i386, sparc64, macppc, hppa, [...]), not hostname. That was somewhat unclear on my part. Fixed now.

Re: Any advice on 'Indemnification'? (US Only, obviously)

2005-09-23 Thread Nick Holland
L. V. Lammert wrote: I have been working with a local OS friendly hosting company to add support for OpenBSD. Unfortunately, they also support with Red Hat, SuSE, and Apple, and these vendors offer an 'Open Source Indemnification', ostensibly protecting against legal action from

Re: Time limited internet connection

2005-09-24 Thread Nick Holland
Rod.. Whitworth wrote: On Sat, 24 Sep 2005 13:29:18 +0300, Kiraly Zoltan wrote: I want to build a home network using OpenBSD as gateway. A child in network have a computer, and like to surf the Internet. I want to drop her Internet connection at night (11:00AM) because the child don't go to

Re: upgrade is it important ?

2005-09-24 Thread Nick Holland
Budhi Setiawan wrote: dear all i guess this is stupid question, but since i very young in the openbsd land, i have a lof of question : 1. how important to make our system (OS and packages) always up-to-date ( except with security reason of course ), because some people says you should

Re: ATA Soft Updates or Write Caching

2005-09-30 Thread Nick Holland
Michael Favinsky wrote: I understand async is always unsafe. I don't mean async. I don't use async. I mean the hardware write cache built into the ATA drives. I read somewhere Funny...I've read lots of things that proved to be wrong. Wrote a few things, too. ;) that, unlike SCSI drives, the

Re: 3.6 - 3.7 make build problem

2005-10-02 Thread Nick Holland
eric wrote: [ Note: I don't like doing this. I would rather use a snapshot and ] [ just get -current, but I have the Adaptec bullshit on this machine ] [ and need a kernel that support aac(4). ] I'm going from 3.6 to 3.7, and just trying to get the fscking

Re: Documentation bug in WWW FAQ???

2005-10-03 Thread Nick Holland
On Mon, Oct 03, 2005 at 04:35:36PM +0100, Bryan wrote: I recently attempted to dualboot my laptop with Windows XP. I was following the FAQ and came to the point where I issued this command: dd if=/dev/rsd0a of=openbsd.pbr bs=512 count=1 And the system tells me that: /dev/rsd0a not

Re: IDE disk problems

2005-10-03 Thread Nick Holland
Steve Harding wrote: I have been chasing intermittent problems with my hard disks for a while now, and have replaced nearly everything, Statements like that without an itemized list are very dangerous. You might make someone think you really changed everything, when in reality, you just

Re: It ain't quick, but it's sure fun

2005-10-07 Thread Nick Holland
Rogier Krieger wrote: We recently deployed a new fileserver:) Most surprising thing was that it recognised a 250 GByte HDD at the first go, without real effort. Yes, I've been pleasantly surprised about how well big drives work on old machines. I've been assured that this is ok by people

Re: Something hosing my msdos/FAT32 file system

2005-10-08 Thread Nick Holland
Tom Cosgrove wrote: Andreas Bihlmaier 8-Oct-05 15:20 ... Now what should I do about my network card? Send describtion of problem 1.) to misc@ ? 2.) use sendbug ? 3.) to tech@ ? Plenty of bug reports start out as threads on [EMAIL PROTECTED] If you're not sure, ask on [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: Multi boot question XP and Openbsd after installation

2005-10-09 Thread Nick Holland
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hello, I have installed Openbsd on my computer. The manual says now for multi-booting with XP you must do dd if=/dev/rsd0a of=openbsd.pbr bs=512 count=1 but if i do this i get a error-message that rsd0a does not exist how can i make this right. Roelof

Re: OpenBSD i386 and macppc on one HDD

2005-10-10 Thread Nick Holland
Constantine A. Murenin wrote: Hello, I have an external USB 2.0 storage device with OpenBSD i386 installation and some free space. Is it possible to install OpenBSD/macppc on that spare space without breaking my i386 installation? ew, ick. How will it all work? Would it be possible to

Re: RAID for dummies

2005-10-11 Thread Nick Holland
Rod.. Whitworth wrote: On Mon, 10 Oct 2005 23:09:39 -0500, J Moore wrote: I want to set up an OBSD box as a file server for some Windoze boxes. I think a RAID 1 setup will provide sufficient reliability - and it appears to be the cheapest way to go. I don't desire to become an expert on

Re: Blocking p2p via pf

2005-10-11 Thread Nick Holland
David Elze wrote: Hi, I'm trying to block p2p traffic via pf on OpenBSD 3.x. Unfortunately, all new p2p-clients are able to use dynamic ports or even (ab-)use http-ports etc. so blocking well known p2p-ports is not enough. yep. Apart from blocking ports I just see two possibilities: -

Re: upgrade 3.6 - 3.7

2005-10-12 Thread Nick Holland
Erwin Zbinden wrote: Hi I am upgrading a i386 box from 3.6 to 3.7. In the upgrade guide I miss any hint to mergemaster. Is it obsolete? Tia Erwin Mergemaster is not a part of the base system. OpenBSD is and should be a complete system, the set of CDs, and in fact, the base

Re: RAID for dummies

2005-10-13 Thread Nick Holland
J Moore wrote: HAVE to spend time getting to know whatever RAID solution you are using. Practice, practice, practice!!! Try swapping drives -- what happens if you swap a drive with a larger drive? smaller drive? how does it indicate errors? etc... In short: never trust

Re: RAID for dummies

2005-10-13 Thread Nick Holland
J Moore wrote: On Thu, Oct 13, 2005 at 07:47:48AM -0400, the unit calling itself Nick Holland wrote: Not quite sure what point you're trying to make here... are you advocating that one develop expertise in all areas to become totally self-sufficient? If so, I suppose you are all at once

Re: HOWTO on spamd+transparent bridge under OpenBSD

2005-10-14 Thread Nick Holland
Graham Toal wrote: steven mestdagh [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Fri, Oct 14, 2005 at 03:11:59PM -0500, Graham Toal wrote: For anyone who is interested, I've written up a document on how to install OpenBSD, configure it as a transparent bridge, then install spamd on it. It was written

Re: No DMA for Cyrix Cx5530 IDE?

2005-10-16 Thread Nick Holland
Michael Frost wrote: -BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: RIPEMD160 I wonder if the Cyrix Cx5530 IDE is not supported by OpenBSD v3.8/i386. I'm a newbie to OpenBSD and therefore would like to post my dmesg, maybe somebody is able to clear the thing up and give me some advice howto

Re: question about patch submission

2005-10-20 Thread Nick Holland
JD Harrington wrote: Is there any documentation outlining the preferred process for patch submission from members of the community? I've got something small I'd like to send up, but I'm not entirely sure about where to send it (misc@, bugs@/sendbug, or tech@) as it's not a bug, per se, and I'm

Re: congrats on OpenBSD SAN... one little question

2005-10-20 Thread Nick Holland
Jason Dixon wrote: On Oct 20, 2005, at 1:49 PM, Joe Advisor wrote: Congrats on the cool OpenBSD SAN installation. I was wondering how you are dealing with the relatively large filesystem. By default, if you lose power to the server, OpenBSD will do a rather long fsck when coming back up.

Re: Adaptec 1205SA

2005-10-20 Thread Nick Holland
Chris Zakelj wrote: Szechuan Death wrote: Speaking of which: Which driver supports the Adaptec 1205SA? Anybody? Bueller? Manpages are not forthcoming. Don't know if any of them do, especially now that Adaptec SCSI has been removed from the kernel. However, if any dev wants it, I just

Re: congrats on OpenBSD SAN... one little question

2005-10-21 Thread Nick Holland
per engelbrecht wrote: Nick Holland wrote: ... Would I love to see the 1T limit removed? Sure. HOWEVER, I think I would handle this application the exact same way if it didn't exist (that might not be true: I might foolishly plowed ahead with the One Big Pile philosophy, and regretted

Re: Interrupts on quad nics

2005-10-23 Thread Nick Holland
Digging through the backlog, and found this unanswered... Joe S wrote: Since some quad nics share 1 interrupt, what kind of performance impact would I be dealing with versus using 4 indiviual nics? Debating wehter to use a Phobox P430TX quad dc nic or individual fxp0 nics. Just test it and

Re: root on raidframe

2005-10-23 Thread Nick Holland
Ken Gunderson wrote: Greets: I've been exploring root on raidframe w/a pair of mirrored disks. Once I bring something like this up I then go ahead and do my best to break it, test out recovery scenarios, etc. smart. VERY smart. :) Which brings me to the question at hand. Following a

Re: Large partition

2005-10-24 Thread Nick Holland
Beck Zoltan Gyula wrote: Hi! I would like to ask if it is possible to use a large, more than 2T diskarray or CCD? In FAQ: 14.7 - What are the issues regarding large drives with OpenBSD? OpenBSD supports an individual file system of up to 231-1, or 2,147,483,647 sectors, and as each

Re: root on raidframe

2005-10-24 Thread Nick Holland
Ken Gunderson wrote: ... The application in this case is a routing firewall/proxy server for a 3 legged network configuration. Resources to implement a carp setup are not available. The objective for the system: 1) to be as self healing as possible 2) minimize downtime resulting from

Re: Machine unable to build -STABLE kernel, PEBCAK

2005-10-27 Thread Nick Holland
On Thu, Oct 27, 2005 at 10:21:16AM -0500, C. Bensend wrote: Hey folks, I seem to have gotten myself into a pickle, and I'm not quite sure how screwed I am. I have an AMD64 server that has been having some stability issues ...^ try to build -STABLE again. 'make

Re: scp/sftp performance myths

2005-10-30 Thread Nick Holland
frantisek holop wrote: hi there, poking around in the HP ssh docs, one can see the following in the FAQ: Q: How is the performance of HP-UX Secure Shell? A: Compared with conventional file transfer methods, the scp command is 2 - 3 times slower than rcp, and sftp is 2 to 3 times slower

FAQ v3.8

2005-11-01 Thread Nick Holland
I'd like to take a moment to bring a few new things in the FAQ to your attention: 1) upgrade38.html ( ) In addition to the usual stuff you have been used to, note the upgrade38.patch file which is linked from this page. This patch file attempts to make

Re: Problems installing 3.8 on SS5 (complete dmesg).

2005-11-01 Thread Nick Holland
Matthew Weigel wrote: Despite the lack of responses, I persevere... below is the complete dmesg, if anyone was waiting for it. OpenBSD finds a total of 120 unknown PHYs (ukphy) on my Quad Fast Ethernet 2.0 card, 30 per hme, and 8 Lucent PHYs (luphy), 2 per hme. Now that you have a

Re: / never unmounts properly

2005-11-03 Thread Nick Holland
Han Boetes wrote: Michael Favinsky wrote: I just installed 3.8 on a server that never had OpenBSD on it. OpenBSD 3.8 (GENERIC) #138: Sat Sep 10 15:41:37 MDT 2005 That's not 3.8: 3.8-stable was compiled on september the 26th. Yes, that *is* 3.8. That *is* what is on the CDs. I have no

Re: OpenBSD CDROM layout definition, Copyright Infringement.

2005-11-04 Thread Nick Holland
Siju George wrote: Hi, I been asked about How is the Layout defined??? maybe Nick or Theo or some other responsible person could give an authoritative answer so I can give it back to the person who asked me. If the md5 sum of the ISO image of

Re: harddisk geometry problem.

2005-11-04 Thread Nick Holland
Riccardo Giuntoli wrote: Hi there. Can someone tell me why during boot my wd1 hd is seen with the correct number of sectors and after fdisk sees only half of them? Yeah. Because Something's Wrong. Since you apparently knew what I need to know to give you that diagnosis, I'm sure you will be

Re: OT: 10 things i hate most on unix

2005-11-05 Thread Nick Holland
Gustavo Rios wrote: Hey folks, sorry, but i found this on the web. May someone tell if it is serious, i myself could not believe it. The author is taking themselves seriously. I don't recommend you make the same mistake. 1)

Re: Dual Head Graphic Card

2005-11-05 Thread Nick Holland
Gustavo Rios wrote: Dear friends, mo desktop box's graphic card has support for two monitor. I have two sets containing each: 1 monitor, 1 mouse and 1 keyboard. The mouse and keyboard are connected to the monitor via USB. I wonder if i could have a configuration like that: I would like

Re: Telnet daemon retired in 3.8 ?

2005-11-08 Thread Nick Holland
Xavier Beaudouin wrote: ... Personnaly I don't use telnetd for ages especialy on systems that are security based... there's a point. You use OpenBSD for security. Then you do horribly insecure things to access it. huh? Nick.

Re: mainting a mirror

2005-11-08 Thread Nick Holland
Martin Ekendahl wrote: What do you guys use to update your mirrors? I have a colo server that I'm not doing much with and I thought about setting up a mirror and just running `cvs up -Pd` twice a day or something to update it. Am I on the right track or is there a better or more official

Re: Instructions for tracking -CURRENT

2005-11-09 Thread Nick Holland
On Wed, Nov 09, 2005 at 04:53:12PM +0200, Alari Kask wrote: Hello everybody, i put together some instructions for tracking -CURRENT, it's just for getting things done faster, than reading the cvs instructions on the homepage of openbsd. Any feedback is welcome. Install snapshot If you get

Re: how to clear dmesg outpout

2007-07-05 Thread Nick Holland
Jose H. wrote: ... On 7/4/07, Nick Guenther [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: ... Why do you need to clear the dmesg? I think it is a pretty valid question(request?), you have to relay on external mechanisms, like syslog, or to compare differences from previous outputs of dmesg. and the problem with

Re: Running out of RAM -- for the archives

2007-07-07 Thread Nick Holland
Karl O. Pinc wrote: On 07/06/2007 06:46:26 PM, Chris Smith wrote: I assume the problem is not enough RAM because when I add more RAM everything works fine. Repeatable? Sure you've ruled out a seating problem? Yes, repeatable. yep, I'd believe that. Some time back (3.6?), when I stuffed

Re: IDE or SCSI virtual disks for VMWare image?

2007-07-07 Thread Nick Holland
Todd Pytel wrote: ...If it matters, this is going to be lightweight, home server kind of stuff. There's the answer to your question: For your app, it just won't matter. You've spent more time asking, and others (including myself) have spent more time answering your question than you will ever

Re: FAQ/PF Guide PDF links out of date?

2007-07-13 Thread Nick Holland
Richard Wilson wrote: I think I may have found a glitch in the OpenBSD website - The FAQ and the PF User's guide are provided as PDF's, which is very handy for those of us who like to print them out to hand to people as part of their site documentation. Quickly out of date I know, but some of

Re: Multi terabyte filesystems

2007-07-15 Thread Nick Holland
John Nietzsche wrote: Dear list members, is there plans for openbsd to support multi terabyte filesystems? there is desire. There is work being done. Which release should i expect to see such support? The release it is ready for. What do you want someone to say? For example, do you want

Re: installation on extended partition

2007-07-23 Thread Nick Holland
Dimitrios Apostolou wrote: ... So the question is how to properly install and boot OpenBSD on an extended partition? I couldn't find any relevant documentation anywhere... Booting from extended partitions is not supported by the OpenBSD boot system. OpenBSD has to be installed on a primary

Re: installation on extended partition

2007-07-25 Thread Nick Holland
Dimitrios Apostolou wrote: Hello again, I forgot to mention that I'm not subscribed so please CC: me personally in all replies. I know that installation on extended partitions is not officially supported, that's why I'm asking for unofficial information. Always interesting to see

Re: OBSD4.1 i386 IDE driver fails to find disk..?

2007-07-27 Thread Nick Holland
John H. Nyhuis wrote: Greetings, My apologies if this is a repost. I am having trouble getting this through to the list. I am trying to install OpenBSD (i386) 4.1 and am failing to get it to identify my standard parallel ide disk. The disk is identified at bootstrapping as

Re: How to use (compact) flash cards with OpenBSD

2007-07-30 Thread Nick Holland
First of all, a fine point of English: How to should be followed by an explanation of how to do something, not a question, 'specially if not followed by a question mark. The phrase you are probably looking for is how do I . . . ?. (yes, strange thing for me, who has mangled English in many a

Re: How to use (compact) flash cards with OpenBSD

2007-07-30 Thread Nick Holland
Nick Holland wrote: ... 2) I see the thing is picking up as a DMA mode 2 device. I've not seen that with the CF devices and adapters I've used...might want to try disabling the DMA on that device. man 4 wd 3) Try another OS on your adapter/MoBo combo. You may find your CF adapter and CF

Re: Intel Core 2 - errata pulled?!?

2007-08-08 Thread Nick Holland
Toni Mueller wrote: ... Leaving these aside, I just discovered that the i386 compatibility page does apparently not list _any_ current intel CPUs (eg. Pentium D), and the question about whether recent Xeons still classify as Xeon in this list has been raised. So, is it right to conclude

Re: amd64 snapshot: md5 mismatch install42.iso

2007-08-12 Thread Nick Holland
Adriaan wrote: A md5 -c MD5 fails for install42.iso Thats' an experimental feature, not necessarily kept in sync with the rest of the build process at the moment, and thus, the MD5 files may very well not match. Nick.

Re: PF rdr based on hostname

2007-08-15 Thread Nick Holland
Sam Fourman Jr. wrote: hello misc@ I am PRETTY sure there is no way to do a pf rdr command based on a hostname and I am just trying to confirm this Maybe I could somehow use hostated? What I want to do is have 4 seprate Windows XP Professional workstations with 192.168.x.x address behind

Re: Problems installing OpenBSD to Soekris

2007-08-18 Thread Nick Holland
Timo Myyrd wrote: Still having problems. I can't get the soekris to boot as far as I can tell. I used fdisk and created slice for OpenBSD and then used disklabel to create the partitions inside it. After that I extracted sets (base,etc,man) to the disk. I used fdisk -u sd1 to update the

Re: Backport drivers from 4.1 to 4.0

2007-08-26 Thread Nick Holland
Kevin Cheng wrote: Hi Darrin, Thanks for reply. The reason is that we have bunch of files integrated with 4.0 and it would take us months to upgrade to 4.2 again. we just finished from 3.3 to 4.0 of upgrade few months ago, plus months of test to stabilize our 4.0 based applications.

Re: OpenBSd or HP-UX?

2007-08-28 Thread Nick Holland
Alvaro Mantilla Gimenez wrote: Travers Buda wrote: *snip* Just tell him that OpenBSD in the stead of HP-UX will be cheaper, faster to setup, and easier to maintain (because of your experience with Open.) Both OpenBSD and HP-UX can do LDAP, yes, but it's yourself that makes the

Re: vmware cvs

2007-08-31 Thread Nick Holland
Gabri Mati wrote: -BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 Hey there! I'm trying to run OpenBSD under the latest VmWare server, but i've got some problem: i can't use cvs to check out the repositories. It hangs at the connecting phase. It's strange, cause ftp and http connection

Re: How to use (compact) flash cards with OpenBSD

2007-09-05 Thread Nick Holland
Don Jackson wrote: I have gotten past all the problems I discussed in my original message to this list. On the AMD/Tyan motherboard with the Addonics CF to SATA converter, what I did was purchase a Lexar Professional UDMA 300X CF card. This card is faster, and provides the UDMA interface

Re: Following Current general question

2007-09-08 Thread Nick Holland
Allie Daneman wrote: I finally have a box that's semi-production to run current on. I've read the FAQ on how to do the install and CVS updates but was wondering how people generally deal with keeping their -current, current ;) Do most people just have cvs update cronjobs ? Run a cvs update by

Re: The Atheros story in much fewer words

2007-09-13 Thread Nick Holland
Theo de Raadt wrote: I recognize that writeup about the Atheros / Linux / SFLC story is a bit complex, so I wrote a very simple explanation to someone, and they liked it's clarity so much that they asked me to post it for everyone. Here it is (with a few more changes) - starting

Re: The Atheros story in much fewer words

2007-09-13 Thread Nick Holland
Shawn K. Quinn wrote: On Thu, 2007-09-13 at 07:09 -0400, Nick Holland wrote: GNUspeak: These are definitely not the views of the GNU project. They *might* be views of the self-styled Linux nerds that think they are k00l and eleet because they read Slashdot, but to imply the GNU project

Re: serial port usage

2007-09-13 Thread Nick Holland
Darren Spruell wrote: ... If cua00 is the right device to use when connecting out, why the missing phone number error? That means your /etc/remote file is still at its defaults (which perhaps should change): tty00|For hp300,i386,mac68k,macppc,mvmeppc,vax:\

Re: FAQ on install ISO

2007-09-14 Thread Nick Holland
Chris wrote: I was wondering whether this - - FAQ entry should be changed as OpenBSD now does provide ISO for base install? As every release, many things are changed in the FAQ. Finding and changing the things that need to be changed occupies a LOT of my

Re: Creating bridge problem

2007-09-15 Thread Nick Holland
Jake Conk wrote: Hello, For some reason when I try to add my bridge interface to one of my cards it just hangs. My commands are: ifconfig bridge0 create ifconfig bridge0 add fxp1 And it just hangs pretty much forever until i Ctrl-C it... If I put in my /etc/hostname.bridge0 file...

Re: OpenBSD firewalls as virtual machine ?

2007-09-20 Thread Nick Holland
Josh wrote: Hello there. We have a bunch of obsd firewalls, 8 at the moment, all working nice and so forth. But we need to add about another 4 in there for new connections and networks, which means more machines to find room for. So basically I have been asked to investigate running

Re: Question on interface enumeration

2007-09-21 Thread Nick Holland
Gregory Edigarov wrote: Hello Everybody, Supposing I have several identical NIC's in my server, can I predict which become int0, which become int1, etc? A link to document explaining (or man something) would absolutely suffice. Thank you. Not Easily, at least if you are referring to a

Re: 4.1 on ALIX.1C - recommendations?

2007-09-21 Thread Nick Holland
Jan Stary wrote: Hi all, last night, I installed 4.1 on the new ALIX.1C: (see dmesg at bottom). The intended use of the box is a home router/firewall/NAT/DNS/DHCP for my home network of about four computers (heterogeneous). Everything works fine (as usual

Re: OpenBSD firewalls as virtual machine ?

2007-09-22 Thread Nick Holland
Douglas A. Tutty wrote: ... Hi Nick. I understand your reasons. To me they look like reasons for separate firewalls on separate boxes. In the scenarios you mention, would you put separate firewalls on one machine? That's where you are supposed to 1) recognize that my mysteriously

Re: minimum hard-drive space to compile patches?

2007-09-24 Thread Nick Holland
Douglas A. Tutty wrote: I currently have OBSD running on my P-II with an 850 MB drive and 64 MB ram. On install, I chose not to include the compiler set over concern re drive space. The FAQ says how much space is required to minimally run OBSD and it says how much to be able to comfortably

Re: RAID1 powerloss - can parity rewrite be safely backgrounded?

2007-10-01 Thread Nick Holland
Steve Shockley wrote: RedShift wrote: Anyone got any similar experiences with hardware RAID cards? Hardware RAID has always been misery for me. I've had two instances where older Adaptec RAID cards had a disk failure and then reverted to a week-old copy of the data. I'm not quite sure

Re: Question on upgrade path from 3.9 to 4.1 (pf, carp, etc.)

2007-10-01 Thread Nick Holland
kyle wrote: Hey list.. Im looking to upgrade my 3.9 boxes to 4.1. I plan on upgrading the standby boxes first, and am expecting them to still be paired up pf/carp/ospf-wise with the 3.9 active boxes while I burn them in. I know in the past I ran into an issue where there were differences

Re: Addendum to FAQ 4.8 - Multibooting OpenBSD/i386

2007-10-01 Thread Nick Holland
Paul Stvber wrote: If OpenBSD's MBR bootcode works for you (fdisk -u), you can hexedit it so that it will boot a fixed MBR partition (instead of the ``active'' one) if the user holds down either Alt key during boot. The marked byte at offset 0x35 tells the fixed MBR partition (04=first,

Re: partition layout

2007-10-03 Thread Nick Holland
Douglas A. Tutty wrote: Hello all, I have a 486DX4-100 with 32 MB ram. I bought an 8 GB drive to put in my P-II and it won't boot it so I've put in in the 486 along with a 1 GB drive. you might want to spend more time on that PII system... I'm on dialup and would like to avoid a bad

Re: How can I install 4 OS'es on one disk?

2007-10-07 Thread Nick Holland
stan wrote: I have a new laptop that I would like to set up to have 4 different OS's on. The OS's I would like to install are: OpenBSD FreeBSD Linux Windows (XP r Vista) Is it possible to do this on the one disk. I do have enough space, my concern is about portions. If it is possible

Re: Multi booting OpenBSD and OpenBSD and

2007-10-10 Thread Nick Holland
with about 40G at the end of the disk and use the b command in disklabel to describe the disk and whacked in a bunch of filesystems. Pretty standard install - booted and ran just file. Then I fdisked again to do partition 0, easy. Even remembered the 63 offset. BUT (and I can see Nick

Re: Multi booting OpenBSD and OpenBSD and

2007-10-10 Thread Nick Holland
Douglas A. Tutty wrote: On Wed, Oct 10, 2007 at 10:51:26PM +0200, Tilo Stritzky wrote: I just got a brand new office PC, 64bit CPU. But I'm stuck with some Apps in i386 compatibility. So I installed i386 for work. Next week I'm going to get an USB stick and put an amd64 install on it, for

Re: expansion of FAQ# 1.10 re OpenBSD as a desktop system

2007-10-11 Thread Nick Holland
Douglas A. Tutty wrote: I've been evaluating OpenBSD as a desktop system while learning about it on my lesser (older) hardware. I've learned a lot and will continue to learn about OpenBSD but I don't think it will work as my primary desktop. Based on what I've learned here on Misc, I'd

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