Re: can't boot from USB3.0 flash memory

2015-11-27 Thread freeunix
On 27 November 2015 at 12:31:32, Ville Valkonen wrote: Thanks for your good hints:) some laptop pc have this problem :< into BIOS setup. disable wifi and any section. it'll be this problem has come:< Lenovo G50-80, Fujitsu LifeBook, and any Now. Just, I check up run

satellite/terrestrial capture board

2015-12-10 Thread freeunix
recently I went to Japan in Akihabara. my aim is make Japanese Animation Environment! I bought any PCI/PCI Express cards. (Steins;Gate mayusee's figure too.) I tried on the OpenBSD. but didn't work these devices. FreeBSD was already exist these drivers. PT1: ISDB-S,ISDB-T

Re: satellite/terrestrial capture board

2015-12-13 Thread freeunix
FreeBSD: Linux:

pkg_mgr will crash

2015-11-25 Thread freeunix
pkg_mgr will eating memory. when push [s] for search. [s] search pkg_mgr use the perl script.

Re: vmmctl and vmd problem

2015-11-28 Thread freeunix
26 Nov 2015 at 21:10:06, Norman Golisz wrote: This is expected. vmm(4) is not yet enabled in the default kernel configuration. Thanks for your hints:) I tried "config -e -f /bsd", then "list" & "find vm". no result, OpenBSD amd64 snapshots in 28 Nov 2015. vmm, vmd, vmmctl on

How to test radius server

2015-11-24 Thread freeunix
I read the /etc/npppd/npppd.conf It's ok. except radius:) "man npppd.conf" say: authentication RADIUS type radius { username-suffix "" authentication-server { address secret "hogehoge" } } then, I couldn't find /etc/radiusd.conf I check the "man -k radius". "man

can't boot from USB3.0 flash memory

2015-11-26 Thread freeunix
I have USB3.0 flash memory.(SANDISK) "OpenBSD 5.8 amd64/i386 on USB3.0" 1.USB3.0 flash memory connect to USB2.0/1.0 boot: It's fine. 2.USB3.0 flash memory connect to USB3.0 boot: can't boot! anyone don't need boot from USB3.0?

vmmctl and vmd problem

2015-11-26 Thread freeunix
/etc/rc.conf.local: vmd_flags="" /etc/vmm.conf vm "" { memory 512M interfaces 1 disk "/dev/sd0a" #usb flash memory kernel "/bsd" } check vmm devices: ls /dev/vmm* /dev/vmm dmesg|grep vmm vmm0 at mainbus0: initialized vmm0: 4 VMX capable CPU(s), 4 are EPT capable cd /dev

startx fail on Lenovo G50-80 amd64

2015-11-27 Thread freeunix
I installed OpenBSD 5.8 on USB flash memory. It's fine:) Then Lenovo G50-80 could booting. but, startx fail and xdm was fail. 1.background is blank(black) screen, mouse icon(X and arrow) couldn't move. 2.XDM: put username and password on keyborad. can login. 3.X will draw window manager's

The OpenBSD wacom CTH480 and any drivers

2015-11-19 Thread freeunix
hi everyone! recently we use the OpenBSD! it so fine, but we couldn't use the any devices. Our organization will to be use the OpenBSD. when OpenBSD have CTH480 and any drivers. Now our organization have competition for the desktop and server. If our organization select the OpenBSD. We will

ePDFView was coming back!

2015-11-20 Thread freeunix
ePDFView was removed on ports. now, ePDFView was coming back!

partitioning problem!!! exist 4.2BSD with NTFS/MSDOS partition on same volume.

2016-01-26 Thread freeunix
exist 4.2BSD with NTFS/MSDOS partition on same volume. it will be destroy the which partition's file data. Any time I get the scary and creepy this situation. *example 4.2BSD with NTFS 1.formatting SATA HDD on OpenBSD: newfs sd1c 2.formatting same HDD on Windows: 3.check the partition:

Raspberrypi 3 was released

2016-03-13 Thread freeunix

how to mount encription volume

2016-03-12 Thread freeunix
hi, I use the bioctl encryption on boot volume. example A: fdisk -iy sd0 echo -n "a a\n64\n\nRAID\np\nw\nq\n\n" |disklabel -E sd0 bioctl -c C -l /dev/sd0a softraid0 then, OpenBSD detect sd1 and I install the OpenBSD on sd1a. It's OK. X and any process are running on these drive[call A:]. I

Re: how to mount encription volume

2016-03-12 Thread freeunix
Thanks for good messages! Example A: Create encryption volume and decryption by bioctl bioctl -c C -l /dev/sd0a softraid0 Example B: Create encryption volume and decryption by vnconfig vnconfig -ck vnd0 /dev/sd0a almost I use Example C: dd if=/dev/urandom of=.vnode bs=512M count=1 vnconfig

Why?Add vmm(4). It is disabled by default.

2016-03-05 Thread freeunix
Add vmm(4). It is disabled by default. How do I enable the /dev/vmm0 on OpenBSD5.9? config -e -f /bsd config -e -f / now we could comment out any line and compile GENERIC|GENERIC.MP kernel. was down

2016-05-04 Thread freeunix freeunix
I tried connect to ftp -V ftp: connect: Connection refused ftp: Can't connect or login to host `'

pulseaudio RTP Streaming problem on X11 Desktop

2016-05-04 Thread freeunix freeunix
hi, I use the OpenBSD 5.9 amd64 snapshots. and XDM Remote Deskop using is marvelous for OpenBSD. Now I have any problem.(I want use audio streaming for firefox.) I tried to use pulseaudio. but couldn't work it. #/etc/ttys(accept ttyC0 only) ttyC0 "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600" vt220 on