Trouble configuring OpenSMTPD - every incoming message rejected as 550 Invalid recipient.

2018-04-19 Thread Implausibility
Hi. I originally sent this message to, but was asked to post it here instead. I wasn't able to find a mailing list archive to review at the URL: If there is an archive, please direct me to it, so I can benefit from other's misfortune. :)

Re: Vultr has all blacklisted IP's for email

2018-12-19 Thread Implausibility
Vultr specifically blocks mail-specific ports in an attempt to keep their network free of spam. You can ask them to enable eMail ports on your VMs, > On Dec 19, 2018, at 4:09 PM, Chris Bennett > wrote: > > I was very happy with what I got for a baremetal server at Vultr. > Unfortunately,

Re: pony express: smtpd: bind: Address already in use

2019-11-17 Thread Implausibility
Perfect. Works! Thanks for the amazingly fast response. :D > On Nov 17, 2019, at 10:52 AM, Archange wrote: > > Hi, > > > Le 17 novembre 2019 16:37:38 GMT+01:00, Implausibility a > écrit : >> […] >> >> # To accept external mail, replace wi

pony express: smtpd: bind: Address already in use

2019-11-17 Thread Implausibility
Hi. I'm getting this error on a fresh install of OpenBSD 6.6 with the built-in OpenSMTPD. I'm following Gilles' excellent 'setting up a mail server' guide, but have hit a wall that I don't seem to be able to fix. Any assitance will be greatly appreciated. Here's my config (domain name

Primary Domains vs. Virtual Domains - what's the difference?

2019-11-17 Thread Implausibility
I'm reading the man pages for makemap, and there are two types of database maps described, as per $subject. What are the functional / operational differences between Primary & Virtual Domains? When when I choose one over the other? Can I get examples of when I'd choose a table of primary

Virtual domains & Virtual Users...

2019-11-23 Thread Implausibility
Hi again. My mail server has been running fine since last weekend, and I'm trying to expand its functionality by including the ability to send and receive mail for my list of domains, and for eMail addresses which forward to locally defined users -- but I can't seem to get it working, and I

How to... reply 450 invalid recipient instead of 550 Invalid recipient...

2019-12-01 Thread Implausibility
I've moved some more domains over to my new server that I've been building with your assistance. :D While I get the configuration finalized, I'd like to send temporary failures, rather than permanent failures, so that I can alter my configuration and have the sending server retry. I only

Re: Virtual domains & Virtual Users...

2019-11-23 Thread Implausibility
>> In order to get virtual users working, I've added three lines to the config: >> >>> table vusers file:/etc/mail/vusers >>> action "vusers" maildir junk virtual >>> match from any for domain rcpt-to virtual action "vusers" > > your match rule is not correct, I'm not sure what you want to

Re: Virtual domains & Virtual Users...

2019-11-23 Thread Implausibility
With some help from Andrew off-list, he provided a config that works for what I'm trying to do. It's attached below. Hopefully all you'd need to do to duplicate my success is search-and-replace for your own primary (FQDN) mail server domain name (as long as it's called

Re: unable to send mail from desktop mail client to remote email addresses

2019-10-04 Thread Implausibility
Vultr blocks SMTP unless you specifically request the block to be lifted. -JD.On Oct 3, 2019, at 12:39 PM, Kevin wrote:On Thu, Oct 3, 2019 at 8:55 AM Reio Remma wrote:On 03.10.2019 18:34, Kevin wrote:If I can send the domain email, if I can retrieve email via Dovecot, if I can send mail to