Re: logging filters

2015-07-10 Thread Pete
But i can't get any logging from it in syslog. Is that by design, or am i missing something obvious? Yes, you are :^) man 5 syslog.conf Hint: facility, level and prog. Well, probably not something _that_ obvious. ;) Even with below config nothing turns up. But when looking at the code,

Re: logging filters

2015-07-10 Thread Pete
smtpd -d gives me this: [...] info: filter-clamav: result stream: Eicar-Test-Signature FOUND warn: clamav_filter: on_eom: REJECT virus id=44fa746c81ec2474 [...] But i can't get any logging from it in syslog. Is that by design, or am i missing something obvious? For

Re: Verifying addresses on Exchange/AD from an edge server

2016-02-19 Thread Pete
Hi, i also use table_ldap. However i use a slightly patched version (, because if i remember correctly Exchange will close idle connections and table_ldap as it is won't recover from it. /etc/mail/ldap_pdc.conf url

TLS and relay

2018-08-27 Thread Pete
for any relay tls This forces TLS on relay except for a few that don't support it. In the new config there only seems to be tls no-verify to disable cert verfication. How do i have to craft the action rules to to force or disable TLS on relay? Is it even possible? Pete -- You received

Re: OpenSMTPD filters

2018-11-03 Thread Pete
Yay, Christmas is pretty early this year. ;) > Hi, > I have started committing filters support to OpenBSD today in order > to get them nice and ready for the next major release. > The only part missing at this point is DATA filtering which I'll > probably finish by the end of November. >

Re: smtpctl: need root privileges

2018-09-25 Thread Pete
Hi, it sure is. doas.conf: permit nopass telegraf as root cmd smtpctl args show stats should do the trick. > I've allowed a passwordless sudo in sudoers on CentOS 7 for a certain > user to be able to execute specific smtpd commands. > Albeit, I have no idea if the same is possible on

Re: 550 invalid recipient issue

2019-03-18 Thread Pete
Hi, shouldn't that read more like >user1:password::userdb_quota_rule=*:storage=1G without the domain part in the passwd file? > > My passwd file where the user mail address are is: >

Re: Unable to setup my OpenSMTPd (version 6.6.4p1)

2020-04-15 Thread Pete
Hey, > match from any for rcpt-to action action_relay shouldn't that be: match from any for domain rcpt-to action action_relay

Re: Filter trustee src bypass - syntax error

2020-04-28 Thread Pete
Hi, filter ... bypass is not a valid syntax in 6.6 release. I assume it will be in 6.7. > Dear all, > Hi! This is the first time I'm posting to this mailinglist. English is > not my native language, so if I'm not making sense, then accept my > apologies. > First of all I would like to tell

Re: No Error When Failing To Deliver To Maildir

2016-07-14 Thread pete wright
On Thu, Jul 14, 2016 at 10:59 AM, pete wright <> wrote: > Hello, > I am migrating a currently running Postfix+Dovecot-IMAP system to > OpenSMTPd+Dovecot-IMAP system and am running into an odd issue. > > I am unable to deliver messages to the Maildir th