Re: Catchall user

2020-04-05 Thread Sean Kamath
> On Apr 5, 2020, at 08:20, Thomas Bohl wrote: > > Hi, > >> Let' s assume I have 3 virtual users A, B and X on my domain >> I want to receive mail for all of them. No problem, that's easy to set up. >> But now, suppose some one (locally or non-locally) sends a mail to user C >> that does not

Pointer to Setup for relaying/masquerading from multiple hosts?

2020-04-03 Thread Sean Kamath
Hi. I’ve been running my own mail servers since the early 90s, so I have a lot of familiarity with the concept (mostly on Sendmail, but I switch 100% to OpenBSD for mail a little over two years ago). I set up things in the Pre 6.5 days with opensmtpd/dovecot/spamdb/spamd, and this are working

Relaying based on cert or auth

2020-06-01 Thread Sean Kamath
I was reading an old, old thread (*) and am trying to relay based on a cert. I have a mail server for imap/smtp. I have a number of machines on an internal network. I cannot talk to the mail server on port 25 from where the internal network is (thanks to my ISP). I was hoping to relay over