Re: OpenSMTPD 6.8.0p1 RC1 - please test !

2020-12-07 Thread Harald Dunkel

I installed it on my mailhost: Seems to work. The problem with
logging ("y express" instead of "smtpd" in the logfile) seems to
be gone.

Good work


Re: OpenSMTPD 6.8.0p1 RC1 - please test !

2020-12-02 Thread epektasis
On Tue, Dec 01, 2020 at 11:15:54PM +, wrote:
> Hello,
> OpenBSD 6.8 was released a few weeks ago with the latest OpenSMTPD.
> I could not release the portable version right away because a few regressions 
> were spotted
> in the portable layer and needed to be tackled.
> I intend to release OpenSMTPD 6.8.0p1 in the next few weeks, mid-December, so 
> if you could
> give this tarball a run and confirm here that it works as expected, it would 
> be neat:
> Gilles

Compiled this on my artix linux x86_64 box with custom 5.9.12 kernel.  Works
as expected after chgrp _smptq and chmod g+s on smtpctl (without the changes,
newaliases failed and emails could not be sent).  FWIW, I only use opensmtpd
to send emails to my isp email server and place received emails into my mbox