Re: [Mixxx-devel] AA VMS4.1 4 deck support question / offer

2013-12-17 Thread Sean M. Pappalardo - D.J. Pegasus
Hello. I'm the official maintainer of the VMS4 presets. Thank you for your message and offer! On 12/16/2013 10:53 PM, Peter G. Marczis wrote: In fact I managed to add the unused REC button I thought that was mapped to start session recording. I need to take another look. So my question

[Mixxx-devel] Traktor DJ playlist thumbnail decoder

2013-12-17 Thread petah
Hey, I no longer use Mixxx or other software-based mixing (at least for the moment) but figured someone here may be interested to know the AudioID binary blob in a Traktor DJ playlist's entry is actually a base64-encoded visual thumbnail of the track's WAV, squeezed to 512-pixels wide, with