Re: [Mobile.AI] Moto g2 has got android l

2015-01-17 Thread Mohib Anwar Rafay
Hey Austin, this method of updating moto g first gen, is not working in my device. I downloaded the file provided by you, pasted in the rute of my internal memory because moto g first gen doesn't has memory card. I restarted my phone, I went into settings, about phone, system update, it says your

Re: [Mobile.AI] Moto g2 has got android l

2015-01-17 Thread TS Negi
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Re: [Mobile.AI] Moto g2 has got android l

2015-01-17 Thread Austin Pinto
first off all then u need o go to the xda post whare this ota is captured u need to be on the latest android 4.4.4 firmware which for moto g2 is build kxb21 i dont know about 1st gen or what u can do is boot your phone in recovery mode i mean motorola stock recovery take sighted help there should

Re: [Mobile.AI] chimmani, please add me to your LinkedIn network

2015-01-17 Thread surendra salgaonkar
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Re: [Mobile.AI] titorial on using android phones

2015-01-17 Thread Renuka Warriar Edakkunni
I don't know why, but I am unable to open the site. Whenever I try to open it, the problem loading message is appearing. What should be done? Renuka. On 1/16/15, kannan balasubramanian wrote: Hai, I downloaded the file this morning. It is very useful for the beginners of