Re: [Mobile.AI] Axessibility Issue With Apple6

2015-10-27 Thread Shek Mahammad Ali
here your finger motion is important. since yu are using this touch for the first time you may feel bit awkward. iphone has lot of gestures. practice them you will get comfortable. Sent from my iPhone > On 28-Oct-2015, at 9:07 AM, B. R. Nautial wrote: > > Hello friends! >

Re: [Mobile.AI] Whats app message to multiple contacts

2015-10-24 Thread Shek Mahammad Ali
vamshi, under whatsapp there is an option broadcast list." tap on it and add your desired contacts. you cannot add new contact as you do on sms. Sent from my iPhone > On 24-Oct-2015, at 7:58 PM, Vamshi. G wrote: > > Dear friends, > > How to send message on Whats App to

Re: [Mobile.AI] knfb reader for android?

2015-10-18 Thread Shek Mahammad Ali
i'm wondering how would be the tildd guidance on android? Sent from my iPhone > On 18-Oct-2015, at 8:19 PM, Bhavya shah wrote: > > Hi, > Please do check out KNFb Reader for Android on the Playstore and its > app description will resolve many of your queries. >

Re: [Mobile.AI] Microsoft lumia

2015-09-23 Thread Shek Mahammad Ali
I wonder how mobilespeak works under windows phones? Sent from my iPhone > On 23-Sep-2015, at 7:21 PM, P L VERMA wrote: > > i fail to understand why freedom scientific doesn't modify jaws for > installation on a windows phone? > > - Original Message - From:

Re: [Mobile.AI] Braille Screen input on iOS.

2015-08-27 Thread Shek Mahammad Ali
that's true but at least in key pad it will be announced when we explore i thought the same on braille screen input Sent from my iPhone On 27-Aug-2015, at 2:57 pm, sagar sagar wrote: Hello Sir. you don't need any particular feedback, it is certainly possible without the

Re: [Mobile.AI] double tap dialing

2015-08-12 Thread Shek Mahammad Ali
agreed raju. i had preferred this DW dialer since it has speed dialing up to 999 numbers. Sent from my iPhone On 12-Aug-2015, at 8:56 pm, raaju wrote: Hello, frankly admitting, whichever android you are using, as being the access india mobile list friend, I suggest you

[Mobile.AI] is airtel money app accessible on IOS?

2015-06-20 Thread Shek Mahammad Ali
folks, has anybody used airtel money app on IOS? how is the accessibility. Sent from my iPhone Search for previous postings at: ___ Mobile.accessindia mailing list

Re: [Mobile.AI] Fwd: A app that changes TTS language on the fly is finally here!

2015-04-05 Thread Shek Mahammad Ali
Does it work irrespective of any Tts? Sent from my iPhone On 05-Apr-2015, at 8:50 pm, Prashanth M N wrote: How it works while switching into Indian languages, available on Espeak? On 4/5/15, Surya Prakash Sharma wrote: Hello,