Re: [Mobile.AI] bluetooth keyboard for sale

2014-12-26 Thread Mohib Anwar Rafay
How are its keys? cumfirtable in typing? Do its 'f' and 'j' keys have dots over them? are there buttons for copying and paste directly? can u give me direct link for this keyboard on amazon so that I could brouz more detail and place an order before you? On 12/26/14, Harbhajan

[Mobile.AI] bluetooth keyboard for sale

2014-12-25 Thread Harbhajan
hello friends, a few months back i bought eagletech bluetooth keyboard for moto e android phone. since it was not available in india, i bought it from i payed 45 dollars about 2700 rupees for it including the shiping charges. its a 49 keys querty keypad of the size of a small