[Mobile.AI] Feedback needed about google Nexus phone

2013-02-13 Thread Amit Bhatt
it is worthwhile to buy any Google nexus model at present scenario. Regards, Amit Bhatt -- next part -- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: http://mail.accessindia.org.in/pipermail/mobile.accessindia_accessindia.org.in/attachments/20130214/6be75d52/attachment.html Search

Re: [Mobile.AI] Samsung Galaxy Young vs Galaxy Fame which looksbetter?

2013-04-18 Thread Amit Bhatt
I disagree that Jelly bean 4.01 is 100% accessible and blind cannot use Android with speed, however, my personal suggestion to you is to wait for couple of more months as some better android phones are expected to be launched with more configuration and affordable price. Regards, Amit Bhatt

Re: [Mobile.AI] assistance required to enable mobile data

2015-01-19 Thread Amit Bhatt
? Double tab on yes. Alternatively, choose the second connection under data usage again and enable your data. Now internet data will be activated in your device. Hope it should work. Thanks, Amit Bhatt On 1/19/15, JYOTHI jyoth...@canarabank.com wrote: Yes both r showing, when I check sim2

Re: [Mobile.AI] assistance required to enable mobile data

2015-01-20 Thread Amit Bhatt
on. The plus point of android is you may install the apps of your choice which you've previously installed in your device as Google restore all your data against your Google account you've registered with. Thanks, Amit Bhatt On 1/20/15, Bhavya shah bhavya.shah...@gmail.com wrote: Hi, TS Negi wrote

Re: [Mobile.AI] query for micromax yureka

2015-01-21 Thread Amit Bhatt
. Under 15 K Moto G of second generation can be a better choice but I would still suggest you Samsung Grand 2 under 16 K or Samsung Grand Prime under 14 K for better user experience from accessibility point of view. Thanks, Amit Bhatt On 1/21/15, Amit Pahuja amitpahuja...@gmail.com wrote: i'm

[Mobile.AI] Recording apps for Android phones.....

2015-03-10 Thread Amit Bhatt
applications too. I've no issues if the app is paid, but I cannot compromise with the voice quality. The above apps I have mentioned are also excellent from accessibility point of view for Screen Reader users. Thanks, Amit Bhatt Search for previous postings at: http://www.mail-archive.com

Re: [Mobile.AI] Accessible voice record app for android

2015-03-28 Thread Amit Bhatt
Amazing voice recorder and High-Q mp3 voice recorder are also superb from accessibility and recording quality aspect. Warm regards, Amit Bhatt Sr. Software Accessibility QA Engineer QA Infotech Pvt. Ltd. www.qainfotech.net RJ - Radio Udaan: www.radioudaan.com Moderator - SayEverything