Re: [Mobile.AI] starting with my new iPhone?

2013-06-03 Thread john clayton
Hello there. As a few people have said, you don't need a sim inserted to activate voiceover. A computer isn't needed,either. if the device hasn't been setuped as I see it hasn't been from your mail,tripple tap the home button to start voiceover. However,to complete the setup,you do need a sim

Re: [Mobile.AI] starting with my new iPhone?

2013-06-06 Thread john clayton
if the IPhone hasn't been fiddled with after it is taken out of the box and turned on,tripple tapping the home button does start VO[ voice over] Accessible out of the box,hence it is said to be. I am using a ipad mini and a IPhone 5 right now,and I haven't needed any sighted help at all to set it

[Mobile.AI] answers was re:IPhone home key and

2014-03-10 Thread john clayton
Hi, Lets answer a few questions people have been having trouble with. if you'd like to get to the dictation button directly, its located to the left of the spacebar just as a alt key would be on a standard qwerty keyboard for the pc's You can also, if you have activated an edit field double tap to

Re: [Mobile.AI] accessible game

2014-03-15 Thread john clayton
Hello there, Here are a few that I know of. Keep in mind though that I don't use android this is just a list of few games that I know to be accessible from hearesay. All games from Choiceofgames and the hosted games. they are basicly gamebooks where you make different choices which affects the

[Mobile.AI] jailbroken IOS users

2015-11-07 Thread john clayton
Hi guys, This is just a e-mail to see/gather info about something that I have been curious about and related to a project that I have been working on for a while now. I'm not really active on this list, I know that's putting it lite, but aye. I just give it a glance or so once in a long while and

[Mobile.AI] Android phone recommendation based on OS

2017-03-16 Thread John Clayton
Hello there, The subject might be a bit unclear. Let me explain it a bit further I am looking for a secondary android phone with a duel sim,with the OS variant that's most accessible out of the box and requires no rooting, as rooting voids the warranty from what I know. I have noticed that most