[mochikit] Working with DOJO

2006-06-17 Thread Michael
I tried to use both DOJO 0.3 and MochKit 1.4 : PACKED VERSION. Whilie dojo loads I can never get to load MochiKit. The script I used on the HTML page are script type=text/javascript src=%=request.getContextPath()%/html/assets/js/dojo/dojo.js/script dojo.setModulePrefix(MochiKit,

[mochikit] Base.js unescape reassignment and intrusion protection systems

2009-07-16 Thread Michael
I have found a problem with MochiKit Base.js and the intrusion protection system at work. The IPS truncates Base.js because it assigns the unescape() function to a variable (in parseQueryString(), line 1225 in version 1.4.2 of Base.js). The IPS response is documented here:

[mochikit] Re: Base.js unescape reassignment and intrusion protection systems

2009-07-19 Thread Michael
tested at work with a minimal JavaScript file and found that Per's suggested modification is not blocked. —Michael On Jul 17, 4:07 pm, Per Cederberg cederb...@gmail.com wrote: Now that I'm awake, it strikes me that this might be the obvious solution:    function decode(text

[mochikit] serializeJSON with date objects

2005-11-08 Thread Michael Schall
I'm trying to find an example of how to add tostring to a date object so serializeJSON will work correctly. I see in the docs there are many ways to do this. I can't find an example anywhere. How are most people doing this? I don't think prototyping in a __json__ or json method to the date

[mochikit] Another Logging Pane issue.

2005-11-28 Thread Michael Schall
Once I workaround my last post of opening a logging pane in an window with an invalid (IE) name, I get an error while loading messages. In the following code, the 'this' is the window. logger is a valid object that has a getMessages function, simply remove the 'this'? var loadMessages =

[mochikit] Re: is in operation

2006-01-10 Thread Michael Schall
Looks like a pretty slick way to achieve what you are looking for... I'm not sure how cross-browser it is... http://laurens.vd.oever.nl/weblog/items2005/setsinjavascript/ On 1/10/06, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: In python we have the handy in operator: if 3 in [1,2,3]: ...

[mochikit] MochKit.DOM functions

2006-05-30 Thread Michael Schall
I just updated my code to the current revision and it seems to have broken some of the dom functions. If I use a slightly modified string of the DOM documentation and evaluate: MochiKit.DOM.TABLE({'class': 'prettytable'}, MochiKit.DOM.THEAD(null, MochiKit.DOM.TH()),

[mochikit] MochiKit website up to date?

2007-02-19 Thread Michael Hayes
I just came across MochiKit for the first time the other day and the website at first gave me the impression that the project is dormant. The About page does not mention IE 7 or Firefox 2 -- are they supported? And there hasn't been a blog entry since 2006-09-22.

[mochikit] Re: memory leak?

2007-04-07 Thread Michael Palmer
I'm not sure whether this is still relevant to the current version of MochiKit (I'm not using MK at all, just groping with similar issues), but I just noticed that IE 6 gives a 'type mismatch' when I try to assign null to onreadystatechange. That is probably b/c XMLHTTPRequest is an ActiveX

[mochikit] Re: Having problems with MochiKit.Visual.blindDown

2008-06-09 Thread Michael Bond
I've played with this a bit more and have found that the scaleMode.originalHeight and scaleMode.originalWidth aren't getting set properly if the original values are 'auto' and the element is hidden prior to the call to blindDown (and I suspect slideDown, etc suffer the same problem). I was able

[mochikit] Re: Having problems with MochiKit.Visual.blindDown

2008-06-09 Thread Michael Bond
Just tested slideDown, it exhibits the same behavior. I've put in essentially the same fix but it seems to have a horizontal positioning problem if the element starts out hidden until the element is completely revealed. /** @id MochiKit.Visual.slideDown */ MochiKit.Visual.slideDown = function

[mochikit] Seven new functions for MochiKit.Visual

2008-06-10 Thread Michael Bond
Below are the diffs from Visual.js which include four new functions for sliding elements on/off to the left/right and two for sliding pairs of elements together, one on and one off, and one for sliding pairs of elements in a direction relative to their position in the DOM. The diffs also include

[mochikit] Re: Having problems with MochiKit.Visual.blindDown

2008-06-10 Thread Michael Bond
Here's an updated blindDown, had a syntax error that showed up in Firefox but not in Safari/WebKit: /** @id MochiKit.Visual.slideDown */ MochiKit.Visual.slideDown = function (element, /* optional */ options) { /*** Slide an element down. It needs to have the content of the element

[mochikit] Re: Seven new functions for MochiKit.Visual

2008-06-10 Thread Michael Bond
Ok, had a couple visual glitches that are now fixed with the patch below: Index: Visual.js === --- Visual.js (revision 1383) +++ Visual.js (working copy) @@ -1431,14 +1431,16 @@ scaleContent: false, scaleX:

[mochikit] Re: Seven new functions for MochiKit.Visual

2008-06-11 Thread Michael Bond
Your patch notes indicate not using getElementWidth and getElementHeight, what are the preferred? In a fit of trying to get horizontal scaling to happen at the same time as sliding a pair in the case where they were not the same size, I had already migrated some of the duplications to helper

[mochikit] Re: MochiKit + Google Gadgets + IE6/7?

2009-04-29 Thread Michael Heyeck
Thank you for your response. The problem occurs even if only the MochiKit.Base module is included when MochiKit.js is built, and even if globals are not exported. If you delete everything below the opening comment block (w/ the Copyright notice) it works just fine, however. (-: Two additional

[mochikit] Re: MochiKit + Google Gadgets + IE6/7?

2009-05-01 Thread Michael Heyeck
I have some additional information on this problem. First of all, the issue doesn't appear to be specific to MockiKit; I tried including the Dojo toolkit, and saw exactly the same behaviour. Secondly, the problem seems to be an interaction between Google's back-end, IE, and my code. In short: