[Mod-fcgid-users] segmentation fault

2007-11-07 Thread Martin Korous
) on ARCHIE i have tried downgrade apache to 2.0.61 (and upgrade fcgid to 2.2 was needed (bug apr_shm_remove)) , but it was much more worse next time i will try on ARCHIE downgrade fcgid to same version as dibbley (1.10) regards Martin Korous

[Mod-fcgid-users] no headers sent

2009-04-29 Thread Martin Korous
Hello, I have problem with php5.2.9 and fcgid2.2 on 64bit sytem no headers sent if output is blank. I have described it more in php bugzilla already: http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=48041 Can anyone reproduce it too? Regards Martin Korous

Re: [Mod-fcgid-users] auto_prepend issue please help

2010-08-24 Thread Martin Korous
Hello, php_value is only for php running as an apache module. Martin Korous Tears ! wrote: Dear users I am already using mod_php in my apache server. Now I have configured mod_fcgid. I have configured different .php file as auto_preped for my virtualhost. But php_value auto_prepend