Re: [Mod-fcgid-users] setting up individual scripts to be FastCGI

2007-08-12 Thread Weedy
AddHandler fcgid-script .fcg Mike Wexler wrote: I'm in the process of switching from mod_fastcgi to mod_fcgid. With fastcgi I could do something like: AddHandler fastcgi-script .fcgi and scripts that ended with .fcgi (in any directory) would be executed by the FastCGI mechanism. With

Re: [Mod-fcgid-users] mpm_worker and trac environment (python)

2007-12-11 Thread Weedy My set up, suexec compatible. I do not edit trac.fcgi. ScriptAlias /trac /var/www/ # cat /var/www/ #!/bin/sh export TRAC_ENV_PARENT_DIR="/var/lib/trac&q