Re: [Mod-fcgid-users] mod_fcgi and Digest Authorization

2009-07-21 Thread double
Janis Volbergs schrieb: Hi! Mod_fcgid is a nice substitute for mod_fastcgi, however, it really fails, when we talk about FastCgiAuthentication or AccessChecking. It just won't work.. We had interesting protection engine built and enabled using mod_fastcgi and it worked fine. With

Re: [Mod-fcgid-users] mod_fcgid has moved to the ASF

2009-10-09 Thread double
Chris Darroch schrieb: See the CHANGES-FCGID file in the distribution, or look at for the latest trunk info. Chris. Hi Chris, The reason, why we still stick to mod_fastcgi is the upload behaviour. We support uploads

[Mod-fcgid-users] ap_pass_brigade

2009-10-13 Thread double
Hello, We have tons of this error message in our logfile: Software caused connection abort: mod_fcgid: ap_pass_brigade failed in handle_request function It seams, that this happens when the client cancels the connection: Thanks Marcus