SSL Certificate expiration monitor

2011-01-31 Thread Ed Ravin
$usage=Usage: sslcert.monitor --expiry NN --port NNN [--starttls {imap|smtp|pop3|ftp}] hostname [...]; # check SSL certs of direct SSL-wrapped services or STARTTLS services # alarm if certificate expires within --expiry days. # Written by Ed Ravin January 2011 # Code made

Re: AMANDA Monitor

2011-01-07 Thread Ed Ravin
On Fri, Jan 07, 2011 at 06:52:19PM -0500, Nathan Gibbs wrote: ... I suppose, if you didn't want to read your reports, you could have procmail or something route them all to a folder where something like SEC could scan them and then only generate an alert when there was something out of

Re: multi RBL monitor

2010-05-22 Thread Ed Ravin
asynchronous I/O. Speaking of credit, I see my author line was edited out of the version Jim put into CVS. What's that about? -- Ed -- Ed Ravin | Warning - this email may contain rhetorical | devices, metaphors, analogies, typographical

Re: multi RBL monitor

2010-05-20 Thread Ed Ravin
simultaneously # Copyright (c) 2007, 2008 by Ed Ravin License is GNU. # Available to the public courtesy of Public Access Networks my $usage=\ Usage: rbl.monitor [options] hostname [...] Options [and default values]: --listfile list of RBL domains


2009-11-01 Thread Ed Ravin
On Sun, Nov 01, 2009 at 07:57:34AM -0500, Nathan Gibbs wrote: * Ed Ravin wrote: We use a similar monitor for SpamAssassin that uses the corresponding fake spam signature to test whether spamd is checking messages - if anyone's interested, let me know. -- Ed Sure, I could use

Re: Updated Clam AV monitor

2009-11-01 Thread Ed Ravin
On Sun, Nov 01, 2009 at 04:39:03PM -0500, Nathan Gibbs wrote: AAAHHH! Every minute run clamd.monitor against our servers. Later that day... A few hundred emails to our noc with the subject line VIRUS ALERT: Eicar-Test-Signature ... If' I'm going to use this code, emailing the noc every

Re: Updated Clam AV monitor

2009-10-31 Thread Ed Ravin
Sorry, I should have posted the clamd.monitor used at my shop. The one from checks the TCP banner, complains if the socket isn't answered or if you're running an outdated clamd (the latter a nice feature which is not in the one I've been using). However, the

Re: problem with syslog mon 1.2.0

2009-01-16 Thread Ed Ravin
On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 08:36:22AM -0500, Jim Trocki wrote: On Thu, 15 Jan 2009, Tom Lieuallen wrote: A while ago, I upgraded from mon-0.99.3-47 to mon-1.2.0. I believe that was the time when I stopped getting syslog output from mon. try the attached patch. there's a wrapper func for

Re: CUPS monitor?

2008-07-09 Thread Ed Ravin
On Wed, Jul 09, 2008 at 03:02:39PM -0700, Don Forbes wrote: I'm looking for a monitor to test our CUPS server for problems; disabled printers (printer state)... the usual statistics here. Try using one of the http monitors with a URL that lists out the printer state, and look for a match (or

Re: bash-based snmpdiskspace.monitor

2008-05-08 Thread Ed Ravin
On Thu, May 08, 2008 at 12:22:40PM -0400, Jonathan Baxter wrote: I recently installed mon on some opensuse 10.3 machines, but could not get the snmpdiskspace.monitor to work. I am not a perl guy, but it seems the information coming back from the perl Net::SNMP module is not correct, in that

Re: Monitoring for a hung NFS mount?

2008-04-02 Thread Ed Ravin
On Wed, Apr 02, 2008 at 10:49:00AM -0700, Augie Schwer wrote: On the topic of NFS; the next step would be to do a compare between mtab and fstab and alert if everything you thought was mounted actually wasn't; seems pretty trivial, but anyone already have something written up? No, but

Re: Putting a server into maintance

2008-03-12 Thread Ed Ravin
On Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 09:44:59AM -0600, Michael Osburn wrote: How are most of you managing planned system downtime? In most cases, our engineers log into Mon and use the host disable or service disable to stop montoring the stuff that's about to go down, and re-enable them when the

Re: mon not reporting on localhost

2007-12-06 Thread Ed Ravin
On Thu, Dec 06, 2007 at 04:18:01PM -0700, Osburn, Michael wrote: ... ### group definitions (hostnames or IP addresses) hostgroup servers watch servers service http interval 5m monitor http.monitor period wd {Mon-Fri} hr {7am-10pm}

Re: mon project

2007-08-26 Thread Ed Ravin
On Sat, Aug 25, 2007 at 11:55:10AM -0400, Allan Wind wrote: On 2007-08-25T06:15:31-0700, Augie Schwer wrote: I thought the same way you did a few months ago, that the Mon project was dead, but it's not, it's just not very visibly alive. ;) This is bad when someone evaluate this project.

Re: Monitor for SSL Certificate expiration date

2007-07-16 Thread Ed Ravin
On Mon, Jul 16, 2007 at 10:41:15AM -0500, Owen Crow wrote: I've seen some tests mentioned in this list, but they point to broken links. It seems like this can be done with the openssl command line, but I can only get certificate date information _after_ the certificate expires. If anyone

Re: Monitor for SSL Certificate expiration date

2007-07-16 Thread Ed Ravin
On Mon, Jul 16, 2007 at 07:14:38PM +0200, Jan-Frode Myklebust wrote: On 2007-07-16, Owen Crow [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: It seems like this can be done with the openssl command line, but I can only get certificate date information _after_ the certificate expires. If anyone knows how to

mon.cgi: patch to untaint monitor output

2007-07-12 Thread Ed Ravin
One of my custom monitors was printing the output of a syslog entry as its summary output. The syslog entry was from a mail program, so it had stuff like to=[EMAIL PROTECTED]. But in mon.cgi's output in my Web browser, it just said to=. This is because mon.cgi is just dropping the output into

rbl.monitor - warn if mailservers are in a blacklist

2007-07-03 Thread Ed Ravin
I've rewritten the prototype rbl.monitor that was submitted by Tim Hanes a while back. This version uses asynchronous DNS requests (using Net::DNS), and allows for an external list of the RBL zones to check. It also has a master timeout in case it gets stuck on any of the DNS queries. Please

Re: Mon not logging to Syslog

2007-06-19 Thread Ed Ravin
On Mon, Jun 18, 2007 at 04:31:33PM +0200, Rados??aw Koz??owski wrote: I'm running mon r1.22 on RHEL 4 with perl 5.8.5 and the following line: my @log = map { s/\%//mg; } @_; in no warnings; # Redefining syslog sub syslog { eval { local

Re: Mon not logging to Syslog

2007-06-18 Thread Ed Ravin
On Mon, Jun 18, 2007 at 04:31:33PM +0200, Rados??aw Koz??owski wrote: I'm running mon r1.22 on RHEL 4 with perl 5.8.5 and the following line: my @log = map { s/\%//mg; } @_; in no warnings; # Redefining syslog sub syslog { eval { local

mon disable/enable bug when one host is in two groups?

2007-05-18 Thread Ed Ravin
I have something like this in my Mon config: hostgroup misc_hosts fnord hostgroup herd_hosts fnord word bord lord dord When I try to disable fnord in mon.cgi - it doesn't get disabled - instead the hostgroup misc_hosts gets disabled. I think this code is to blame: 2829

Re: Leave alert's ack'd through restart

2007-03-07 Thread Ed Ravin
On Thu, Mar 08, 2007 at 01:40:04PM +1030, Ben Ragg wrote: We've noticed when we reread the config files that our ack'd devices become unack'd. Is there a way to avoid this? Assuming you're using one of the recent versions of mon, your man page should mention this command-line option: -l

Re: fping.monitor output problems

2006-12-20 Thread Ed Ravin
On Tue, Dec 13, 2005 at 04:53:21PM +0100, Hans Kinwel wrote: I finally went to the bottom of this. Not that it is rocket science. When I do fping I get ICMP Host Unreachable from for ICMP Echo sent to ICMP Host Unreachable from for ICMP Echo

Re: netsnmp-freespace.monitor - No log handling enabled

2006-11-29 Thread Ed Ravin
Did you upgrade or downgrade the net-snmp libraries? Googling for No log handling enabled - turning on stderr logging suggests that there is a Perl / NetSNMP library mismatch. Another possibility is that someone installed another copy of net-snmp / ucd-snmp in a directory in the library path, or

Re: Contrib: RBL lookup monitor

2006-10-13 Thread Ed Ravin
On Fri, Oct 13, 2006 at 10:28:06AM +0100, Tim Haynes wrote: I've implemented an RBL monitor for work - checks to see if hosts are listed in a blacklist, so I thought I'd contribute it back to mon - see attached. (Work have approved its release under the GPL.) Usage: rbl.monitor host

Re: Getting 20 instead of spaces

2006-07-26 Thread Ed Ravin
On Wed, Jul 26, 2006 at 03:52:55PM -0500, Tim Carr wrote: OK, I checked my module, and found this as a version: # # Perl module for interacting with a mon server # # $Id: 1.4 Thu, 11 Jan 2001 08:42:17 -0800 trockij $ That looks kind of old. You want to use this one:

New version of monfailures client

2006-05-22 Thread Ed Ravin
On Tue, May 16, 2006 at 02:46:54PM -0400, Ed Ravin wrote: I need to automate the kick something when it falls over stage of system management. Mon is the way we detect that things have fallen over, but the host Mon runs on is not the host that has the privileges to kick things. So here's my

Re: 'Sunnyvale, You Have a Problem'

2006-05-18 Thread Ed Ravin
On Thu, May 18, 2006 at 06:53:38PM -0400, Jim Trocki wrote: Think of a worldwide network of mon servers And think of your job, and mine, reduced to waiting around for someone in India to call us and tell us to reboot the server... And then think of all those idle network engineers in India,

Using mon to kick things?

2006-05-16 Thread Ed Ravin
I need to automate the kick something when it falls over stage of system management. Mon is the way we detect that things have fallen over, but the host Mon runs on is not the host that has the privileges to kick things. So here's my question: Has anyone built a Mon client that can make

Updates to snmpdiskspace.monitor

2006-03-20 Thread Ed Ravin
inode status. # * rearranged the error messages to be more Mon-like (hostname first) # * added code to synchronize instance numbers when using UCD MIB. This # could solve the sparse MIB problem usually fixed by the # --with-dummy-values option in net-snmp if needed for other agents # Ed Ravin

Re: opt_d

2006-02-13 Thread Ed Ravin
On Mon, Feb 13, 2006 at 02:07:25PM -0600, Nate Reed wrote: How do I set $opt_d for my monitors/alerts? Is there something in the file? Yes, but -d is usually for debugging options. If you want to debug something, it's better to run it from the command line, as some of the monitor will

Announcing ospf.monitor (beta)

2006-02-05 Thread Ed Ravin
- SNMPv1 community name to use. But it's more secure # to pass the community in via the environment variable COMMUNITY. # # Edit history below # Version 0.1 # # By Ed Ravin [EMAIL PROTECTED] This code is made available courtesy of # PANIX # Copyright 2005, by Ed Ravin

Re: Announcing ospf.monitor (beta-1 :-)

2006-02-05 Thread Ed Ravin
On Mon, Feb 06, 2006 at 01:53:58AM -0500, Ed Ravin wrote: Attached is my first try at an OSPF monitoring script meant for use in Mon. It's loosely based on bgp.monitor. ... The script will also tell you about addressless interfaces that have OSPF enabled - I need to put a bit more code

Re: Monitor works from the command-line but not from mon

2006-01-27 Thread Ed Ravin
On Fri, Jan 27, 2006 at 02:54:40PM -0500, Brian Landers wrote: I have a tacacs+ monitoring script that successfully detects failures when run from the command-line but not from within mon. I'm at a loss to troubleshoot this one and am hoping the list can help. It seems to be printing the

Re: pass failed host from a hostgroup to an alert script?

2005-12-07 Thread Ed Ravin
On Wed, Dec 07, 2005 at 01:30:15PM +0100, J Paston wrote: Afternoon, I have a hosgroup with 20 hosts. One fails. How can the alert script know which one failed? Thanks. The monitor script is supposed to send the name of the failing host as the first line of its output (the summary). Please

Re: montrap

2005-11-22 Thread Ed Ravin
On Tue, Nov 22, 2005 at 03:08:56PM -, Julian Cable wrote: I started using mon about a week ago and got very confused when I wanted to send traps and got different answers with different versions of mon when using the montrap contributed script. I worked out there were a number of issues:

Re: eval error for dependency starting

2005-11-17 Thread Ed Ravin
On Thu, Nov 17, 2005 at 10:36:47PM +0100, Frank Isemann wrote: Nov 17 22:28:57 lagoon mon[14598]: eval error for dependency starting at ubcom~dns:ping for each group that have a depend entry: like depend SELF:ping this error blocks the alert mechanism ... is that a general error or is

Re: Prefixing the alert subject

2005-11-03 Thread Ed Ravin
On Thu, Nov 03, 2005 at 12:12:00PM -0500, Bill wrote: I have two questions: I am monitoring from a bunch of systems and would love to have a way to have the ALERT on my mail alerts have something defined before or after it I can set from the file. Quick clip from the Mon man page:

Re: Prefixing the alert subject

2005-11-03 Thread Ed Ravin
On Thu, Nov 03, 2005 at 01:44:21PM -0500, Bill wrote: [about including environment variables in the alert subject] [...] In this case, the monitor script won't work properly without MIBDIRS defined. You can use this feature to pass environment vars into your script, so the same alert

Re: A few bugfixes missing from fantabulous mon...

2005-10-21 Thread Ed Ravin
On Wed, Oct 12, 2005 at 11:08:49AM -0400, Ed Ravin wrote: ... I also contributed a few fixes to the alerts that don't seem to be in mon-1-1-0pre2 - none of the alerts knew about the options for the new forms of alerts (like ackalerts and trapalerts). Here are my local patches to snpp.alert

A few bugfixes missing from fantabulous mon...

2005-10-12 Thread Ed Ravin
On Wed, Oct 12, 2005 at 09:54:00AM -0400, David Nolan wrote: --On Wednesday, October 12, 2005 3:06 AM -0400 Jim Trocki [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I think we should just fork the cvs tree and call mon-1-1-0pre2 the super fantabulous mon 1.2 (tag it as mon-1-2-0), then the head will be 1.3, the

Anyone monitoring SMART disk status?

2005-06-17 Thread Ed Ravin
Is anyone using Mon to monitor their IDE disks onboard SMART monitoring features? On NetBSD, one can use the atactl command as shown below. If the reliability column says negative, the drive may be in trouble. If an entry marked yes in the critical column is negative, data loss is imminent. #

Re: radius monitoring

2005-06-03 Thread Ed Ravin
On Thu, Jun 02, 2005 at 12:07:50PM +0200, Sylvain Clerc wrote: I arrive to make freeradius.monitor working when I run it alone like this : ./freeradius.monitor -S /etc/raddb/sec.radclient -f /etc/raddb/attr.radclient -hosts localhost I can read in the freeradius log that it sends an

Re: ps.monitor

2005-06-02 Thread Ed Ravin
On Thu, Jun 02, 2005 at 10:50:57AM -0400, Allan Wind wrote: Was there anything wrong with the ps.monitor? Been a month now, and I do not see it in contrib yet. My bad, I haven't gotten a chance to try it out and put it into CVS. Will do so shortly. BTW, are you also running net-snmp? You

Re: About radius.monitor

2005-05-24 Thread Ed Ravin
On Tue, May 24, 2005 at 08:20:36AM +0200, Sylvain Clerc wrote: I'm trying to use mon 0.99 with freeradius on a debian sarge but I think I have a problem with radius.monitor (or my mon configuration file). My freeradius doesn't receive any request of mon and I don't find why. I gave up trying

Re: h2ph problem with freespace.monitor

2005-05-04 Thread Ed Ravin
On Tue, May 03, 2005 at 10:48:09AM +0200, Joerg Hartmann wrote: i would like to monitor the diskspace on some servers with mon and freespace.monitor. mon runs just fine, unfortunately freespace.monitor does not. I installed Frilesys::DiskSpace from CPAN several times Did you do make test

Re: Socket-related prolem running mon on Solaris

2005-04-11 Thread Ed Ravin
On Mon, Apr 11, 2005 at 03:55:01PM +0100, Alex David Shadrach Hooper wrote: I'm trying to run Mon on solaris (SunOS unified-ext 5.8 Generic_108528-13 sun4u sparc SUNW,UltraAX-e2) and keep getting the error Bad arg length for Socket::pack_sockaddr_in, length is 0, should be 4 at

Re: ORing hosts in a hostgroup (instead of ANDing) for a monitor

2005-03-26 Thread Ed Ravin
On Fri, Mar 25, 2005 at 10:57:26PM -0300, Raul Dias wrote: Is it possible to have an monitor to OR the hosts in a hostgroup and if one SUCCEED the service is considered SUCCESS? An example for this is to have a hostgroup with a few internet hosts and fping them. If one of them succeeds then

Re: monitoring email capability for monitor alerts

2005-03-22 Thread Ed Ravin
On Tue, Mar 22, 2005 at 11:48:50AM -0500, David Nolan wrote: You might find that your cellular providers provide a way to verify text message delivery, if you're using their web message submission forms. But thats problematic because they're likely to redesign their web pages on a whim, so

new and improved nntp.monitor

2005-02-11 Thread Ed Ravin
I've been comparing my Mon setup with 1.0pre5, and turned up a few fixes that I made years ago that never made it into the mainstream. One of them was a whole bunch of fixes to nntp.monitor. In particular, error messages that formerly were only available with debug options (like no welcome

new snmpdisk.monitor - monitors inodes, other improvements

2005-01-13 Thread Ed Ravin
On Tue, Jan 11, 2005 at 08:56:49PM -0500, Ed Ravin wrote: Has anyone hacked any of the disk space monitors to monitor inode consumption? [...] Oh well, I had to do my own hacking. Along the way, I fixed a few things and added a few new features. If you're using this monitor, I encourage you

minor fix for freespace monitors to hide community name

2005-01-11 Thread Ed Ravin
Two patches for free space monitors, to give them the same feature: the ability to specify an SNMP community name in the environment, and thus not display it in the command line for peering eyes to see in the Mon interface (with the name of the monitor program in the details view). -- Ed

monitoring inodes

2005-01-11 Thread Ed Ravin
Has anyone hacked any of the disk space monitors to monitor inode consumption? I've already hacked this into the netapp monitor, but would much prefer to steal someone else's code if this has been done already. Thanks, -- Ed ___ mon mailing

fping.monitor improvement

2004-11-29 Thread Ed Ravin
I needed fping to use a larger packet size in order to monitor when a tunnel loses the ability to pass full-sized packets. Hence the patches below to fping.monitor to pass on the -b size option. Patch is also attached to avoid mail client munging. -- Ed --- fping.monitor

Re: more mon.cgi login problems

2004-11-14 Thread Ed Ravin
On Sun, Nov 14, 2004 at 06:46:14PM -0800, Joubin Moshrefzadeh wrote: mon is running fine, I can login from the commandline and execute commands with moncmd/monshow. But for some reason mon.cgi doesn't want to login. every time i click on the log in link, enter my id and password, and voila,

Re: Generating mon trap for use as heartbeat

2004-11-09 Thread Ed Ravin
On Tue, Nov 09, 2004 at 01:52:32PM -0800, Michael Vogt wrote: I am planning to monitor some application servers on a datacenter with a custom monitor plugin. I want to have another monitor running at a remote location to monitor the main monitor at the datacenter (and vice-versa). It

Re: in a sql database ?

2004-09-30 Thread Ed Ravin
On Thu, Sep 30, 2004 at 05:34:04PM -0400, David Nolan wrote: --On Thursday, September 30, 2004 3:36 PM +0200 Brice Beauvillain [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is it possible for mon to have the file in a database ? There's no way to do that directly, But you can do it indirectly. Use

Re: status of Mon development failures?

2004-06-03 Thread Ed Ravin
On Thu, Jun 03, 2004 at 08:07:43AM -0400, David Nolan wrote: Plus the complete lack of any non-development releases on Mon for almost 3 years makes me a bit wary of spending large amounts of effort on rewriting the internals on Mon. Especially since all of the patches I've previously

Re: status of Mon development failures?

2004-06-03 Thread Ed Ravin
On Thu, Jun 03, 2004 at 10:30:06AM -0700, Jim Trocki wrote: On Thu, 3 Jun 2004, Ed Ravin wrote: to other developers. I know I've submitted several improvements to the monitor scripts in recent months and haven't gotten any feedback. netapfree.monitor? (0) uplift /home/trockij/mon

Re: status of Mon development failures?

2004-06-03 Thread Ed Ravin
On Thu, Jun 03, 2004 at 11:02:22AM -0700, Jim Trocki wrote: wtf, the one you just sent has the same problem. maybe it's an mua problem on your end? Curiouser and curiouser. I don't have any problems with the message from the mailing list that I received in my mailbox, so I don't think my MUA

Re: david nolan's patches

2004-06-03 Thread Ed Ravin
On Thu, Jun 03, 2004 at 10:52:03AM -0700, Jim Trocki wrote: this is a matter of historical record which should be public. rather than post his patched version to the mailing list for everyone to have a gander at and do something with if they chose, he sent them only to me Sounds like he wanted

Re: Multi-line descriptions?

2004-05-31 Thread Ed Ravin
On Mon, May 31, 2004 at 07:33:53PM -0500, Tim Klein wrote: I'd like to be able to put a whole paragraph in the description, rather than just one line. I could put the paragraph in comments instead, but then alerts and clients couldn't make use of it. There's a little-known feature of Mon

Re: alert scripts

2004-05-11 Thread Ed Ravin
On Tue, May 11, 2004 at 11:26:08AM +0200, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Mon works properly with scripts that came with the program, but isn't able to launch my handmade scripts. Try adding this to the top of the script: exec /tmp/script.debug.out 21 set -x And review /tmp/script.debug.out

Re: mon.cgi + auth

2004-01-06 Thread Ed Ravin
On Tue, Jan 06, 2004 at 11:06:25AM +0200, Eugene Filatov wrote: Hello! I just configured mon (mon-0-99-3.39) for my site and it works well. But I have problems with auth trough mon.cgi. I have default with one uncommented line: * mon monpassword That looks like an entry for the

updated netappfree.monitor - inode checking, other improvements

2003-12-20 Thread Ed Ravin
], [EMAIL PROTECTED]) to add verbose error output, # more error checking, etc. Can be used in conjunction with # snapdelete.alert to auto-remove snapshots if needed. # Modified December 2003 by Ed Ravin ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) to add inode # checking, detect nonexistent filesystem in config file, pass perl

mon, mon.cgi, and funny passwords

2003-10-27 Thread Ed Ravin
One of my co-workers finally got around to telling me that he hadn't been using Mon for the last three years because mon.cgi kept demanding that he re-enter his password every time he went to a new screen. At first I thought the problem was due to the fact that he was using a Mac, and we'd hit on

patch to bgp.monitor to correct peer address display

2003-10-21 Thread Ed Ravin
The April 5, 2002 version of bgp.monitor currently on the Mon contrib site does not seem to properly display the IP address of the remote peer when there is an error condition. At least that's the case for me right now, with a Cisco 7513 running IOS 12.0.23s. Here is a patch that corrects the

Re: can i start eth0 and eth0:0 sepeartly on boot

2003-07-06 Thread Ed Ravin
On Mon, Jul 07, 2003 at 03:05:58AM +, Eric Bond wrote: One question:I want to setup alias ip of eth0, becuase sometime the original ip of eth0 has already been used by some other computer. Whoa, hold it right there. Who's managing this network? You should solve the problem whereby

monitoring cobalt qube3

2003-06-16 Thread Ed Ravin
A while ago I asked on the list if anyone was using Mon to keep track of their Cobalt Qubes or other Cobalt boxes. I've since implemented something that exports Cobalt's Active Monitor status so that Mon can figure out if the Cobalt is complaining about any problems. Please write to me if you're

Re: NFS monitor?

2003-06-09 Thread Ed Ravin
On Mon, Jun 09, 2003 at 06:23:37PM -0700, Hugh Caley wrote: I have a script for checking space on my mounts. It parses the output from the df command If the NFS server is not available, won't that cause df to hang, eventually clogging up your mon server? I don't see a NFS monitor anywhere.

Re: Mon causing system to freeze

2003-06-06 Thread Ed Ravin
On Thu, Jun 05, 2003 at 10:23:28AM -0700, Donald MacDougall wrote: Whenever I run mon it causes the system it's running on to freeze up instantly anywhere from a few minutes after it is started to several days later. It's instantaneous when it happens, with no sign of building memory usage or

Re: New release of mon?

2003-03-19 Thread Ed Ravin
On Wed, Mar 19, 2003 at 02:49:43PM +0100, Hans Kinwel wrote: Why not put mon on sourceforge? It's already there - see . Alas, the latest version there is 0.38.20. And Jim is both the admin and the only developer registered. Jim, have you thought about reactivating

Anyone monitoring Cobalt servers?

2003-01-23 Thread Ed Ravin
Is anyone monitoring Cobalt servers with Mon? I'm particularly curious if anyone's tried to carry Cobalt's Active Monitor outputs visible over to Mon. -- Ed ___ mon mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: restricting views with mon.cgi or mon?

2002-12-12 Thread Ed Ravin
Andrew Ryan writes: On Wed, 11 Dec 2002, Ed Ravin wrote: I'm playing with using watch = xxx in but it seems to be an all-or-nothing deal - there doesn't seem to be a way to restrict views based on individual users. Since no one had really asked for it, I thought I'd add

Re: Very Simple Question (Hopefully)

2002-09-24 Thread Ed Ravin
William Bartholomew writes: Having very little experience with Perl, what is the best way to start mon as a non-root user under rc.local (if this is indeed possible). In rc.local, something like: su MONUSER -c /usr/local/mon/mon OPTIONS ARGUMENTS

Re: Very Simple Question (Hopefully)

2002-09-24 Thread Ed Ravin
William Bartholomew writes: MONUSER obviously needs access to the mon directory and all subdirectories, does it need any special permissions to the perl or perl library directories or will the defaults suffice? The defaults are sufficient. I run mon this way (as a regular user) - it needs

m4 eats the word include from mon.m4?

2002-09-19 Thread Ed Ravin
In my mon.m4, I have a router monitoring script with an argument like this: -include=WAN Without any problems. Yesterday I added another invocation of that script with the argument: -include=Serial10/4 And much to my surprise, the script didn't run - it turns out that m4 was turning

montrap, a command line client

2002-06-08 Thread Ed Ravin
I suspect I'm not the first to write something like this, but I don't recall anyone posting it to the mon list. This is a simple command line client for sending mon traps. montrap [-p port] [-r retval] -o opstatus -s summary [-d detail] host group:service host - Mon host to send

Re: monitor a pid?

2002-05-21 Thread Ed Ravin
Scott Prater writes: I believe the unary operator expected error is occurring in the line: if [ $9 = -u ]; then Whenever I do shell scripting, I always use the trick explained in _Unix Power Tools_: instead of if [ $9 = -u ] do if [ X$9 = X-u ] That way, the test will

Re: New BGP Sessions monitor

2002-04-08 Thread Ed Ravin
Marc Hauswirth writes: I wrote a small monitor usefull if you run BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) on your network. This monitor permit you to check that all your BGP peer are up and running. Marc, this is extremely useful! Thank you for the contribution! However, in my environment, we have

Re: traptimeout

2002-03-19 Thread Ed Ravin
TORRESANI, Roberto writes: I'm trying to do a thing like : - do something and let me know when you have finished (with a mon trap) - if mon doesn't get the trap in a reasonable period of time, the service is considered failed. Check the mon man page for traptimeout and trapduration. That

Re: fping.monitor 0.99.2

2002-02-21 Thread Ed Ravin
Steven F Siirila writes: Bug Report: If fping.monitor parses an unrecognized line from fping, it writes that line to stderr BEFORE writing anything else to stderr/stdout. This causes the resulting error message to appear in the summary line instead of the sorted list of hosts appearing

Re: suggestion: dependency check on error

2002-02-14 Thread Ed Ravin
we'd rather eliminate it entirely. How to fix this properly? Here's one suggestion (clipped from a mon discussion in March 2001): Ed Ravin wrote: *) make sure all dependencies are current before alerting - before sending an alert for a problem, make sure that all tests that the currently

Re: Mon under HPUX anyone?

2002-01-08 Thread Ed Ravin
Jerry Grooms writes: After following the routine setup, including the creation of the perl *.ph files, a simple start-up test resulted in a flame-out... apparently something is amiss in the generated *.ph files, which, of course, is a perl/HPUX problem and apparently no fault of Mon's.

odd dependency problem?

2002-01-08 Thread Ed Ravin
I just upgraded a host to mon 0.99.2. One of my services was as follows: service router_bgp description BGP session with ISP depend SELF:interfaces interval 8m monitor snmpvar.monitor This syntax worked in mon 0.38.21, but in 0.99.2, it said the service

New mon client: monfailures

2002-01-02 Thread Ed Ravin
of inetd on the mon server so the people who can # see its results can't read the script (and see the hard-coded # password). # Written by Ed Ravin [EMAIL PROTECTED] Wed Jan 2 12:23:44 EST 2002 # Release Version: 1.2 # $Header$ use strict; my %opt; use Getopt::Long; GetOptions (\%opt, debug

Patch for minor startup nits in Mon 0.99.2

2001-11-16 Thread Ed Ravin
The patch below fixes two nits in Mon 0.99.2: (1) NetBSD startup scripts (known as rc.d scripts) work much better when the name of the daemon is in the command line. (2) NetBSD, like Linux and OpenBSD and FreeBSD, default to a Unix socket for syslog. Without this patch, mon's syslog messages