latest mon source ?

2007-01-09 Thread Jacques Klein
I am using mon-1.1.0pre1 ($Id: mon,v 1.10 2004/11/15 14:45:16 vitroth Exp $) and would like to know what is the currently stable release and also the hopefully still under developpement release. Can it be considered safe to upgrade from release 1.10 to release 1.22 from CVS ?

avoid duplicated alerts in a multi-host/mon context

2007-10-17 Thread Jacques Klein
Hello, I am using mon to monitor several services on multiple hosts in a network. Each host runs a mon daemon with a configured according to the services to watch; this depends of the kind of apps. installed on this host. An application may need access to (a service on) an other host, so

Using depend ...

2007-12-10 Thread Jacques Klein
I added depend lines to some of my services in my, and also dep_behavior = hm I am using mon-1.2.0 where I added use strict; use warnings; for debugging purpose. I get Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at /symlnks/common/dsnmon/2.0/mond line 5324