Re: [Mono-dev] add_internal_call with int32[]

2018-04-30 Thread pierre
ve complex signatures. Jonathan On 30 Apr 2018, at 16:05, pierre < <>> wrote: Hi, I am having trouble with the following code: [MethodImplAttribute(MethodImplOptions.InternalCall)]     static extern private void

[Mono-dev] add_internal_call with int32[]

2018-04-30 Thread pierre
to int64_t. How can I make the mono_add_internal_call to work with int or int32 or int64? Thanks, Pierre ___ Mono-devel-list mailing list

[Mono-dev] mono_method_desc_search_in_image problem, and some question...

2018-02-12 Thread pierre
ogCallback, NULL); mono_trace_set_print_handler(monoPrintCallback); mono_trace_set_printerr_handler(monoPrintCallback); mono_trace_set_level_string ("debug"); but it is reporting debug info only on the first run... is there a way to having it working on every run?

Re: [Mono-dev] mono_method_desc_search_in_image problem, and some question...

2018-02-13 Thread pierre
ad? It is like doing mono_domain_unload, mono_image_open_from_data_with_name and mono_assembly_load_from_full with the same file name is detected and the unload is not performed > This is more likely to be a problem outside of mono. I do agree... but I am running out of idea on why!!!


2018-03-12 Thread pierre
and not MONO_TYPE_OBJECT??? What can we do in SDB with a value of type MONO_TYPE_CLASS? Thanks for the help, Pierre ___ Mono-devel-list mailing list

[Mono-dev] strange bug in debug mode..

2018-03-10 Thread pierre
ubscribing to method exist work fine (or without SDB). Regards, Pierre ___ Mono-devel-list mailing list

[Mono-dev] Func parameter in embedded mono

2018-03-28 Thread pierre
lback from C? There is mono_runtime_invoke but it need an object (or NULL if static) and a method... thanks, Pierre ___ Mono-devel-list mailing list

[Mono-dev] soft debug

2018-02-27 Thread pierre
nge, decoding the next events will have troubles thanks in advance, Pierre ___ Mono-devel-list mailing list