Re: [Mono-devel-list] Performance of Mono on Windows

2005-02-28 Thread Rafael Teixeira
inline On Sat, 26 Feb 2005 05:54:58 -0700, Ritvik Mayank [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Quite a few test are hanging under mbas : under Test/errors and Test/tests and Test/rerrors (i have substituted vbc.exe with mbas using a symbolic links.) From SVN HEAD I'm getting an Exception in the

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Problems with UTF-8 Decoder

2005-02-28 Thread Rafael Teixeira
You are using outdated documentation for the utf-8 standard as of unicode 3.x, we have more than 1 million codepoints (20 bits) and utf-8 was extended to expand some of those in 5 or 6 bytes. Get some updated documentation. Also from the top of my mind \uFEFF is the continuation prefix in

[Mono-devel-list] Mono.GetOptions got new features

2005-02-28 Thread Rafael Teixeira
$ mbas /help MonoBASIC Compiler - (c)2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Rafael Teixeira This is a compiler for the MonoBASIC language, which is a superset of Visual Basic.NET Usage: mbas [options] SOURCE-FILES Options: -about About the MonoBASIC compiler -addmodule:module

[Mono-devel-list] Re: [mono-vb] BC29999 error

2005-03-02 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Hi Ron, First, as it states in the wrongly repeated error message our VB.NET compiler is still in alpha stage, and without it you won't able to use VB.NET in your aspnet pages or user controls. I already patched the VBCodeCompiler class to call mbas in quiet mode, but I recall doing so only in

[Mono-devel-list] Re: [mono-vb] BC29999 error

2005-03-02 Thread Rafael Teixeira
- From: Rafael Teixeira [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Wednesday, March 02, 2005 12:58 PM To: Chesko, Ron Cc:; mono-devel-list Subject: Re: [mono-vb] BC2 error It is a known problem: Currently mbas isn't properly dealing with the default property

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Leak in System.Timers.Timer?

2005-03-11 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Our current gc, is conservative and not very aggressive at freeing resources, you may be creating your objects way too fast... Can't you reuse the timer? Seems to be a wiser solution reuing objects as even a good gc may spend precious processing time if it has to collect zillions of short-lived

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Patch for SqlConnection

2005-03-11 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Hi Suresh, A programmer may forget to close a connection before it is collected. Surely in the server-side there are resouces that should be freed. That is why SQLConnection DOES have unmanaged resources to free. If our implementation isn't doing so in the finalizer/dispose it is in error,

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Cross Platform .NET Architecture

2005-03-14 Thread Rafael Teixeira
There's not a single answer. Sometimes we just let the problem in 'nativeland', either by duplicating some windows native library outside windows ( is our version of gdiplus.dll for use in System.Drawing), or having multiple platform-dependent versions (GTK for X and for Windows)

Re: [Mono-devel-list] usercontrols and WriteFile features

2005-03-21 Thread Rafael Teixeira
More importantly, these divergences are documented (in msdn, etc.)? Because they may not hold true for ASP.NET 2.0, for instance, if they are just some undocumented implementation detail. I would not build anything upon such a shaky base... HIH, On Mon, 21 Mar 2005 09:45:42 +0100 (CET),

[Mono-devel-list] Some information in the problems with FileSystemWatcher on FC3 (gamin-related)

2005-03-22 Thread Rafael Teixeira
First, the scenario: Running Monodevelop from HEAD (with Mono from HEAD), in my newly upgraded FC3, I started to get a crash when creating a new project in the solution. After some hours googling and looking at sources, I've found that FC3 uses now a package called gamin (I'm using gamin-0.25)

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Introducing GtkSpell#

2005-03-24 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Thanks Zac, My first patch it does this: 24-03-2005 Rafael Teixeira [EMAIL PROTECTED] sample/TestGtkSpell.cs -- added a delete event handler to end the application when closing the window -- now accepts an optional command line argument to specify locale. Ex

[Mono-devel-list] Just something the lazy me cooked to help committing to svn

2005-03-24 Thread Rafael Teixeira
I've put this alias definition in ~/.bashrc alias commit=(svn diff ChangeLog | grep ^+[^+] | colrm 1 1 log) cat log svn commit -F log rm log With it I just edit the changelog and call it when ready to commit the work. A good thing is that errors in comunication or collisions stop the

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Enums in mono c api

2005-03-29 Thread Rafael Teixeira
The enum definition may alter it's base type from the default int (32 bit) to a smaller/bigger integer. I think the marshalling 'magic', sees this and tries to accomodate to the calling convention (in some conventions 8-bit bytes are pushed as 32 bit integer to keep the stack aligned). enums are

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Enums in mono c api

2005-03-31 Thread Rafael Teixeira
In your example it will always be an int (32bit) because that is the default basetype for all enums. To have it as a long, for instance, you would need to explicitly define it with the proper basetype, giving code like this: enum FooEnum : long { A = 0, B, C, D } See

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Implementing InstallUtil.exe

2005-03-31 Thread Rafael Teixeira
If you talking about a similar utility to what is described in, AFAIK nobody is working, you can implement it, but beware that maybe lots of code is missing in the

Re: [Mono-devel-list] TARGET_JVM Patch for MSXslScriptManager.cs

2005-03-31 Thread Rafael Teixeira
For the maintainer of that code: Class System.Guid has an overload of ToString that receives a format specifier, that I think should be preferred, so instead of: string suffix = Guid.NewGuid ().ToString ().Replace (-, String.Empty); it should be coded as: string suffix = Guid.NewGuid

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Mono's support for unsafe code

2005-03-31 Thread Rafael Teixeira
I think it's currently OK. We had some real trouble some time ago, in mcs because there wasn't support in the class library to generate code for fixed, so we now have specific extension to make that happen. And yes, while unsafe may mean faster code it also mean beware of what your pointers point

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Re: Mono-devel-list digest, Vol 1 #1574 - 16 msgs

2005-03-31 Thread Rafael Teixeira
The problem is Mono (especially libgc) does use threads. So you have the same problem, as soon as the GC starts collecting objects... Or are you stopping the GC and letting your objects pile up in your code? HIH, On Thu, 31 Mar 2005 21:47:31 +0200, Michael Rasmussen [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Re: Mono-devel-list digest, Vol 1 #1576 - 3 msgs

2005-04-04 Thread Rafael Teixeira
On Apr 3, 2005 12:49 AM, Michael Rasmussen [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: lør, 02 04 2005 kl. 11:05 -0500, skrev Jonathan Pryor: ... How does it work on windows when you install an application running as a service? What part of the winapi is used? (Sorry for asking this if it is a trivial question.

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll gets support for default values for optional parameters

2005-04-21 Thread Rafael Teixeira
On 4/21/05, Ankit Jain [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, ... So, the idea is - dissassemble Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll -- fixup_with_script -- assemble back. Writing the script wasnt much of a problem, but it turned out that monodis and ilasm had *some* bugs cos of which the roundtrip wouldnt

[Mono-devel-list] Some new goodies in Mono.GetOptions

2005-05-06 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Commited to SVN 2005-05-06:2 Rafael Teixeira [EMAIL PROTECTED] * Adding Samples directory with mcat Sample (changed main Makefile but didn't add to the SUBDIRS) * Mono.GetOptions/Options.cs, Mono.GetOptions/OptionList An overrideable DefaultArgumentProcessor

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Mono ASP.NET is very slow with big html pages...

2005-05-11 Thread Rafael Teixeira
First of all, Separate your Javascript on a .js file that you include, and generate your menus from embedded or on-demand xml data. 315KB for a page is surely not a good design. :) On 5/11/05, Hubert FONGARNAND [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm currently working on an intranet project. We want to

Re: [Mono-devel-list] [PATCH] Added Mono.Runtime.GetVersion()

2005-06-04 Thread Rafael Teixeira
The part doesn't work, as AC_INIT says that $VERSION isn't a literal And I end with mono-ERSION.tar.gz when doing make dist-gzip for instance. On 6/4/05, Kornél Pál [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, This patch adds a new internal static GetVersion() method to the internal class

[Mono-devel-list] Re: [Mono-hackers-list] Preparing the release notes.

2005-06-08 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Hi Miguel and folks, Mono.GetOptions - Big feature added: - Mono.GetOptions.Useful.CommonCompilerOptions: implements common .net compiler options processing (extracted from mbas), including soft/hard assembly referencing, target type/name processing,... mbas already uses it.

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Master Pages

2005-06-08 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Have you compiled Mono form SVN for the 2.0 profile? If not, the tentative 2.0 features won't be available... Current Mono releases (installable packages) track .NET 1.1, not the unreleased (beta) .NET 2.0. :) On 6/8/05, jblais [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, I'm trying to

Re: [Mono-devel-list] AOT + Embedding = ?

2005-06-08 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Maybe the hiccups come from elsewhere like the GC...? :) On 6/8/05, Jim Purbrick [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all, Is there a way to use AOT compilation when embedding mono (or find out if AOT compiled assemblies are being used)? I'm getting a performance hiccup the first time I run

Re: [Mono-devel-list] -langversion defaults

2005-06-10 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Also mcs allows things that csc 1.1 doesn't allow as shorter delegate instatiation. I also vote to have -langversion:ISO-1 for all 1.1 builds with mcs. On 6/10/05, Todd Berman [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hey, I think for the 1.1.x series, we need to make mcs assume a -langversion:ISO-1

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Re: FW: Soap Serialization interop

2005-06-21 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Hi Robert, Outputs as I and many other Mono developers mainly use only Linux nowadays and so we can't easily reproduce cross-framework issues. But sure you can post your test here, or attach it to a bugcase, so that people that work in windows can help as well. Thanks, :) On 6/21/05, Robert

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Detecting Unicode strings

2005-06-28 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Hi Aleksandar, Are you meaning Unicode (16-bit wide chars [in truth UTF-16, as Unicode is 32bit nowadays]) or UTF-8 (8-bit multibyte encoding of Unicode chars)? The wide char encodings (UCS-2, UTF-16, UCs-4) are easily spotted by the large number of zeroed bytes in the stream for texts in

Re: [Mono-devel-list] IBM DB2 problem

2005-07-01 Thread Rafael Teixeira
The file you need is Do a locate for it. For 8.1 it would be something like /opt/IBMdb2/V8.1/lib/ So a /sbin/ldconfig /opt/IBMdb2/V8.1/lib would make the library loader know where to find your copy of But I'm not sure version 8.2 is compatible with

Re: [Mono-devel-list] IBM DB2 problem

2005-07-01 Thread Rafael Teixeira
of the remote db is 7.x and the db2 I'm using is 8.1?? Thanks for the help. Pablo. On 7/1/05, Rafael Teixeira [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: The file you need is Do a locate for it. For 8.1 it would be something like /opt/IBMdb2/V8.1/lib/ So a /sbin

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Re: Can mono have methods(etc) not present MS implementation?

2005-07-04 Thread Rafael Teixeira
The first suggestion is out-of-question, for a library distributed with Mono. The second one is unadvisable, but sometimes we already did that to be able to make your compilers work (indeed they have some problems when running them on MS.NET). :) On 7/2/05, Robert Jordan [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [Mono-devel-list] make test error

2005-07-04 Thread Rafael Teixeira
:../../../class/lib/default/nunit.util.dll @../ ./../build/deps/rerrors_btest_default.dll.response Option debug can be used at most 1 times. Ignoring extras... MonoBASIC Compiler - (c)2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Rafael Teixeira THIS IS AN ALPHA SOFTWARE. error BC2001

Re: [Mono-devel-list] ASP.NET: Cannot find type

2005-07-05 Thread Rafael Teixeira
have a restart problem so that some changes, and yor case may fit the bill, demand you to restart manually the server to really appear, we are still looking for a solution... Fun, On 7/5/05, Slava Petrenko [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Rafael Teixeira wrote: You need to compile the C# file as VS.NET

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Problem with MS.NET and Mono with Remoting

2005-07-18 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Looks like we will need to implement the enumerator helper class for CollectionBase exactly as MS for this to work. Thanks for pointing this out Hubert. Please fill a Bugzilla case with more details. :| On 7/18/05, Hubert FONGARNAND [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I've an issue with a Mono .NET

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Interactive C# prompt

2005-07-20 Thread Rafael Teixeira
I don't how much Mads Lindstrom C#Shell evolved but you can give it a try: For the Boo language there is a real interpreted/Incremental Shell, that is also available inside MonoDevelop with the BooBinding plugin. Fun :) On 7/19/05, Vorobiev Maksim [EMAIL

Re: [Mono-devel-list] NetworkStream

2005-07-20 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Did you compile with VS.NET/vbc in Windows, or is compiling with mbas in Linux? If so, mbas currently doesn't automatically initializes local variables as vbc seems to do so you need to be explicit: Dim llogReadEverything As Boolean = false Hope it helps, :| On 7/20/05,

Re: [Mono-devel-list] mono SDL linux/win32 SDL.DLL - my brain hurts!

2005-07-21 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Hi Ted, Did you forget to copy the *.dll.config files that tell mono how to link against native non-windows libraries? See for details. rant This is the authoritative summary on the subject and I can't think of a good reason for some

Re: [Mono-devel-list] mozembed-sharp seems broken

2005-07-21 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Doing 'make clean' after updating from svn made things work for me on the next 'make'. I did make clean make sudo make install on gtk-sharp, gtksourceviewsharp, mozembed-sharp in that order. After that I was able to update and compile MD. :) On 7/5/05, Alexandre Miguel Pedro Gomes [EMAIL

Re: [Mono-devel-list] gtk ComboBox questions...

2005-07-22 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Stop Nonsense!!! Hubert, Just call the proper method: int count = myComboBox.Model.IterNChildren(); :) On 7/22/05, Hubert FONGARNAND [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: -- Message transmis -- Subject: Re: [Mono-devel-list] gtk ComboBox questions... Date: Vendredi 22 Juillet

Re: [Mono-devel-list] momo on suse 9.3

2005-07-25 Thread Rafael Teixeira
If you want to contribute code it is best to compile from SVN. But you can do so to another prefix and install/upgrade to the latest release from the Mono channel in the standard prefix to be able to use that Mono-based goodies like Beagle and F-Spot. Remember that 9.3 is months old by now,

Re: [Mono-devel-list] gtk ComboBox questions...

2005-07-25 Thread Rafael Teixeira
] On Behalf Of Rafael Teixeira Sent: Saturday, 23 July 2005 3:25 AM To: Hubert FONGARNAND Cc: Subject: Re: [Mono-devel-list] gtk ComboBox questions... Stop Nonsense!!! Hubert, Just call the proper method: int count = myComboBox.Model.IterNChildren

Re: [Mono-devel-list] DllNotFoundException

2005-07-25 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Again seems like someone didn't install gtk-sharp properly, with the .dll.config files... See for some background. On 7/24/05, Helge Kruse [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, I have installed mono with the installer binary. I

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Error during Mono- installation

2005-07-25 Thread Rafael Teixeira
You are using the /usr/local prefix, and some pieces may have been installed to the /usr prefix. Choose one for all pieces at time. HIH, On 7/25/05, Sridhar Kulkarni [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I am trying to install mono-1.1.8-2 on my RedHat 9 m/c. I am getting the

Re: [Mono-devel-list] COM Interop

2005-07-25 Thread Rafael Teixeira
On 7/25/05, Jonathan S. Chambers [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am interested in implementing some support for COM Interop for the mono runtime. A goal is that the mono version of COM Interop could support various component models (COM, XPCOM, and Bonobo have been proposed); whether more

Re: [Mono-devel-list] On Error

2005-07-26 Thread Rafael Teixeira
We are still working on making On Error runtime support fully functional. Please register a bugzilla case with more details at: Anyway, I, personally, recommend you to favor Try-Catch over On Error,

Re: [Mono-devel-list] ImageButton inside Repeater doesn't raise ItemCommand event

2005-07-27 Thread Rafael Teixeira
See the first answer in this forum thread: From it, looks like you missed the CommandName attribute in the asp:ImageButton tag. Without it there nothing to link your button to some command (you can have many of them in the same template) and so the

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Is there a way to Mono show accent characters?

2005-07-28 Thread Rafael Teixeira
FAQ updated: I also moved the content of ASP_NET section on FAQ:Technical to FAQ: ASP.NET leaving a link to the destination. :) On 7/28/05,

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Npgsql breaks multi-line queries

2005-07-28 Thread Rafael Teixeira
I've forwarded your patch to Francisco Jr. that created/maintains npgsql, as the primary repository for it is at gborg under his control, and is just synced inside Mono's. Thanks for spotting that, :) On 7/28/05, Jaroslaw Kowalski [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi! I found that Npgsql client

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Printing status and reporting engine

2005-08-01 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Well thanks for your project it is surely needed... cry Nowadays I'm using specific code over iTextSharp to generate PDF files and then exec'ing lpr on them, as my reporting solution. /cry I don't think anything is actively being developed in the printing classes. Neither Gnome-printing is

Re: [Mono-devel-list] calling indexer from aspx page written in VB

2005-08-01 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Hi Bobby, Item is the indexer (default Property) for the class so you CAN omit it, but I'm not sure why it's not accepting to be explictily called. Could you fill a bugzilla case about it to organize our search of a solution. Thank you On 8/1/05, Bobby Beckmann [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi,

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Internationalisation

2005-08-03 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Hi Paul, It seems like you didn't embed or link your resources in the compilation command line, so sure it wouldn't find any resource to load at run-time... Be sure to include them when compiling. As you asked about compiling to a winexe target in another email, it seems like you didn't do your

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Error Building

2005-08-04 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Do you have $prefix/bin at the start of your PATH and $prefix/lib ldconfig'ed? If not probably the monolite installed there may not be able to actually run, or some mixed pieces from other installations are entering the process... Hope It Helps, :) On 8/3/05, Jonathan S. Chambers [EMAIL

Re: [Mono-devel-list] C or C# and Card Reader

2005-08-04 Thread Rafael Teixeira
For security concerns (virus/trojans/etc.) normally web content isn't allowed to interoperate with local programs. You must have things sandboxed to prevent harm to your client system by malicious web content. You can approach a need like your from many angles: -- Create browser component (a

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Initial ARM JIT port in svn

2005-08-04 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Perfect timing Lupus, I may be able to use C# instead of Java in a new embedded project. My Heartily Thanks, On 8/4/05, Paolo Molaro [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi. People may be interested to know that the initial pass at the JIT port to ARM is in svn. make test in mono/tests reports 123

Re: [Mono-devel-list] Re: Threading model

2005-08-05 Thread Rafael Teixeira
On 8/5/05, Paul [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Probably some error on locking/freeing threads is generating this exception Worth putting into the big scaly one? If you mean open a bugzilla case it is certainly worth as it meanders in the Platform Driver code for X before crashing... Could you do

Re: [Mono-dev] Doc for odbc

2005-08-10 Thread Rafael Teixeira
That is because interest in the ODBC provider is low, as using specific providers is much better (performance/easy-of-use/easy-of-debugging wise). What server are you using that possibly doesn't have a proper ADO.NET provider implemented? Currently PostgreSQL, MySQL, Firebase, MS SQL Server,

Re: [Mono-dev] Odbc-Exception-Error

2005-08-14 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Hi Jan, Have you tried to use the direct ADO.NET provider for PostgreSQL called NPGSQL? It may help you be more productive and has better performance and portability. :) On 8/13/05, Jan Waiz [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Folks, big Trouble in China! J Working with

Re: [Mono-dev] gtk-sharp: Optional assemblies

2005-08-22 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Hi Steven, Configure is finding what parts of gtk# CAN be built. When doing 'make' after that, the ones it said 'yes' will be built into managed libraries that will DEPEND on the native libraries, so if you don't have them (the native ones) properly installed you WON'T be able to use the

Re: [Mono-dev] [PATCH] Monodoc: Add contribution links to home page

2005-08-22 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Hi Mario, On 8/22/05, Mario Sopena [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm thinking now in a method to delete contributions and I have two ideas: * a delete link at the home page * When you are editing a node, a new button called Restore * A new Menu entry that pops up a dialog showing a table

Re: [Mono-dev] Jit for ARM

2005-08-22 Thread Rafael Teixeira
The ARM port is underway, but only lupus (Paolo Molaro) can tell you the status of it. :) On 8/22/05, Jose Pascual [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi there, How to compiling mono/mini, mcs, et all from the scratch for ARM? I'd like to test mini for ARM I have a debian woking in my ARM920T based

Re: [Mono-dev] questions regarding contributing

2005-09-20 Thread Rafael Teixeira
We are trying to follow .NET 2.0 API changes as needed (they are nearly frozen now as the launch date for it is around November). Just that 2.0 specifics need to be conditionally compiled only for the 2_0 profile. So just be sure to have such code surrounded by #if NET_2_0 #endif // NET_2_0

Re: [Mono-dev] RE: Mono website down ?

2005-10-11 Thread Rafael Teixeira
The IP Address is quite surely shared, and so dns-name may redirect to different web applications. A possibility is that OS/browser detection remapping is ocurring in the apache server and something is messed there, or in the front (firewall/router/loadbalancer) servers that may behave

Re: [Mono-dev] [Mono-patches] r52427 - trunk/mcs/mbas

2005-11-01 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Hi Miguel, The team is already working on it, but there is a test written by Ritvik (ExpressionLiteralNothingB.vb) that shows this behaviour is consistent with what vbc does. I've told Maverson just to explore further to make sure if this behaviour is affected by Option Strict On (the default,

Re: [Mono-dev] [Mono-patches] r52427 - trunk/mcs/mbas

2005-11-02 Thread Rafael Teixeira
we haven't sen before as well in Grasshoper. Thanks, Eyal. On Tue, 1 Nov 2005, Rafael Teixeira wrote: Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2005 11:55:08 -0200 From: Rafael Teixeira [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Miguel de Icaza [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cc: [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED

Re: [Mono-dev] Mono with NAnt

2005-11-02 Thread Rafael Teixeira
You may have to tweak NAnt.exe.config to point correctly to your Mono installation. :) On 11/2/05, Kevin Thompson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi i have a compilation of mono from SVN and I am trying to get it to work with nant. When i specify mono-1.0 as the framework it produces an error:

Re: [Mono-dev] To split or not to split Mono?

2005-11-03 Thread Rafael Teixeira
I think that splitting out anything in the MS-compatible stack will turn things harder at the user end, we have more control in the other things to decide a good, or at least reasonable, split. I would indeed keep everything MS keeps together similarly packed and released in an apropriate

Re: [Mono-dev] Monodevelop: Failure to import VS.Net Solution

2005-11-09 Thread Rafael Teixeira
I believe VB.NET Projects support is lagging behind support for other languages in MD (shame on me as I can't find time to contribute it). Also ASP.NET projects AFAIK aren't correctly supported yet, either. Any takers? Regards, On 11/9/05, Craig Marshall [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I hope

Re: [Mono-dev] CS0006: Cannot find assembly `mgnat.dll'

2005-11-12 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Normally such errors occur when the assembly p/invokes into native code and the needed native library can't be found. Set MONO_LOG_LEVEL=debug and MONO_LOG_MASK=dll and run again to have more detailed information about the way mono is trying to load your dll. :) On 11/12/05, Laurent GUERBY

Re: [Mono-dev] uClibc

2005-12-09 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Does uClibc support thread local storage (tls)? tls_appdomain is stored in the tls, and shouldn't be 0x0... On 12/9/05, Ben Timby [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: OK, some more info. Digging in with gdb, here is what is happening: 1. _wapi_collection_int() is called, which starts a new thread with

Re: [Mono-dev] WebServices with Mono on ARM / Nokia 770

2005-12-28 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Try to copy the debug-symbol files for the assemblies (.mdb) alongside them and run mono --debug yourprogram.exe, to see if the stack trace comes with some usefull information, and post here again. Fun, On 12/28/05, marc.bordessoule [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, C# / mono seems to be a

Re: [Mono-dev] Command Line Dispatcher

2006-01-05 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Mono.GetOptions already knows to deal with booleans and integers, besides Strings. Support for subcommands is planned but not currently implemented. I would like for you to experiment with it, and send comments or even patches to make it better. Thanks, On 1/4/06, Oscar Forero [EMAIL

Re: [Mono-dev] Firebird embedded on Linux and Remoting

2006-01-11 Thread Rafael Teixeira
threads with Mono, if not, surely it is headed to big problems. :-O No... Sorry if the question is obvious but... How can I do that? - Original Message - From: Rafael Teixeira [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cc: mono-devel Sent: Wednesday

[Mono-dev] Re: [mono-vb] RE: Microsoft.VisualBasic.VBCodeProvider.CreateCompiler.CompileAssemblyFromSource commandline options

2006-02-14 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Using what is working for CSharp, I fixed it and some other bits: 2006-02-14 Rafael Teixeira [EMAIL PROTECTED] * VBCodeCompiler.cs: use mbas.exe from 1.0 or 2.0, depending on NET_2_0 BuildArgs() copy options.CompilerOptions

Re: [Mono-dev] Unloading an Assembly

2006-02-28 Thread Rafael Teixeira
AFAIK, ShadowCopyFiles isn't implemented yet in Mono. :| On 2/27/06, vijaya raghava mutharaju [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I was going through an MSDN article by Eric Gunnerson. He says that if we want the runtime to probe for the assembly in any other location then we should setup

Re: [Mono-dev] UserControl type cast issue

2006-03-13 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Did you put the directive on the ascx, to have it inherit from your class MyControl? If not the created control descend from Control and can't be cast to a MyControl. Remember that the source for a new class is created from the xml/html in the ascx/aspx file in ASP.NET 1.x. That class is compiled

Re: [Mono-dev] Running mono on RHELv3

2006-03-17 Thread Rafael Teixeira
It is the old problem of dates in SOAP xml doesn't being serialized as needed to prevent time zone misinterpretation in the server or client. If you can adjust the timezone in the server or the client to match the other end, the problem may disappear but that is not truly a solution. The TimeZone

Re: [Mono-dev] embedding C, AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetupInformation.ApplicationBase

2006-03-24 Thread Rafael Teixeira
In .NET config files exist only for Managed EXEs, not Managed Libraries. Mono implements config files for libraries only to allow native library remapping on P/Invoke. Your C program have to call lots of managed methods to emulate a Managed EXE, to be able to access a config file (for the

Re: [Mono-dev] problems with simple windows form under ubuntu breezy

2006-03-26 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Probably is a chained dependency,, depends on lots of other native libs and some may be missing. Use export MONO_LOG_LEVEL=debug export MONO_LOG_MASK=dll before running your program to have a more detailed log for the error. Reading the man page for mono where such

Re: [Mono-dev] Questions about --profile=default:time

2006-03-26 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Hi Jacob, On 3/24/06, Jacob Ilsø Christensen [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi. I have a few questions about the --profile=default:time in mono. I have this program: using System.Threading; public class C { public static void Main() { AMethod();

Re: [Mono-dev] What would you like to see in Mono?

2006-03-29 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Just one topic commented, that also adds my personal request. On 3/29/06, Joe Shaw [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, And one thing that has always bugged me: my apps all behave strangely and then crash when I recompile underneath a running instance. That's very annoying, and I suspect it's also a

Re: [Mono-dev] CultureInfo not supported

2006-04-03 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Hi, no need to change Mono sources, see inline On 4/3/06, Ivano Luberti [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: At 23.36 02/04/2006, Atsushi Eno wrote: If you cannot control serialization on the other side, you can't do anything but modifying the input XML to strip the culture info. Please, can you

Re: [Mono-dev] WSE and mono?

2006-04-03 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Well (this text taken literally url sends to some unrelated asian-language site), seems like an interesting project: But back to your question We started coding some WSE 2.0 classes, and stopped because: 1 - 'Indigo' indicates WSE is

[Mono-dev] Can we use Cecil to do the MS.VB.dll fixup currently done with 3 cumbersome steps?

2006-04-07 Thread Rafael Teixeira
JB Evain blogged about the Armand du Plessis, article That just describes a way with a short program using Cecil to do the optional parameters fixup. I see 2 advantages: 1 - It's simpler and more manageable 2 - probably it won't break

Re: [Mono-dev] [PATCH] 2.0 profile version of resgen

2006-04-08 Thread Rafael Teixeira
No need for a mbas2 wrapper as that could confuse people making then expect VB.NET 8.0 (the one in .NET 2.0) features. I expect mbas to run with any profile, if that is not the case, I would like to know how to make it so, to avoid the cited potential confusion. Cheers, On 4/8/06, Gert Driesen

Re: [Mono-dev] Gtk# not found

2006-04-10 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Well Paulo, It does make sense. On Linux GTK# 2.4 is able to run with most installed linuxes, without forcing people to upgrade GTK+. Windows doesn't come with GTK, so normally it is installed with GTK#, and so in that we can use the latest stable version, as that has also better support

Re: [Mono-dev] VB ASP.NET on a Fedora Core 3

2006-04-11 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Seems like some incompatibility on the generated (precompiled) ascx control, with our libs, please give us some more detail, to find how to make it work, it would be better if the information comes as a bugzilla report, see for guidance. Thanks, On 4/10/06, Mauro

Re: [Mono-dev] ByteFX driver - Connector/Net

2006-04-15 Thread Rafael Teixeira
AFAIK, it's just a licensing issue: GPL for a library may muddle things with our mostly X11/MIT library licensing. We do carry some LGPL libs, but that is reasonable, as LGPL limits its effects to the library itself, including a GPL one into the package would make people think they may be

Re: [Mono-dev] VB libraries and compiler status?

2006-04-17 Thread Rafael Teixeira
On 4/17/06, Jonathan Morgan [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On 4/17/06, Miguel de Icaza [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, I have some changes and additions to the Microsoft.VisualBasic libraries. It looks like other than a few changes in the last week, neither the

Re: [Mono-dev] BSTR Patch

2006-05-02 Thread Rafael Teixeira
On 5/1/06, Jonathan S. Chambers [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Here's the first of some COM Interop patches; this one adds BSTR support (on Windows only). Nice I'll send some test patches too, if someone could tell me whether they should be part of some current test or a new one. On

Re: [Mono-dev] SASL Support?

2006-05-02 Thread Rafael Teixeira
All we have about SASL is inside the Novell.Directory.Ldap library. Specially some classes in the Novell.Directory.Ldap.Rfc2251 namespace. And it is geared towards LDAP authentication. The smtp classes (System.Web.Mail) seem to be very simple, not supportting SASL. No SASL-specific library is

Re: [Mono-dev] Mono.GetOptions Option Bundles

2006-05-05 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Currently we are API and ABI frozen. You may change local copy and submit a patch to be considered in some future version. Personally I would like not to make things non-declarative, specífically for those two debugging itens we can have some global disabler for such features, so that a release

Re: [Mono-dev] Mono.GetOptions Option Bundles

2006-05-05 Thread Rafael Teixeira
Sorry forgot to think :( Nothing mandates that you use the standard bundle as the basis, you can create your own with just the needed options. The down side is that some functionality would have to be duplicated in that case. :) On 5/5/06, Almann T. Goo [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I've been

Re: [Mono-dev] Umlaute/special Chars

2006-05-13 Thread Rafael Teixeira
-codepage is also supported by mbas for compiling VB.NET in Mono. But beware that you may have to set things indirectly: in web.config, unless you precompile. If you can't dig the details on online documentation (msdn and Mono sites mailing-lists archives), ask again here. Fun, On 5/13/06,

Re: [Mono-dev] Umlaute/special Chars

2006-05-15 Thread Rafael Teixeira
/mod_mono ? Thank You! Stephan -Ursprüngliche Nachricht- Von: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Im Auftrag von Rafael Teixeira Gesendet: Samstag, 13. Mai 2006 21:16 An: Miguel de Icaza Cc: Stephan Hüper; Betreff: Re: [Mono-dev] Umlaute/special Chars

Re: [Mono-dev] [] Compilation Error

2006-05-29 Thread Rafael Teixeira
I think it is an error in mbas, not fixed yet. Currently it is better to put all code in codebehind, precompile in VS.NET and change the @page language to C#, before deploying in xsp/mod_mono, to avoid using mbas. :( On 5/29/06, Stephan Hüper [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, I'm using the

Re: [Mono-dev] Umlaute/special Chars

2006-05-29 Thread Rafael Teixeira
/ add key=Digest.Users value=basic-auth.txt /-- /appSettings /configuration ## Von: Stephan Hüper [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Gesendet: Samstag, 13. Mai 2006 23:16 An: Rafael Teixeira; Miguel de Icaza Cc: mono

Re: [Mono-dev] Can Mono run on IBM-AIX OS?

2006-06-15 Thread Rafael Teixeira
AFAIK, 1) AIX isn't supported/mantained 2) XSP performance is good but not outstanding and we have some way to go in the GC to allow for non-stop operation. 3) Why? But nevertheless you can register other extensions to be dealt by the same webhandler that processes .aspx or the one that deals

Re: [Mono-dev] System.Configuration 2.0 ApplicationSettings infrastructure.

2006-06-17 Thread Rafael Teixeira
I don't think you even have to cook the filename in the same way as MS, as AppSettings only need to be always retrievable from the same place for the same exe and not collide with setting files from other exes, hence the exe name plus url piece, but in linux we can for something simpler, probably

[Mono-dev] Adding a missing property to System.Web.Services/WebServiceBindingAttribute.cs

2006-06-21 Thread Rafael Teixeira
=== --- System.Web.Services/ChangeLog (revision 61921) +++ System.Web.Services/ChangeLog (working copy) @@ -1,3 +1,7 @@ +2006-06-21 Rafael Teixeira [EMAIL PROTECTED] + + * WebServiceBindingAttribute.cs: new 2.0 property WsiProfiles ConformsTo. + 2006

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