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2009-12-23 Thread Dennis E. Slice
Repeating test. -ds Original Message Subject: Testing...nothing to see here. Move alone... Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 11:15:23 -0500 From: Dennis E. Slice dsl...@morphometrics.org To: morphmet morphmet@morphometrics.org Testing to see if the list has really and mysteriously

Season's Greetings from MORPHMET

2009-12-23 Thread morphmet
On behalf of the entire managerial and technical staff of MORPHMET, I would like to wish the MORPHMET subscribers, their friends and families, and, for that matter, everyone else a merry Christmas, a peaceful and productive New Year, and generally happy holidays all around. Season's Greetings

temporary MORPHMET outage

2009-12-23 Thread morphmet
As mentioned previously, there seem to be problems with the MORPHMET mailserver. Of most importance, I think, is that it doesn't appear to be working with moderation turned ON. I think the subscribers generally expect messages to be moderated (I've caught some real shockers), so I think the