Fwd: [MORPHMET] Software for generating centreline

2014-11-12 Thread Karsten
What about some skeleton algorithms from Pink https://pinkhq.com ? Karsten Anfang der weitergeleiteten Nachricht: I am looking for software that can find and generate the centreline of a relatively curvy lumen in 3D. -- MORPHMET may be accessed via its webpage at

[MORPHMET] Use of tpsDig2 template mode on dragonfly wings

2014-11-12 Thread Joseph Kunkel
Dear tpsDig users, After a time away from using tpsDig I am back digitizing Sympetrum (Medowhawk dragonfly) wings with tpsDig2 … with a twist. I am doing it on a Mac using wine, the PC emulator. It works well but I am in need of one of the old functions called template-mode. In the 'old

[MORPHMET] 3D-ID: Geometric Morphometric Classification of Crania for Forensic Scientists -- New Release

2014-11-12 Thread dslice
Dear Colleagues, We are very excited to announce the new release of our software 3D-ID, which is available at no cost. This release represents the collaboration and merging of datasets with Petra Urbanova's from Masaryk University, Czech Republic. We now have good representation of European