Re: [MORPHMET] tpsDig on a Mac using LINUX-wine

2015-05-19 Thread Dennis E. Slice
I will chime in, too. I, too, use the tps programs on wine for all of my teaching and related research. Specifically, I use a utility called Wineskin, which makes set up easy. You just create an Wineskin app, have it call the tps install program and there you have it. The only downside is you

[MORPHMET] tpsDig on a Mac using LINUX-wine

2015-05-19 Thread alcardini
I've never tried them on the Mac side of my machine, but in my experience all the TPS Series programs work well in Linux using WINE. The 'old' Morpheus et al works too, PAST 2.x works as well. With the TPS Series the only trick I need to do is starting the programs directly from the installation

[MORPHMET] RE: tpsDig on a Mac using wine

2015-05-19 Thread F. James Rohlf
Thanks! Does that also work for 64 bit versions of the programs? tpsSmall is a simple program, would you mind testing the 64 bit version? I am also, of course, curious about how it works on the other emulators. I try to program in a very standard way for maximum compatibility with Windows.

[MORPHMET] tpsSmall and tpsSuper updates - 64bit also

2015-05-19 Thread F. James Rohlf
I have just uploaded new versions of the tpsSmall and tpsSuper programs to the server. These make it easier to specify the character (. or ,) that is to be used as the decimal separator character. I have received a number of questions lately due to mismatched decimal