[MORPHMET] tpsDig on a Mac using wine

2015-05-23 Thread Joseph Kunkel
Dear Jim and Morphmet, I just want to comment on using tpsDig on a Mac. tps Dig is my go-to software for 2-D landmark digitizing of images. To digitize I would previously have to use one of my PCs in my lab which was often a pain. I was reluctant to use several of the PC-on-your-Mac options

[MORPHMET] New Image database (and landmark data) for Drosophila wing images

2015-05-23 Thread Ian Dworkin
We wanted to let the community know about a new image database (with associated landmark semi-landmark data for the images) that we have published. Briefly, this database contains both the raw digital images associated (semi)landmark data for Drosophila wings across multiple controlled