Re: [MORPHMET] geomorph update

2016-03-03 Thread Joseph Kunkel
Aha, the non-symmetrical quotes effect. I have seen it before. -·. .· ·. .><º>·. .· ·. .><º>·. .· ·. .><º> .··.· >=- =º}>< Joseph G. Kunkel, Research Professor 112A Marine Science Center University of New England Biddeford ME 04005

[MORPHMET] geomorph update

2016-03-03 Thread Collyer, Michael
Colleagues, We have made a small update to the procD.allometry function to fix a bug with centering shape data to calculate CAC scores. Thanks to Borja Figueirido for discovering the problem! As always, updates to geomorph are made available via our GitHub repository, and the latest version

Re: [MORPHMET] cranial size and body mass in felids

2016-03-03 Thread Ryan Felice
HI Andrea, you might want to take a look at: Cuff, A. R., Randau, M., Head, J., Hutchinson, J. R., Pierce, S. E., & Goswami, A. (2015). Big cat, small cat: Reconstructing body size evolution in living and extinct Felidae. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 28(8), 1516–1525.

[MORPHMET] cranial size and body mass in felids

2016-03-03 Thread andrea cardini
Dear All, I'd be greatly very grateful for any suggestion on papers or web-pages with information on cranial size (length or other) and body mass in felids. References and/or pdf are most appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance. Cheers Andrea Dr. Andrea Cardini Researcher, Dipartimento di