RE: [MORPHMET] placePatch in Morpho (R)

2016-03-10 Thread Murat Maga
Yes, copy all your meshes to a folder, and pass the path to it to placePatch. I thought I used binary stls as well, but I might be mistaken. Make sure the Z dimname (or sample name) in the p.k.n array matches the filenames (minus .ply) since I think I that’s what it uses to match the LM array

[MORPHMET] placePatch in Morpho (R)

2016-03-10 Thread Pere Ibáñez
I am using the function placePatch in Morpho: placePatch(atlas, dat.array, path, prefix = NULL, fileext = ".ply", ray = TRUE, inflate = NULL, tol = inflate, relax.patch = TRUE, keep.fix = NULL, rhotol = NULL, silent = FALSE, mc.cores = 1). I already created the atlas using createAtlas, and I

Re: [MORPHMET] Crowdsourced GM Bibliography

2016-03-10 Thread Mauro Cavalcanti
Dear Robert & ALL, I have, for some years already, keeping lists of GM bibliographies (selected groups of organisms), as part of the MorphoLib project ( All references are ket in downloadable files in BiBTeX format and seachable interfaces are provided (automatically