RE: [MORPHMET] Problems with min-dsquare sliding in tpsRelw

2016-08-24 Thread F. James Rohlf
An advantage of the bending energy approach is that it minimizes the chance of collapsing landmarks because changes in the positions of landmarks that are close together requires much more bending energy. This is not usually a problem but it can be if the outline has a sharp corner - which

[MORPHMET] Append tps Curve to Landmarks

2016-08-24 Thread 'MrMupped223' via MORPHMET
Hi, I have a similar problem like a girl who wrote asked a question on this site in 2012. I coppied her Email because my written english isn't the best. "I just started to use the tps suite and I'm having problems with sliding 2D semilandmarks. I have digitised curves in tpsDig with the

[MORPHMET] Problems with min-dsquare sliding in tpsRelw

2016-08-24 Thread Guillermo Navalón
Hi everyone, In a very disparate sample of bird skulls I am using a configuration with both lnmdks and smlndmks. Specifically, to capture the lateral morphology of the beak (likely the most variable area) I digitized 2 curves with 15 evenly-spaced semilandmarks. The 2 curves are constrained

[MORPHMET] papers on variance difference between sexes

2016-08-24 Thread andrea cardini
Dear All, I am looking for papers comparing variance in morphometric and other phenotypic traits in females and males. I am not talking about mean differences as in most tests of sexual dimorphism. I am interested to see whether people have found similar variance in a given trait in the two

[MORPHMET] Question on combining 3D data from microscribe and CT models

2016-08-24 Thread Pablo Fisichella
Dear morphometricians, Currently I am performing a study on 3D human craniofacial morphology. I have data derived from microscribe and from 3D models obtained from CT scans and procesed in landmark Editor software. My question is if it is possible to combine both kinds of 3D data within the same