Re: [MORPHMET] papers on variance difference between sexes

2016-09-01 Thread Alexandre Palaoro
Dear All, I am not aware of published studies using morphometric geometrics to test the variance difference between males and females. The only studies I know use linear morphometry to test these differences (referencesare below). Trait variance depends on what sort of trait you are testing.

[MORPHMET] How to export .obj with textures as .ply with colours for morphometric analyses?

2016-09-01 Thread M. Viviana Toro Ibacache
Deal Morphometricians, I have .obj files with textures from three .jpg photos. I can load and see the textures very nicely in Meshlab, but I need the textures to be transformed into a coloured .ply file to do geometric morphometric analyses (the landmarks are represented in the textures). So far