RE: [MORPHMET] problems opening ply files

2016-11-01 Thread Murat Maga
I am not sure what you mean Meshlab opens, but not displays it. Do you actually see information about your model in meshlab? If you see information about your model, it opened it. Perhaps faces are inverted. I have seen proprietary software (such as 3DMD) not exporting ply/stl properly from

Re: [MORPHMET] problems opening ply files

2016-11-01 Thread Gabriel Wrobel
I am running Morpheus with .bat, and tried the Meshlab workaround, and still no luck opening my cranial model. I tried saving it both with and without texture -- neither worked. I also tried saving it as an obj file, and it also doesn't open. Meshlap seems to read the files, but just never

[MORPHMET] New publication in geometric morphometrics

2016-11-01 Thread Miguel Eduardo Delgado Burbano
Dear morphometricians, Here I notify you about one of my recent papers on geometric morphometrics that could be of interest to some members of the community Delgado ME 2016. Holocene population history of the Sabana de Bogotá region, Northern South America: An assessment of the craniofacial