[MORPHMET] MorphoJ and hidpi screen on windows 10

2017-02-07 Thread Murat Maga
Is there a way to correctly scale font size in MorphoJ on high resolution display? It doesn’t seem to honor the windows’ inherent font scaling, and the default fonts are too small. I have to use the magnifying glass and it gets tedious very quickly. M -- MORPHMET may be accessed via its

[MORPHMET] tpsUtil update - version 1.73

2017-02-07 Thread F. James Rohlf
I have updated the tpsUtil program to version 1.73 and uploaded it to the life.bio.sunysb.edu/morph server. At the suggestion of T.J. Slezak I have extended the "compute area" option to also include the computation of the length of the perimeter and a measure of circularity of the outline points.