RE: [MORPHMET] Doubt Scaling photos

2017-12-29 Thread Murat Maga
Dear Anderson, It has nothing to do with the scale of your data (or least not directly). As you can see, you actually performed those two digitization attempts differently. It is maybe 1-2 pixels off, but in a very consistent way (greens are from one scale, red is the other scale, and cross is

[MORPHMET] Doubt Scaling photos

2017-12-29 Thread Anderson Feijo
Hi everyone, I am starting a new project using GM working with groups with different sizes (eg. rodents and small carnivores). I would like to use the whole dataset combined in the analyses, instead of perform set of analyses for each sized group. So, I did a test using the same skull and

[MORPHMET] New publication

2017-12-29 Thread Guillote
Dear Colleagues, I like to we share with you a recent article published in the open journal PE-APA of the Asociación Paleontológica Argentina. In this contribution we aim to honor D’Arcy Thompson’s pioneering intellectual work in the centennial of “On growth and form”. Hope you like it and enjoy