Re: [MORPHMET] How to project shape difference onto different PC

2018-05-22 Thread Yinan Hu
This really clarified my confusions on the PCA part. Thanks a lot for the reply, I really appreciate it. Sincerely. Yinan On Friday, May 18, 2018 at 4:10:21 PM UTC-4, f.james.rohlf wrote: > > Yes, the PC axes are “comparable”. I think the best way to think about > what a PCA does is to

[MORPHMET] Course Introduction to Geometric Morphometrics using (mostly) R, August 13-17, Canada

2018-05-22 Thread soledad . esteban
Dear colleagues, Registration is open for the course “INTRODUCTION TO GEOMETRIC MORPHOMETRICS USING (MOSTLY) R”, August 13th-17th, 2018, Alberta (Canada). Instructors: Dr Paula González (Unidad Ejecutora Estudios en Neurociencias y Sistemas Complejos. CONICET-HEC-UNAJ, Argentina) and Dr David