[MORPHMET] creating mirror reflection of one-side landmarks

2018-08-23 Thread Christy Hipsley
Dear all, I'm working with a 2D landmark data set of vertebrae in anterior view in which one side (right) has been landmarked, with 5 landmarks along the midplane axis for a total of 12 points. I would like to generate a mirror reflection of the paired landmarks, and wonder if there is an

Re: [MORPHMET] Pillai Tr

2018-08-23 Thread K. James Soda
Dear Dr. Rodriguez, When you said Goodman, did you mean Goodall? If so, these statistics arise from two different types of tests. Both have their advantages and their drawbacks. Goodall's F-test is a shape-specific test for differences between groups, if I am not mistaken. The advantage is that

[MORPHMET] Pillai Tr

2018-08-23 Thread Laura Rodríguez
Hello everyone I would like to know what really Pillai tr means ... sometimes, p values for Goodman is lower than 0.05, but pillai tr p value is bigger than 0.05, and then I do not know if the difference is significant or not. Can someone please help me? Thank you L --