Re: [MORPHMET] determining if groups of specimens are statistically distinct.

2018-10-05 Thread Dean Adams
Ian, The command summary(manova(..)) will perform a parametric manova. However, for the datafile you sent, that operation will not be possible because the number of variables relative to sample size (note, you posted a similar issue about a month ago to Morphmet). The alternative is to use

[MORPHMET] PLS analysis skull ontogeny MorphoJ: weird pattern observed

2018-10-05 Thread Agnese Lanzetti
Hi all, I am getting weird results when doing a PLS analysis in MorphoJ. I have a dataset of 12 minke whale skulls of different ontogenetic ages and I wanted to test if the anterior part (rostrum) and posterior part (braincase) are modular and how their shape changes relative to one another