[MORPHMET] New course -DNA-sequence data and phylogenies in biodiversity- in Poland

2019-03-16 Thread Carlo Pecoraro
Dear all, This course might be of interest for people in this list: "DNA-sequence data and phylogenies in biodiversity", 15-18 July 2019. For the 1st time we will run this course in Poland (University of Lodz). Instructor: Dr. Diego Fontaneto (CNR, ITALY) This course will introduce

[MORPHMET] representing pointy structure using semilandmarks

2019-03-16 Thread Karla Shikev
Dear all, I've been trying to use sliding landmarks to represent the outlines of different species and then to use those data to project the shapes onto a morphospace (as in the Olsen et al. 2017). However, part of the outline involves a local pointy structure that is functionally important,