Re: [MORPHMET] new paper: elephant seal nose-metrics

2019-03-19 Thread Mauro Cavalcanti
Dear Andrea, Absolutely fascinating! Well, although not using GM methods, the book by William B. Evans & Alexey V. Yablokov, "Noninvasive Study of Mammalian Populations" (Sofia/Moscow: Pensoft, 2004) provides a lot of interesting ideas and insights on the use of analytical techniques for living,

Re: [MORPHMET] representing pointy structure using semilandmarks

2019-03-19 Thread Anneke van Heteren
Dear Karla Shikev, Have you tried digitising the tip of the pointy structure with a normal Landmark, and semi-landmarks before and after it to digitise the rest of the structure? This, of course, only works if the pointy structure is visible in all your specimens. Best wishes, Anneke van