Re: [MORPHMET] Dennis Slice

2019-06-18 Thread Paolo Piras
Dear friends, I want to join all of you in expressing my condolences for Dennis loss. My grief goes to his family, friends and students. I knew him in Isernia about ten years ago and I had the chance to speak with him not only about morphometrics or science in general but also about a great

Re: [MORPHMET] Help with placePatch

2019-06-18 Thread Pablo Fisichella
Dear Murat and Ryan, Thank you very much for your help. Both solutions work fine although the Murat´s suggestions produced the following error but I was able to fix it. Error in dimnames(data)[[3]] = list(c(("A860ho, USNM083262hy, USNM084655pan, USNM143590po, USNM143593po, USNM174699pan,