Re: [MORPHMET] representing pointy structure using semilandmarks

2019-03-23 Thread Karla Shikev
Dear Anneke, That's the problem. This exaggerated structure is only present in some of the species, and one of the goals is precisely to study the evolution of this structure. best, Karla On Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at 10:42:18 AM UTC-3, Anneke van Heteren wrote: > > Dear Karla

[MORPHMET] representing pointy structure using semilandmarks

2019-03-16 Thread Karla Shikev
Dear all, I've been trying to use sliding landmarks to represent the outlines of different species and then to use those data to project the shapes onto a morphospace (as in the Olsen et al. 2017). However, part of the outline involves a local pointy structure that is functionally important,