Re: [MORPHMET] image names tps series

2015-06-10 Thread 'Elis Marina Damasceno Silva' via MORPHMET
Dear Patrick, If you convert the tps into a NTS file (you can do that using tpsutil), and then open the nts file in MorphoJ, you should get the names of the images. Best, Elis Damasceno PhD CandidateMichael Smith BuildingFaculty of Life SciencesUniversity of Manchester Em Quarta-feira,

Re: MORPHMET - progress, but not there, yet.

2014-07-31 Thread Marina
Hi, I want to be added in the new list! Thanks *Lic. Marina Fernanda González* Unidad de Investigación Sociedad, Ambiente, Población y Territorio Centro Nacional Patagónico - CONICET Bvd. Brown 2915 - CP U9120ACF Puerto Madryn - Argentina Tel: + 54-280 - 4883184 Interno: 1230 Fax:+ 54-280