[MORPHMET] PhD position in biological anthropology and morphometrics

2017-01-25 Thread mitte...@univie.ac.at
We seek a PhD student for a three-year position in Vienna, working on the morphometrics of human pelvises in relation to childbirth and motherhood: www.oeaw.ac.at/fileadmin/subsites/Jobs/Job_offer_VAMOS_PhD_position_1_.pdf Best, Philipp Mitteroecker -- MORPHMET may be accessed via its

[MORPHMET] question about raw tps files in R

2017-01-25 Thread marcelo cardillo
Hi, I noted that R command redland.tps (of geomorph package) change raw tps files while open it, (scaling?). I donĀ“t have a clear idea about how and why the program do it..please someone have an idea about it? thank in advance! M --

RE: [MORPHMET] question about raw tps files in R

2017-01-25 Thread Adams, Dean [EEOBS]
Marcelo, If your TPS file contains a scale for each specimen, this information is used when reading the landmarks. In other words the specimens are scaled by the scale values you have specified in your file, placing them in the units you have specified rather than pixel units. Dean Dr. Dean