Re: [MORPHMET] Re: semilandmarks in biology

2018-11-07 Thread andrea cardini
Making cool pictures has a purpose only if both the pics and the numbers behind them are accurate. It's not an aim in itself, I hope (although this is the second time I hear that one should add as many points as needed to see a nice picture). Parsimonious explanations are, to me, much more

RE: [MORPHMET] Re: semilandmarks in biology

2018-11-07 Thread Adams, Dean [EEOBS]
Folks, I think it is important to recognize that the example in Andrea’s earlier post does not really address the validity of sliding semilandmark methods, because all of the data were simulated using isotropic error. Thus, the points called semilandmarks in that example were actually

RE: [MORPHMET] Re: Conceptual clarification of plotting shape deformation grids in geomorph

2018-11-07 Thread Adams, Dean [EEOBS]
Igor, The components, $means contain the least squares means from the linear model implemented in trajectory analysis. These can be visualized relative to some reference (e.g., the overall mean shape), using ‘plotRefToTarget’. Note that the $means must first be converted to a 2D array using