Re: [MORPHMET] Re: Conceptual clarification of plotting shape deformation grids in geomorph

2018-11-08 Thread Igor Talijančić
Dear colleagues, thank you so much for your guidelines regarding proper code syntax of the shape visualization of trajectory analysis! Thank you so much! Sincerely, Igor Dana srijeda, 7. studenoga 2018. u 14:53:47 UTC+1, korisnik Dean Adams napisao je: > > Igor, > > > > The

RE: [MORPHMET] Re: semilandmarks in biology

2018-11-08 Thread Benedikt Hallgrimsson
Dear Colleagues, So I’ve been wondering whether to wade into this issue.. There seems to be an undercurrent here of mathematics vs biology, but I suspect that the real issue here is probably morphometric theory versus the pragmatic compromises necessary when using morphometric tools to