Re: [MORPHMET] image names tps series

2015-06-10 Thread Hugo Benítez
Dear Patrick If you have already named your images and you want to use the names to set the classifiers in MorphoJ you have 2 options. MorphoJ read the ID files of the TPS files by defect but you will only have the ID name if you rename every figure at the landmarking process. Therefore

Re: [MORPHMET] Loss of indentifiers in MorphoJ

2016-04-04 Thread Hugo Benítez
Dear Chrissy That generally occur when the ID keyword is not set automatically in TPS after every image, but there is a trick very quick and easy and MorphoJ will read the name of your IMAGES that have the correct ID names. So OPEN YOUR TPS file in notepad and have a look this (I copied an

Re: [MORPHMET] MorphoJ and hidpi screen on windows 10

2017-02-08 Thread Hugo Benítez
Dear Murat If you save the graphic in vector scale .ps, svg or another of those, you can open the images using adobe illustrator or other similar and can be easily changed from there sadly the font of the axis can not be change automatically by the software as far I know. Try using one of the

[MORPHMET] Curso Teórico Practico: "Introducción a la Morfometría Geométrica” (Tacna, Peru)

2016-12-22 Thread Hugo Benítez
Dear Morphometricians I´m pleased to announce a course of Introduction to Geometric Morphometrics, *the language of the course will be Spanish* and will be held at Universidad Nacional Jorge Basadre Grohmann, Tacna, PERU (April 10-14, 2017)

Re: [MORPHMET] Generating CVA plots using morphoJ

2017-07-19 Thread Hugo Benítez
Dear Nelly Please select the original dataset at the Project Tree first and then perform the CVA... You have to select the Dataset that have the information you want to study and then the correct data type... Looking in your picture that option seems to be correct. So maybe, the problem come

Re: [MORPHMET] MorphoJ Text File Formatting

2017-04-25 Thread Hugo Benítez
Dear Alicja This problem is normal when you are trying to open a file that was digitized in TPS Dig in MorphoJ and when you are creating the project, you DID NOT select the option TPS in filetype... By default MorphoJ when you create a new dataset the filetype is text, change it for TPS and the

[MORPHMET] An Introduction to geometric morphometrics, a workshop using R, Concepcion, Chile 2019

2018-10-26 Thread Hugo Benítez
Dear Morphomet Community It's a pleasure for me to inform that after hard organization work and thanks to *CONICYT REDES DE INVESTIGACIÓN: RED170182 (Universidad de Tarapacá and Universidad de Concepción)*, I have been able to coordinate a completely free course with three specialists on

[MORPHMET] Workshop Geometric Morphometrics using R, Concepcion, Chile 2019

2018-12-04 Thread Hugo Benítez
Dear Morphometricians Just to remember you that the deadline for applications are the end of December 2018 The application are open for the course: *"An Introduction to geometric morphometrics, a workshop using R"* to be given by the team who created the "geomorph" package, *Dr. Dean Adams, Dr.

Re: [MORPHMET] Morphmet in the Future

2019-07-01 Thread Hugo Benítez
I like the idea of James S. of the gmail group like geomorph and many others e.g Evoldir. not having Dennis with us anymore maybe James can act as moderator of the gmail group of course if he want. Nevertheless, Jim comments about morphometrics society also is not a bad idea to create... could