[MORPHMET] Use of tpsDig2 template mode on dragonfly wings

2014-11-12 Thread Joseph Kunkel
Dear tpsDig users, After a time away from using tpsDig I am back digitizing Sympetrum (Medowhawk dragonfly) wings with tpsDig2 … with a twist. I am doing it on a Mac using wine, the PC emulator. It works well but I am in need of one of the old functions called template-mode. In the 'old

[MORPHMET] tpsDig on a Mac using wine

2015-05-23 Thread Joseph Kunkel
Dear Jim and Morphmet, I just want to comment on using tpsDig on a Mac. tps Dig is my go-to software for 2-D landmark digitizing of images. To digitize I would previously have to use one of my PCs in my lab which was often a pain. I was reluctant to use several of the PC-on-your-Mac options

Re: [MORPHMET] Mahalanobis distance in cluster analysis of shape variables

2016-01-30 Thread Joseph Kunkel
I can not speak directly to why it is frequently used in GM cluster analysis but I would like to mention how I look at Mahalanobis distance based on its calculation. Mahalanobis distance is not a pure distance metric like Euclidian or Manhattan distance, as you have stated it is

Re: [MORPHMET] geomorph update

2016-03-03 Thread Joseph Kunkel
Aha, the non-symmetrical quotes effect. I have seen it before. -·. .· ·. .><º>·. .· ·. .><º>·. .· ·. .><º> .··.· >=- =º}>< Joseph G. Kunkel, Research Professor 112A Marine Science Center University of New England Biddeford ME 04005

Re: [MORPHMET] micro-CT suggestions

2016-12-06 Thread Joseph Kunkel
Angela, We are studying lobster cuticle with the SkyScan 1272 (which has a carousel sampler that holds 18 samples). My regular sized object is a 6mm medallion of cuticle which can be scanned entirely at at 2.5 um resolution. Smaller regions of interest can be analyzed but the size of the

Re: [MORPHMET] A question about geometric morphometrics

2019-04-15 Thread Joseph Kunkel
With reference to the Yang Chang skull group query: I am a devotee of Analysis of Dispersion combined with Factorial Design of CR Rao (1965). The model is Y = XB Y is a n by 3k+c matrix of n rows of k xyz coordinates plus c covariates such as size and weight covariates. X is a n by p design